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Running FFVII in WINE (Linux)

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hey every one i got ff7 working  via wine on kubuntu (8.10-10.10) and it should also apply to other gnu/linux distros. getting ff7 to work with wine requires some 3rd party patches that will be provided, via an external links, and you will NEED a retail copy of the disks to play on your computer!
Why make this ??
FF7 is an awesome Game and IMHO one of (if not the) best rpg's of all time and i am very happy to be able to help everyone get it working with wine so we can all play it again(and maybe for the first time), and since this requires some extra work, i have created a guide so that all of us who bought this game for the pc (and some of us even after already having it for the psx.). can finally use the game with linux,(maybe even mac os via darwine).

Getting FF7 To Work In Wine on Kubuntu 9.04
Before We Get Started You Will Need to have a few things installed and some ff7 tools gathered
Things you will need, and where to get them
1.A copy of Final Fantasy 7 For The PC.

I am not sure if you can find it on a store shelf any more, but I would look on ebay if you don't have a copy. You will need these disks not only to install but also to play the game.
2.Wine installed. On your machine
   You don't need to worry about configuring wine much yet (other then mapping your cdrom as D:\ ). But just install it from the wine repo
info on how to install wine can be found here . Find your distro and follow the instructions to install wine on your machine (kubuntu users use ubuntu instructions)
I current have wine 1.1.27 installed at time of writing

3.Winetools , a helper script.(included with newer wine versions)
   You will need wine tools to install some of the dependencies of FF7 and for dependencies for some of the patches you NEED to apply (also for optional stuff) You can get winetools from here extract the archive and place winetools in your /home folder.

4.A Few Extra Items..
FF7 will need these in order to run on linux, a HUGE thanks to everyone in these and other ff7 projects.
 FF7 1.02 Update (Link removed; domain was sniped and replaced with spam. ~Covarr)
    aali's open gl Driver


Step 1: Pre Install Setup.
INSTALL YOUR VIDEO CARD DRIVERS! , this process depends greatly on your video card, some of you may have no drivers to install basicly if you can run glxgears you can play ff7
Open konsole and cd ~/

--- Code: ---sh winetricks
--- End code ---
this will open a gui you will need to install by selecting and clicking ok the following (one at a time is good in case of errors try again)
   ffdshow (use defaults and allow for all programs when asked for video and audio)
   mfc42 (unsure of this as a requirement try with out it first install if needed, please comment)
   I might have missed a few vcrun2005 comes to mind.

Step 2: Install FF7
pop in you install cd and install as normal uncheck run ff7 config after install when prompted.

Step 3: Post Install Modding for Wine Compatibility
 this step is VERY  easy install aali's driver by coping the contents of the archive he provieds to your ff7 install dir, then running his moded ff7config.exe
you may also want to check out the ff7_opengl.cfg  file to set your res and a few other options. You do not have to make any changes to the cfg if you don't want to.

Step 5: life sucks with out background music. Here we have two choices!

***New version of aali's driver support background music in ogg format . see here for music****
1.NATIVE MIDI. (timidy is useful if you want this consult your distros docs for info on setting it up)
1a.Open up ff7config.exe and set your midi device to timidy port0 (there are quite a few if 0 don't work try others)
1b.then set the midi mode to yamaha XG midi (cause it sounds better)
1c.press the test button.
be warned this can be buggy!
2a, go grab covarrs installer and be sure to use ogg as your output since it seams to work better with wine. (the newer installer does this by default.)

Step 6: Getting the wine sound to work (if it didn't the first time)
Open  the wine config tool
a. click the audio tab
check off alsa and test sound. If it works hit apply and ok if not try other sound output until you get one that works.

Step 7:  Run the game!

   Put disk one in you cd drive
for midi bkround music users : run ff7.exe
for  ff7music users run ficedula/ff7music.exe
and click run ff7 , if all goes well it should start up …
you may have to fiddle with settings to get ff7music to work  (covarrs installer , has helped this alot!)
Using this set up I can get ff7 to play so far perfectly! ,very few times the bkmusic will stop for a few seconds here and there but will start backup. Also very few times the screen will go black (had a sleep timer on my display , oops.)


