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Sound/Music not functioning properly


Windows 11
i7 11700 w/ 32GB RAM
7th Heaven version:
FF7 version: Steam

Ive been working on getting this running for several days now and am stumped.

I have done three clean uninstall/reinstalls of FFVII and the 7th Heaven client following your instructions with limited success.

Initially I was also having an issue with DS4 not working, but the first reinstall fixed that issue.

Sound: Sound is working but strangely... If i have VGMStream set for SFX in the game driver settings,  no sound plays; sound mod or not. If I have it set to Original audio.dat, it plays whatever mod sound package I have selected.

Music: Doesn't work no matter what option i have selected. VGMStream or Original Midi. Starting a new game the intro cut-scene plays normally, the music and sounds work then when Biggs and Jesse jump off the train, no music. I get into the first combat, no music, when I get back to the scene it starts playing the audio from the intro cinematic again.

Checking the FFNx logs, im not seeing any errors.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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