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That's just him responding to the laugh remix. He did go in detail about that scene months ago, even showing the script and everything:

FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] Save editor - Memoria (0.6.1b)
« on: 2016-05-13 19:45:38 »
Someone on Steam pointed out that the saves are identical between PC and mobile, you can just copy and paste them. If anyone bought both.

It's also 20gb, about 10 times it's original size.

General Discussion / Re: FFVII on IOS Appstore
« on: 2015-08-25 20:17:55 »
That was their official reasoning years ago. I was quite surprised that it only came out to 1.85gb, so I don't know why they used that excuse.

General Discussion / Re: FFVII on IOS Appstore
« on: 2015-08-20 22:30:57 »
I searched around, and I can confirm that the savegames are identical to the PC version, so they can be edited with Black Chocobo. I haven't got the app, I found a save online.

There's just no way to transfer that back to your iOS device though. Unless it supports file sharing.

General Discussion / Re: FFVII on IOS Appstore
« on: 2015-08-20 13:07:35 »
No, Apple had a limit of 2gb on the app store, they bumped it up to 4gb earlier in the year.

Curiously though the app store says it's not even 2gb. Has anyone bought it yet?

General Discussion / Re: FFVII on IOS Appstore
« on: 2015-08-19 23:02:46 »
It's on the UK store now for £11.99.

I'm not paying that much for it...

General Discussion / Re: FFVII on IOS Appstore
« on: 2015-08-19 20:34:25 »
You could edit them probably, but you can't get them back in without jailbreak now. iOS 8.3 locked the app sandbox, so you can only get them out through iOS backups.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Ultima Espio Aeris patch
« on: 2015-06-22 20:40:46 »
Thank you guys for your effort in making it compatible. It's been a bit of a nightmare to maintain lately. I've tried a few times to update it so it works with others, but there was a lot to fix, and so many other mods.

This was posted on TLS. It's something he posted on NeoGAF. I'll try and post them as they come.

So when planning began a long time ago, there were several issues. It's a big game, it's very important to Kitase, and obviously Nomura, and fans. There were other issues here, but we'll just skip to the game. You're going to remake this game. Now, people will say that since there's already a story, music, script, that a lot of the work is done. This is wrong. You have a starting point, but this is very much like building a new game. That takes a very long time.

Since there's a huge difference in technology, and this is the remake of a game that exists, you have to go through, and address everything. You have to get the scenes, and then decide what you're going to do with them. Some stuff is pretty clear, and it's mostly about presentation. For example, nothing major storywise is being changed. No one has to worry about that. Cloud is still a nutcase, Aeris is still going to die, Weapons are going to run rampant, the Lifestream, and pretty much every important story moment is going to be present. That's FF7. You can't change that. But because this is a new generation of technology, and it's a proper game, that alone brings changes from a design point of view.

Now you have a balancing act of lots of small things, and lots of major things. Kitase, I can assure you, is someone who is quite involved in making sure they try to stay as faithful as possible. He's someone who worried the most originally about this project, and he's also someone who's heavily involved right now. And the original writer is back with Nomura too, so it's a big thing.

Let's use examples:

They want to integrate Zack more, so how do you do it? In the original, it's very much an optional thing, but that's not as realistic now. You can flesh it out too, but in order to integrate it, it needs to be placed somewhere. This is a technically a script change, but it's not a bad thing. It also takes work.
Characters like Yuffie and Vincent which are optional need to be integrated.
How do you tackle the implied sex scene in this game? This is going to be in the game, but it's another presentation issue. How do you do it this time, over two decades later?
How do you tackle Cloud beating the hell out of Aeris? It was fine then, but this needs to be thought about. It's kind of an important story beat for his character because of what happens next, so do you want to change it? But at the same time, is it something you're comfortable leaving in, or should it be altered a little?
A lot of the side story stuff, can it be integrated better, or will some of it have to be cut?
They need to change up the Junon infiltration a little. Red XIII being in a suit isn't that big of a deal, but the ship aspect needs to be worked on now because you have a parade, which then leads to boarding the ship, and the big boss battle. This area and sequence has to be overhauled. It's a good amount of work.

Everything related to the story needs to be addressed within the confines of the new game, and the presentation of that new game on current technology. This means going through all of that, and seeing how to fit in the important things, what to flesh out, and what to alter. Basically, you're designing everything again. There's something to work with, but it's much like creating something new due to the work it actually involves.

Separate to that, there are a lot of other things. There are a lot of mini-games in FF7, notably the snowboarding game, and also the Chocobo breeding. With the former, it doesn't make as much sense to have it happen like that, so you need to integrate it all again, but at the same time, you can still leave something as a nod for fans. How do you do this? Is it possible to do that? Then there is also the case of some stuff being replaced, and maybe Nomura wanting to add other mini-games.

Basically, it's a lot of work. They have to prioritise major things with minor things, and as time goes on, they'll probably have to do it again depending on the development progress. This doesn't mean they can't show you anything this winter. Far from it. They're at a place right now, where they have a little to show, but it's a big game, and it's still in its infancy. It's not as simple as if they have something to show, then they're really ahead of the game. They're not rushing this.

