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FFNxNext generation modding platform for Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII ( with native Steam 2013 release support! )

Kudos to Cinzia Cancedda (aryaaiedail)

Project URL:


How-to Install:

What is FFNx?
FFNx was born from the ashes of Aali driver, with an intention to refresh the Rendering engine and the possibility to extend modding capabilities to original Steam copies without the need of a Game Converter. Today FFNx not only can offer that also much more. Feel free to explore the official feature list at

Thank you!
There's a HUGE list of people to be grateful to for their amazing work. Starting from Aali who made this possible, without his code release FFNx would have never been a reality, but also to A LOT of other people here on Qhimm. Feel free to checkout this list:

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


Finally this has its own thread here!  ;D

This is truly an amazing piece of free software made by someone with so much passion and respect for this community. Thanks for all you do Odin you are a true legend

(thanks for the shout out and link to the guide in the op too Odin  :-D )

Well here's something that might make me put aside the PS4 and Switch versions and actually have interest in the steam version again.

Thanks for all the work!

Cool! Glad to see this is coming along :)


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