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[FF7] Physical Hit% Calculation


I was reading qhimm 20661 and gamefaq's battle mechanics guide and unless I'm doing something wrong they aren't correct in regards to physical hit% calculations on Ruby weapon.

So the claim is:
hit% = (Dex/4 + Atk%) + Def% - EnemyDef%

Where Def% is Dex/4+Armor Def% Value

Here's an example:
A Level 51 Cloud with 42 Dex equipped with an apocalpyse with 120 atk% and a mystile giving 50 def% Ribbon fighting Ruby Weapon with 100 Def%
(42/4+110)+(42/4+50)-100 = 81%

If you believe EnemyDef% uses Dex then:
(42/4+110)+(42/4+50)-(253/4+100) = 17.75%

However when I fight Ruby I only see 3-4 misses occur out of 64 from lucky 7777's giving a ~95% success.

Ruby has a terrible luck of 10 while Cloud has a luck of 24 so you can expect some misses to be critical's and lucky strikes, but this seems way off.
Lucky strikes should be luck/4 = 6% of the time
Criticals should be luck+level-elevel/4 = 4% of the time
I saw multiple critical so that can't be right...

Using Ultima Weapon instead of Apocalpyse, Cloud never misses.

Magic has also never missed.

Example #2
Red XIII Level 57 60 Dex 25 luck Plus Barrette 104atk% Mystile 50 Def% Ribbon
15+15+104+50-100 = 84%
15+15+104+50-163.25 = 20.75%
In game: 0-1 Misses

Swapping Mystile for Rune Armlet 5 Def%:
15+15+104+5-100 = 39%
15+15+104+5-163.25 = -24.25%
In Game: 23/64 Misses = 64%

It's not just lucky 7777 strikes either as doing individual attacks manually seems to follow the same luck as well.

Same results on PC and PSX.


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