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Finishing Touch - Automagically get Q-Gears to run the game! (Revision 3)

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The Finishing TouchAutomagically fix Z-Index, LUA errors, savemap and dialogs

This program is aimed at fixing all those little bugs here and there that have plagued Q-Gears. It is meant to be applied OVER the data installer in a binary patch way.  You could say this is Q-Gears' first mod :)  It will fix up the Z-Index, meaning you won't walk above walls and obstacles anymore!  Implements a framework in order to add dialogue in a future revision,  it also adds Q-Gears' own custom main menu background that I designed in Blender.

Currently after you run the Q-Gears data installer you get the data in order to run the game however some basic things like a main menu or a level selection menu are not added, meaning that the game will crash upon starting.  This adds the special sauce is needed to get it all going :)

Heres what your game will look like once you have installed it:
(Minus a few menu options because those are debug options.)

How to install (Revision 3)
0. Make sure you don't have previous q-gears installs in your program files directory!
1. Download and install *this version* of Q-Gears from:
2. Open your Q-Gears directory in C:\Program Files\q-gears 0.22.0
3. Run q-gears-launcher and switch to the data installer tab
4.1 In the Import Data Source point it to Final Fantasy 7's /data/ folder (Not the actual Final Fantasy folder but the data folder inside it!)
4.2 In the Q-Gears data path point it to your q-gears/data folder Example: C:/Program Files/q-gears 0.22.0/data
5. Click the "Install data" button and let it finish. Don't worry if windows says it is not responding, give it some time to do its job!
6. Download the latest Finishing Touch patch and install it.
7. Run q-gears.exe and enjoy the game  ;)

Now on to the real deal:
Revision 3: We enter the reactor
Fixes bug in nmkin_1 where you would crash when you talked to Barret
Script now correctly executes in nmkin_1
Added extensive documentation and commenting in nmkin_1 to make it easy to read/modify

Download Revision 3:
Revision 3 works with this Q-Gears:

Revision 2: C'mon newcomer
Fixes the 2 guards that get killed, they now have on_interact scripts and drop potions when they are killed
Dialog implementation
Field background animations re-added
Fixed hang bug in nmkin_1
Added doors in nmkin_1
Works with a more updated q-gears

Download Revision 2A:
Revision 2A works with this Q-Gears:

Download Revision 2B: Replaced by Revision 3, scroll up to download
Revision 2B works with this Q-Gears:
(Revision 2A and 2B are the same except they are compiled against 2 different versions of Q-Gears)

Revision 1: Hide and Seek
Fixes tiles Z-Index allowing you to walk behind stuff and not over it!

Download Revision 1:
Revision 1 works with this Q-Gears:

I would use this build:

Does that one fully install data or freeze like the other one did?

Of course it doesn't freeze else I wouldn't be suggesting to use it would I? This build has more fixes:

Okay since the files change with the update the new installer will not be compatible with the old qgears build this means when the Revision 2 is released you will have to uninstall qgears and download the new revision and repeat the FT install instructions.


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