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Holy was summoned, but was being blocked by the original Sephiroth, the "Sephiroth" that killed Aeris was one of his lackey puppets. What did him in was underestimating how far Cloud and company would grow in power before the final showdown, if he was truly smart he would have finished them off with the puppet himself on the ship between Junon and Costa Del Sol.

No, epedophelia is like the animated pixels of 15 year old girls :P

Such a pedo! She was underage! Haha

Quote from: Final Fantasy 7 Manual
Tifa Lockheart
Job:      Bar Hostess, AVALANCE member
Age:      20
Weapon:   Glove
Height:      5’4”
Birthdate:   May 3
Birthplace:   Nibelheim
Blood Type:   B
Bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up the others when they’re down.  But don’t let her looks fool you, she can decimate almost any enemy with her fists.  She is one of the main members of AVALANCHE.  She and Cloud were childhood friends, and although she has strong feelings for him, she would never admit it. 
CC took place five years previous so she would have been 15, just proving my point.
Edit Edit: That was just a joke, I notice from your profile you're 16, so right in your age bracket :P

Here's a quick and easy "patcher", it has the only "patches" you really need, any others are completely up to you to include or exclude at your leisure. Each patcher assumes the default install directory for your game, if you have a seperate install directory just locate the files in C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy 7 (or Program Files (x86) for 64 bit) and copy all files into your install directory and run FF7Config.exe.

32bit patcher
64bit patcher

Once it's done it'll auto-run the FF7Config.exe if you installed to the default directory, when that's done just make sure you select the custom graphics driver and then you can edit the .cfg file to modify your in game resolution and all that good stuff.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 Graphic "garbage" problem..
« on: 2010-09-01 21:54:28 »
UAC is User Account Control in Vista and 7, if it's turned on then it can prevent the proper alteration of files done by programs. With Aali's drivers you have no need to worry about compatibility mode, in fact I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit version without any compatibility mode on at 1280x800 with almost 0 problems, only one so far, with a few tweaks to suit my personal tastes, would be Aeris' left hand not loading when she's carrying the basket of flowers after the first bombing mission. Not sure why it's not loading properly but that's the only problem thus far. Well, aside from the main menu splash screen not loading, but that doesn't really matter either, and will be addressed soon.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-09-01 20:55:37 »
The biggest portion of what I was hoping to accomplish with this was the TPS/RPG style play, more similar to CC and DoC then the turn based play. The only real downside to this is the inability to control multiple people, which I was going to address by allowing you to swap the main controllable character with the PHS system, and have two others controlled by AI following you around and assisting in battle. The idea itself is very feasible actually, after all nothing is impossible, though the time and effort required to do it may make it seem unrealistic to most. The tools are there to do it, all it takes is the willingness to learn and actually do it.

Tiffa looked good in AC too, though they didn't make her quite as "busty" in AC, it made her a bit more proportioned to me. I'd take them both on for some fun, at the same time ;)

Still talking places they live, or places on their bodies? Hehe, if the latter, I'd personally go for Tifa, the overly innocent ones just aren't my type.

Very well worded, and I agree wholeheartedly.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 Graphic "garbage" problem..
« on: 2010-09-01 14:40:26 »
I would recommend reinstalling to ensure that none of your main files have been glitched, install the official 1.02 patch and then using Aali's lastest custom driver. Just unzip Aali's driver to your FFVII install directory, and run FF7config.exe, wait till it says you're good to go with the driver, select the custom graphics driver and you should be good to go without running any compatibility mode. Just make sure that you have any UAC turned off.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-09-01 14:01:02 »
Well, if you're willing to put in the effort, then go for it, but I do HIGHLY suggest releasing any updates for it on a different site from Qhimm, so we don't get in trouble for it if Square decides to bring down its legal hammer on the project, like Chrono Trigger.

In fact, asking permission from Square themselves would be a better idea. Try to contact them and ask about starting such a project. Try to appeal to them and make them want to let you start it, like your idea for needing an actual installation. Or, allow Square to take the program and sell it as they see fit once it's finished. That's what I think you should do, but it's really all up to you.
This has already been thought of, once I get the ball rolling on the programming portion, getting in touch with their legal department is actually one of my plans. Like I said, I'm not worried about the legalities of the project until it's time to worry about that. Right now the project is still primarily an idea, got some of those put down into writing, on here and on paper where I'm listing each of the various aspects of the game and how I'm wanting to do them. I'm also having to learn an entirely new programming engine then what I've used in the past, which isn't much of a surprise because I'm sure that the Unreal Engine 3 which is what comes with UDK is different from Unreal Engine 1 in enough ways to make me have to learn it all anew.
Actually, this is one of the things I was thinking about myself, originally I had thought of doing them all on the field like FFVII:DoC, but then I got to thinking if it's done similar to the original and Crisis Core, it would be a bit easier as it would increase the randomness of random battles, as well as keep the use of several of the materia which modify random battles (preemptive strike, etc.) As well as reducing the number of models required on the map at a given time if you fade out any other NPC models, allowing a smoother frame rate without the extra graphics being rendered.

