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[FF7 PS1] Memory Addresses for framerate cap/limiter


Greetings! I am trying to find which memory addresses store the framerate in each module of the PlayStation version of FF7. There exist codes for other PSX games to raise the framerate cap/uncap the framerate, so I figured FF7 would be a good showcase for some framerate analysis on real PlayStation hardware (think Digital Foundry) since there is likely a lot of headroom in the fields.

As you know, the menu model operates at 60FPS, the battle model at 15FPS, and the other models at 30FPS.

So, I booted up the game with Duckstation, and used Duckstation's memory viewer to have a look through what's going on at the very start of the game (fields and battles). From searching 1E and F (30 and 15), I was unable to find any memory addresses that stored the framerate target.

I then wondered whether a module's framerate cap was instead given as a divisor (of the refresh rate), so I looked for 2's and 4's that remained fixed throughout a field/throughout a battle. Unfortunately, none of these dictated the framerate either.

I must conclude that the framerate/game speed is obscured somehow. If anyone has more knowledge about the framerate controller, please let me know, thanks!


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