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FF8 Field Importer/Exporter

This tool allows you to:
I) View the individual layers of each field file that the game reads to synthesize a background
II) Export these layers to PNGs so they can be manipulated in image-editing programs (batch enabled)
III) Import resized versions of these layers back into a format that can be played in game with Tonberry (batch enabled)
--> Get Tonberry

1. Use Qhimm's Garden or Mirex's Unmass to extract the contents of FF8 field
2. Unzip PuPu_v2.1.rar
3. Place PuPu.exe in the same directory as the extracted 'mapdata' folder (changed from previous release)
4. Run the program and it will automatically load all field files contained in the 'mapdata' folder
5. Select one or multiple field files in the left box (CTRL + click  for multiple or SHIFT + END to select all)
6. Select the layer you want to view in the right box
7. Use the 'Export' button to save the selected files as PNGs
8. Use the 'Import' button to convert the selected files back to the game format

Download: PuPu_v2.1.rar

-Aali for writing Palmer, which inspired this tool

*Known issues:
Not memory-perfect (may mistakenly report 'Missing import files...' after a long run of files) - Close, re-open, and restart where it left off if this happens

Oh for the love of.... please don't give me an excuse to play that game again.

Glad to see Final Fantasy VIII getting some graphical tools. Might I ask why the openGL driver (which I assume is Aali's) doesn't work? It seems like a curious problem :O.

Also I am glad to see you back on the modding scene as of late. Your field backgrounds in FF7 made the experience fairly fantastic :). I can't wait to see what else you cook up with this! :).

wow so now its posible improve the backgrounds!!
I hope in the future edit the textures of the characters models with pupu!!
Good work Omzy!!!

For simplicity sake, which I think is the best policy when it comes to programs like this, I would hope the field/battle model editor would be a separate program. However, it would be immensely awesome if Lusky made such a program.

My hopes are for a kimera like program, but for FF8 :).


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