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7th Heaven - mod sizes, downloading oddities


I just installed 7th Heaven for the first time. I've been trying to download the "[Tsunamods] SYW Unified FMV" mod for some time. Its listed size is 4GB; I get about 750 KB/s so this should take about 90 minutes. It's been some days.

I notice a few things. Every now and then I come back to it and the "speed" and "time left" numbers have frozen. If I pause and unpause it they unfreeze. For a few days the progress bar was empty; then it filled up (I never _saw_ it move, but I only look at it now and then); it's been full for a few days. The "time left" number was under a minute for at least a day (after unfreezing it), then it became negative. It's now at circa minus 5000 seconds.

Other mods, some of which are of comparable size, seem to have downloaded overnight. However, the resulting files on disc are larger than expected - eg the "[Tsunamods] SYW Unified Field Textures" mod is listed as 2.4 GB in 7th Heaven, but seems to be 18GB on disc. (I guess it could be a sparse file? Uncompress when downloaded?). I'm afraid since it did run overnight I have no idea if it took a plausible time for 2.4GB or for 18GB or something inbetween.

I've got the 1998 CD release. Any other debugging info on demand but IDK what you might want. I'd be grateful for any advice; I hope this is not a weird problem no-one else has ever had...

FWIW, I don't know why, but on a subsequent attempt it worked. I'm writing this for anyone else with the same question.


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