NOTE: if you have kubuntu 10.10, and you have tried to fix the sound effects but still can't get them to work(but ff7 music does) then you will have to install a pulseaudio enabled version of wine please use google to search for winepulse and you should find the proper PPA easily. Or you can remove pulseaudio (my perfered way to fix)

for more info on tool and mod compatibility (or to provide some) please see this thread
ff7 related  tools and mods with wine

- I've split this out into its own topic, and stickied. It seemed to deserve the attention. - Bosola

Bosola you have broken links in other threads please correct the link in the thread you split this from *KM's first post. (then remove this and above note plz :D)

I would like to note that wine's current version (1.3.32) has removed the drop down list of compatible drivers.   What the poster above pushed is now a bit outdated and you may need to look into modifying your config while WINE is preparing its Vista audio support.  Supposedly this will include automatic recognition of all sound drivers and pass on information to whatever is running.  Including pulseaudio, which the *buntu user has by default.  As of right now, there is no pulseaudio support.  But if you wish to setup for OSS or dmix wine's wiki has more detailed information here:  http://wiki.jswindle.com/index.php/Wine_Config_File#Configuring_Sound  Additionally, your distro may have wine-pulse.

I suggest you do not test to see if the game will run until you install aali's openGL mod.  Wine generates too many errors trying to run this with DX9 and can end zombie-ing the process.

If you are having issues with this game running off of the disc, try using CDemu for easier mounting/unmounting of the disc as the same device.

I'd like to thank the above which added a little bit of sanity to my *Nixy ways. :)

while wine does not currectly offically support pulseaudio i have had it working just fine with pulse. i do however remove pulseaudio from my systems and instead let it revert to ALSA ,on *buntu basicly pulse is just running on top as alsa. that prolly why wine audio seams to work fine with pulse, but it should be noted that timitdy doesn't work currently with pulse so midi sound might be out for those uses.

That is mostly correct.  What you did do is get it mostly working with alsa.  With the pulseaudio-alsa libraries what happens usually is that pulse audio passes the information over to alsa instead of running it itself. 

Unfortunately from my experience, pulse and alsa can either fight over who gets control of the audio or they may cooperate.  Sometimes I'll get pulse to punch in the occasional midi while alsa is running the ogg files.  Sometimes pulse having been run recently on another program can cause alsa not to want to load the audio controller giving a directsound error and causing FF7 to crash. 

I bring up the issue of pulse not working due to a failure in recent alsa to always work with HDMI audio out.  As it stands, this hasn't addressed OSS as a viable option.   But with the recent version of wine (1.3.32) there is no longer a dropdown box.  Therefore, I left the link to the setup guide and clarification on how wine handles audio for other users who may have problems.  I hadn't tried getting midi up and running yet (just letting pulse attempt/fail where it could while I updated various game files).  So, I'll take a look later and see if/what is needed to get things to be kosher.

Also to note: if you have removed (uninstalled) pulseaudio then you aren't running it anymore.  You're just running alsa.  Unless what you meant is that you stopped the server/process and let alsa run on its own since pulse will auto-load with other preset applications (flashplugin seems to make it restart).  Pulse's entire purpose is to act as a unified driver for working with alsa, pulse, oss, and esd.

yes im quite aware of how pulse/alsa works. and yes the guide does need to be updated. ill get around to that at some point when i have some time to re write it from scratch.cause u know things like having to fetch wintricks and winetricks whole layout have changes, aside from the new audio system that will mostly configure itself.  im also using wine 1.3.32 and i am aware of the audio changes. i can't speak for HDMI as i don't use it. aside from its susposed to be a general guide. cause there are lots of small variations  between distros,and im guessing the user is not completely clueless as to how to use their distro..


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