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i have ff7 pc version and i just maxed out the timer at 99:59....

yeah its official i have no life oh but also i left it on without playing it for like a whole day a few times

so is there a patch for this to make it go over that time?  i havent found one by searching.  its not a huge problem but it makes it hard to tell which is my most recent save.   thanks

The Menu Overhaul Project increases the limit to 999 hr 59m 59s.  The time is saved well after 99h 59m 59s, so if you load up one of your saves that went past that limit, it will show where you really are.  You could always do the same using Black Chocobo.

If you do not wish to use Menu Overhaul, I could always create you a patch.

A patch to increase the max time displayed?   :D   I would love to see something like that!  I didn't see anything like it in the "Big List of Mods", though...

As I said, it is part of the Menu Overhaul Project.  If you install that, it updates the timer.

Ah, yes.  :P  Unfortunately, MO caused me too many weird graphical bugs.  Not a lot, but too many for my liking.  I should probably consider if the good
outweigh the bad in my case.  The timer update is definitely awesome.  Hmm... :-\

To be honest, I read your post and immediately thought you had a patch for the timer only.  ;)  No worries, though!


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