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General Discussion / Re: This Needs NinoStyle Models
« on: 2022-12-27 19:25:57 »
Someone should design Nomura's models for the remake sometime. In the new UE5 they would look amazing.;topicseen

Best looking guy meme confirmed  :P

Nice! If you upload it let me know on Discord too if you want. Thanks man! Keep it up! 🤟

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Darz FMV's - 4k Upscaled
« on: 2022-01-01 17:51:33 »
That's your vid man. Enjoy!


Original file here.
I will upload a 4K file sometime.

P.S. You got kisses from Jessie... Don't even ask who that is! 😂😂

I passed the mod link over you can start hidn' now 😂

Hey ERAISERZEE this is as I told you. You are using low res character textures. Look at rebirth flame high res textures to see how you have to do the ones you are using. They have to be in the exact size/res like the ones in the rebirth flame mod. There is also a low res weapon pack to be compatible with the rest of the mods, including the ones you are using but the high res upscaled weapons look a lot better.

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2021-12-30 06:27:27 »

Releases / Re: [FF8-R] Rinoa and Squall Texture Mod
« on: 2021-12-30 00:31:11 »
Awesome! His face looks weird but his hair look original! Do your best man! Maybe you can only keep his hair! Thanks!

Releases / Re: [FF8-R] Rinoa and Squall Texture Mod
« on: 2021-12-28 23:27:43 »
Hey ERAISERZEE! How are you doing? Something's wrong with the packs, they cause some conflict with the lionheart mod McIndus weapon pack. I tried the fmv v2 and the weapons dissapeared. Look into the Rebirth flame mod and check if you missed including any files then test both mods to see if weapons disappear after using your texture pack. Izf you fix it upload the new file versions please since I want to test your mod. Thanks! :mrgreen:

edit: I received this reply on McIndus Discord. You need to upscale the resolution somehow and make it exactly like in the McIndus rebirth flame mod. Hope that helped!

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] SeeDRemastered-UI v1.0
« on: 2021-12-28 16:52:00 »
for the hi-tech menu to appear right I've installed the zzz app and extracted the hi-tech zzz archive, then replaced the textures inside the corresponding demaster folder.

FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2021-12-21 17:53:58 »
forgot to add "soon" I'm quite hyped about it!  8)

Tsuna sux!  :-P :-P :evil: ;D :mrgreen:

General Discussion / Re: PS4/5 Upgrade Q - Help…
« on: 2021-12-21 02:24:24 »
It's all fiance's fault! That was the best reason to bump this thread!  :-P :-P :evil:

FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2021-12-21 02:21:51 »
Does that mean we are getting something for FFVIII too?  :-P

General Discussion / Re: [FF7R IG] Translate
« on: 2021-12-21 02:08:44 »
Have a look at this. Maybe if you contact them they will reply.

General Discussion / Re: FF Pixel Remaster
« on: 2021-12-21 02:04:56 »
The VG Research and Modding server on Discord has taken over the modding project on those. I have no idea if there is any other team dealing with it rn.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] World Map Stuff
« on: 2021-12-21 00:25:30 »
Camera depth! Ugly! 👍

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2021-12-12 20:58:37 »

And that's Christmas! 🎄

WIP / Re: Recreating Project: Final Fantasy VIII
« on: 2021-11-18 20:25:26 »
OMG!😲😲😲 I can smell the wood in there! Is that oak? The overall decoration on the walls and seats is breathtaking and it looks so clean I could actually live in there! I guess all covid protocols have been met!

WIP / Re: [FF8-R] Squall Hair Remodel Progress
« on: 2021-11-18 20:21:13 »
There's no way importing models in the game yet.

@EliteOne Please join qhimm Discord and ask there to get a quick response and see many more mods for the FF games gathered in one place. Follow this link


WIP / Re: Recreating Project: Final Fantasy VIII
« on: 2021-07-12 15:59:26 »
Ohhh! Looks good! Thanks! Amazing work! Now give me the remake with those models! haha ;D

WIP / Re: [In Development] FF8 Voiceover Project
« on: 2021-06-25 07:41:52 »
Oh sorry, I must have missed that, thought you were just working on the programming part after all this time. GL on both of your projects then! Let the recordings begin!  ;D

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