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No Sfx on Steam Deck


I am new to using 7th heaven so I apologize if I am missing something incredibly straightforward. The Sfx were working fine if Cosmo Memory is installed and turned on. If the mod is either turned off or uninstalled I have no Sfx. The music still works fine. If I reinstall the mod then the sfx come back. Would love to play the game with the original sound effects, (or get ahold of the Max only version lol) if possible. I found some older posts online recommending adjusting the game driver settings, but I don't see any audio settings within the game driver settings window on the version of 7th heaven I have installed. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Looks like I have version installed. And I used this YouTube video as a guide on how to install 7th heaven on steam deck.

If your SFX get stuck like that, just go into 7h driver settings and hit restore to defaults.


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