It's important to all of them to remain as faithful as possible, but at the same time, create a new FF7 for a new generation of fans as well as old, and something which takes advantage of what is available today. This means design changes, execution changes, alterations etc. And because you're not just creating something new, and have to keep in mind a beloved game, the cuts you decide to make, or the changes you decide to do, have to be careful. As time goes on, and more work is done, there'll probably be other changes too. It's also important that the creators create something that they're pleased with because this is a project that's going to take a lot of their investment, time, and effort. It's unfair to not give them a chance to show you their new vivion at least.

This game being announced right now isn't ideal. That wasn't the plan. This time last year, no one was thinking, "Hell yeah, let's announce FF7, and have fans wait a few years again! That's going to be great!"

But the problem is, PS4 isn't doing great in Japan. There are a bunch of issues, FFXV has taken longer than expected, and it's basically a crap situation to be in if I'm frank. So this announcement is there to build some faith, and also try to make people believe that there are a lot of big plans for the PS4. And there is a lot to come, but because of so many issues, it's taken time. Thankfully, since FFXV is around the corner, and KH3 is also progressing well, it's not that bad of a time really. Those games are coming soon, and this announcement happening now, as well as those games releasing should help fans believe more in companies trying their best to get content out there.

It also didn't help that FFXV had a bit of a negative shadow over it with people complaining last year when it was revealed Nomura has been removed, and then again recently when Tabata mentioned the changes. Now people know what Nomura is doing. There doesn't need to be doom and gloom over him leaving. He's busy, he's working on something. Leave him to it.

FFXV, also, can now be focused on as its own entity, and hopefully have people look at it as what it is rather than what they felt it could have been. And this game is actually coming soon, so there's something to be actually be excited for.

After 5 years, 14778 downloads, it's time to pull the plug on this. It's been fun, but I've pulled this for a few reasons:

Redundancy - It's incorporated in a few other mods, so a separate mod isn't really needed anymore.

Glitchy/script oddities - I checked a lot of the coding lately, and it's a mess. You can tell I was stabbing in the dark through most of it. One of the biggest oddities is the parachuting scene.

Compatibility - Doesn't work well with other mods. I still get the odd comment on the videos and on Deviantart about how they can't get it to work with another mod.

Unnecessary text - I got her talking in places where she shouldn't, and it kinda ruins the scene a little.

Bad placement - I put her in some odd places, making scenes look crowded. She often collides with the other characters.

I may put it back again if I can get a new version done, but for now it's time to say goodbye to it. I'd appreciate it if it was removed from the bootleg/7th heaven as well.

Here's some trivia for you, I started working on this 10 years ago.

I think they look really close to the CG artwork they created for the first one, have a look at this:

They look almost identical, I think they just have brighter texturing to keep that sprite look they were going for, and slightly different faces.

Comes with the DLC packaged too. At least they won't make us pay extra for it...

Finally got it. There's an unpacker and repacker just been released.

So far from what I've seen:

Audio is now in .OGG format, as opposed to LAME MP3.

Model and animation format has been altered slightly.

Models and textures can be swapped, however they will be deformed due to bone differences

Models from other versions can't be used due to format changes.

There's a file called charaspec.wdb that lists all the character IDs. Managed to get Lebreau loaded over Lightning. With it came all of Lebreau's programming.

Remember when I said you could delete the Japanese FMVs? You can't, they will automatically re download when you launch the game.

It would be fun to start over, it would be a nice project :P There's a lot more oddities in the code that aren't as obvious, and there's quite a lot of starting over sounds better than tracking them down. On top of that I can throw bits out and add bits in.

Dialogue was a problem last time. I'm not even sure if any of it is grammatically correct, or if it even makes sense.

However there is one other project involving Aeris that I want to finish first... ;)

No that's the latest in the first post. Hmm, strange. The one with Schizo happens in the regular game with Vincent. Yuffie's script is set to "Wait for end of execution to continue", but by the time it's finished, the next part runs, so he does nothing.

The Ultima Weapon one in Mideel shouldn't happen, I tested that one a few times. Maybe it varies with the party set up...

If there's enough interest, I'll start it over. It'll take a while though. Next year is the 5th anniversary of the release/major breakthrough, and also the 10th of the original model mod. Hmm...if I rack my brain enough I might be able to come up with extra goodies to hide.

Are you using the March 2011 version? I'm sure I fixed 90% of that a while ago.

Most of the text based issues came from an old editor called Meteor. At the time it was the only program that could expand on text, and it automatically gave text quotation marks instead of speech marks, I didn't notice for a while and just never corrected it.

I've been toying with the idea of remaking it since last year, though I don't want to go and make the exact same thing again. I'd like to add more features so that it was more interesting this time around...

Thanks, that works :)

Square must be embarrassed by this. They've removed all twitter, facebook and blog posts about it, almost like it doesn't exist.

It seems to be stuck in French by default, I can't get it to use English. It just shows a blank error box.

I'm still downloading, but I think it's just the ps3 version.

Audio will be replaced easily, since they are just LAME MP3 in a fancy file with an easy format :p Textures are just DDS files as well.

It's just a case of unpack/repack of the white_img files.

The movies and the voices are duplicated, so there's one for English and one for Japanese. They could have just let you download the English one and get the Japanese one as a free DLC, but no...

Deleting the Japanese FMV's would save 19.8 GB.

Thanks, got it to work :) It was a little confusing though, the background viewer lists it as layer 4, but the script has it listed as layer 3.

Does anyone know how to hide a particular background layer? I'm trying to hide the Highwind in the Hill scene, 771.

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