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General Discussion / Re: Help with 3d model extraction
« on: 2020-05-17 15:18:34 »
ah ok, it looked like biturn does attempt to animate but it just gets all tangled up like the 3d model has been sucked through a hole in a space rocket

General Discussion / Re: Help with 3d model extraction
« on: 2020-05-17 11:42:05 »
battle, I found out that biturn can let you extract the whole model and view the animation frames, but only the first animation frame renders. after that all the models get tied in knots on other frames

I wanted to extract the victory poses like this one

General Discussion / Help with 3d model extraction
« on: 2020-05-17 09:07:04 »
I've been wanting to do some 3d printing for a personal project, I've been replaying the game recently and wanted to see if i could make some statues of the battle models with poses.

So far I've been using my old install of FFvii on the PC
Used ulgp_v1.2.1 to extract the battle LGP file
Trying to use Biturn to convert the .p files to obj

The problem I've got is Biturn doesn't seem to preserve the model skeleton / pose and it's difficult to find the correct parts for each model.

Can anyone help with this?

This may help too
I have exporter here and I export some of models with animations. Though animations is hard in xenogears and exporter doesn't support all of them.

Thank you, i will take a look at this repo,

Am I right that the program exports them to .mesh files? I've not seen those before, is it possible to convert those to obj, fbx or x3d so I can open them in Blender?

Thanks for the help, Im not too technical when it comes to 3d software. So far the closest I've got is using unity 3d to view the scenary but not had luck with the 3d character models that it had

I'm trying to find a way to extract the 3d models from xenogears for a project and a bit of research. Has anyone managed to do this yet?  If so what did you use?

I bought mine the day it came out and i can still download mine, I just followed the link in my email which downloaded the DL manager and running that downloads the rest of the game

mines ok for some reason. I bought mine in the UK if that makes any difference

FF7 Tools / Re: World Map to .Obj Converter (and back!)
« on: 2012-10-24 21:12:50 »
I'd love to be able to port the world map to am arena in UT99. that would be my dream mod

thanks this is pretty cool, it worked pretty easy for me but how do you edit who is in your party?

FF7 Tools / Re: Final Fantasy 7 PC Re release Trainer!!!
« on: 2012-10-17 20:44:11 »
is it possible to get to the deug room on the new version of ffvii? a teleport trailer would be fun to play with

would this work on the new PC version? im guessing the swapping discs might be a bit hard on the pc

FF7 Tools / Re: Final Fantasy 7 PC Re release Trainer!!!
« on: 2012-09-08 10:04:37 »
thanks for this, im looking forward to playing with it later on. The cloud save feature hasn't worked for two weeks for me, i don't know whats going on with square. Wish i'd just stuck with my old PC disks

Are you trolling? if not, you just press that button on your profile at[[YOURNAME]] and all your characters in that party will get 9999hp,999mp and 50mil GIL

lol not trolling, I was really into this re release till yesterday and it wouldn't let me same. The cloud saving in a nice feature but i wish it was optional

crazy question, but how does the character boost work in the re release?   They don't even give you a pdf copy of the manual with this edition

right not i like the rerelease over the old version just for the fact i dont need to patch it to pass the loading screen and fingers crossed wont have crashes in the mini games

patch wise i know a lot of the old ones dont work but it could make it easier to develop new patches for this version since we all have the same core files etc

but id love to play crisis core on the pc now

I've just bought a copy and I have to say it's nice to be able to play it without having to add the compatability patches.

I'm wondering if they actually lost the source code for the old game as it looks like its run in an emulator, the original used 32mb so why does this need 1000mb, either way its good to know square havent forgotten about it

They also have the .net domain name

They willl have to update the game engine for this, you cant go wrong with the price either

have you thought of doing a zipped version of all the files together? i guess a lot of people will just want to download all of them and it mgiht save itme and space by zipping the whole shabang

would it be possable to reduce the size of the videos and make the game just one disk? it would be a huge improvement for those playign on the PSP.

General Discussion / Re: HQ Awesome FFVII ACC Renders
« on: 2009-02-14 00:03:58 »
Awesome, thanks for sharing the link, i was wondering when this would come out.
Why wont they just make a sequel instead of making us buy the film again

has anyone got the CC extractor, its file not found for me.

Completely Unrelated / Re: <_<
« on: 2009-01-04 15:43:15 »
i am guessing it mgiht be a differance with the save data, but thanks for the info i wanted to play with the debug room more.

Completely Unrelated / Re: <_<
« on: 2009-01-04 11:17:18 »
i just tried that but had a problem with step 3. I could'nt access teh PHS
selecting kanransha naka had the date with cloud and barret

Completely Unrelated / Re: <_<
« on: 2009-01-03 18:06:30 »
where is that in the debug room?!

i am replaying the game at the moment, and noticed how bad the language is at times, i think its strange how the PSX and PC versions have differant text at some points, It would be good aleast to just get Barrets language back , the #£$&% in most of his lines can get annoying.

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