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HobbitMod - Gameplay balance
« on: 2024-05-26 07:17:01 »
Hi all ! I am working on a Gameplay mod that aim to balance the game. I don't call it a hard mode as the idea is more to have a challenge than really learning patterns, but it obviously increase the difficulty.
Right now I have modify until ifrit. It can be used with FFNX by adding all my files that you can find here : Just unzip the folder directly in your folder game, if you have ffnx it will works right away.
I would appreciate if some of you are interested in testing the mod. I have so many ideas, this is just a beginning but I can't do it alone, I need some player feedback :smile: .
For best balance, put the atb as active.
Thanks to @myst6re for setting me up :slight_smile: .

I will pin this message, so here some mains ideas on what I want to implement:
- Improve the junction system: Limit the number of magic stocked, make it more difficult to farm magic, change Gforce association (limit gforce to a specialty)
- Reduce attack damage
- Change IA, stat of all monsters
- Make object useful by limiting the magic available
- Reduce OPness of object/magic
- And many mores that I want to keep the suspense !

Don't hesitate to share any ideas, question. This is an open discussion, the mod is for the players, so don't hesitate !

- Why FFNX is needed ?
It isn't for the moment, if you need a version to be used without FFNX don't hesitate to ask. But for some bigs change, I will need FFNX in the futur so I prefer to go on this direction
- Will it works for remaster ?
Sorry, it is with the 2013 steam version in mind. Tbh this version is dirt cheap, the remaster is way too much work. I prefer to spend time making a good mod than having it ready on all format.
- How often do you want to release version ?
I work on my free time so it totally depends,  but I aim on 1 release per month.