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Figured I could make a topic 'bout this one.
I made a program that can alter the c0mXXX.dat files from battle.fs from FFVIII if anyone are interested. I named it ifrit!  :evil: This proggy can not directly edit the battle.fs. At least not yet. You need to extract the files yourself (which can be done within the program). Ifrit can open files including c0m000.dat - c0m143.dat.

v0.11C Download here!
v0.11 Download here!
v0.10 Download here!

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
Minimum screen resolution should be 800x600. Should at least be 960x600 though.
Please let me know 'bout any bugs (features  :-D). I know re-naming enemies may not cause desired effect.

New in 0.11C
Fixed a bug in renaming enemies.

New in 0.11B (beta)
File list fix. Adds bad files in file list to prevent opening of wrong files.

New in 0.11
Added greek character table (tools).

New in 0.10
Edit Devour, Cards, Various flags, Abilities and other unknown values.
More accurate stat calculation.
Extract and pack/create archive features.
The help file is NOT updated. :P Ifrit can open c0m127.dat, extract files, etc.

HOW TO EXTRACT AND CREATE BATTLE.FS (the actual archive used by the game):

To extract files with Ifrit, select tools -> Extract files...
Then select file to extract from (battle.fs in data folder usually) and destination folder for files. After that I suggest clicking "Extract 'Valid' Files". This will only extract the files Ifrit can work with. and must be in the same folder as the file you extract from (they are in the same folder originally).

To pack (create battle.fs), select tools -> pack...
Then select the folder which contains the files you've modded. Finally select folder to create archive in.
NOTE! When creating an archive (battle.fs) from a folder, not all battle files (from battle.fs) must be contained within that folder. If that is the case, the destination folder, in which the archive is created, must contain the files with the battle.fs, the and the battle.fl from the ff8 data folder. They don't need to be the original files, but must be valid/playable files. I suggest keeping a backup of the original files and your altered files (battle.fs, etc).

Kudistos Megistos:
Looks interesting; I'm gonna try this out sometime this week  :-D

Nice work

Awesome work Gjoerulv any chance off compatiblity with the psx version in the future?


--- Quote from: ff7rules on 2009-07-30 11:23:38 ---Awesome work Gjoerulv any chance off compatiblity with the psx version in the future?

--- End quote ---

It's compatible with the psx version now, but you have to know, where is stored this data on the PSX discs ;)


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