Hmm, I've never played Crisis Core because I don't have a PSP lol. But after watching a few battle-scene vids I like the style you are thinking. I wonder if it would be smart/plausible to use a KotOR style for Materia usage to slow things down for people who need time to think lol. I don't know if you've played the fan made Team Avalanche yet or not, but I think that would be  cool way to incorporate random battles.
Yes, I do like the way that the random battles are in CC, you're running around in non-combat mode (can't attack or cast spells). Screen pausing a moment as enemies appear, you drawing your weapon and readying for battle and enabling the use of combat magic. Of course, like I said before, would keep it more toward the original with the materia and such, including the limit breaks, though those would require pausing the enemy and ally units on the battlefield to perform properly, it wouldn't require much changing those from what they are now. I'm not quite sure what you mean by a KotOR, you talking about the Star Wars game? If so, I've never played that one, played JKJO and JKJA though.

General Discussion / Re: Something I found on youtube
« on: 2010-09-01 04:44:41 »
Watching the video through showed that none of it was his own work, aside from possibly the modification to the main menu. The video was all scenes from AC, CC, and DoC spliced together. Although it was a pretty good quality splice, and the main menu he did looked good with the way it was redone. I'm almost willing to bet money he's one that has a full AC style mod for his personal version. I personally have a love/hate attitude when it comes to AC, loved the movie when it came down to the over all story and the graphics used were just amazing, insane how far the graphics have come over the years when you compare the AC CG to the really high quality ones from the original FFVII right after the final showdown between Cloud and Sephiroth. What I hated about AC, though, was just how dramatically some of the characters changed when it comes to personal stories, Barret being one of the people who was out to save the planet from the evil of Mako energy then he goes off hunting down oil fields (#1 environmentalists hate list), and Cloud goes from being a Gung-Ho mercenary type willing to do anything for the right price to a delivery boy who won't even take up a simple offer from what remains of Shinra to be the "muscle" against a few Sephiroth wannabes who are, if combined all three, MAYBE as strong as the Sephiroth from the flashbacks, minus the seeming immortality. But then, that's just my take on it.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-09-01 03:50:55 »
I'm going to go ahead and demotivate you a little more by agreeing with both Kudistos and Halkun.   This isn't going to go anywhere.

For a perfect, single example of why I say this, please refer to this thread -> Of course, as I've said in all the other threads like this, feel free to prove me/us wrong and good luck.   However, if your resolve has been weakened enough about your project, might I suggest jumping on board one of the other dozens of projects currently going on.

Already offering assistance where I can to the other projects out there. There's not much I can offer to most of them aside from perspective and a file hosting service, but that's not so hard to do if you have the resources. I can do some basic modeling and texturing though my skills at those are no where near the level of many of the model makers here, so most, if not all of what I could contribute on that front others could do much better then I could. I'm more then willing to do what I can though, I try to keep up on the various projects around and look for any roles I can help out with in those projects.

I'm gonna go ahead and point out a major difference with Squall Leonhart 3000: He pretty much admitted right off the bat that he had no skill, and showed ZERO inclination to even make an attempt at any actual work. I think, more than anything, he wanted a finished project that he could play, and he was trying to get other people to do it by pretending to be a team player.

I doubt Senti can do this alone, but it seems that he's at least able and willing to try.
I admit, I'm likely getting in a bit over my head for my current level of skill, but I'm not the kind of person afraid of learning as I go and refining my own abilities. Each of my own projects I start is to test and learn for myself as much as creating something for others. I'm the kind of person that loves to learn new things. I love a bit of a challenge and that's why I do things such as this, or my previous projects. For me most of the actual fun is in the project itself, the finish project is just there for self-gratification. I also admit, the wording of my original post was implying I wanted others to do work for me, but that's not how I intended it at all, though the help down the line would be great to have, until that time I don't plan on relying on anyone else for anything except the possibility of idea bouncing as now.

Edit: Looks like UDK is a no go due to hardware issues, loaded up one of their tutorial open sources games to look over the coding structure and see the difference between it and the original Unreal Engine that I used long ago, crashed multiple times while loading the 3d renderings, did some in depth research on the crash report and found that, even though my graphics card exceeds the minimal requirements when it comes to specifications, the software portion is not compatible, so after a quick search and research I've found a secondary game engine in ShiVa 3D, also free, at and I'm currently going over the coding styles and learning the program itself before I start in earnest.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-09-01 02:49:14 »
I can bounce  :mrgreen:

So what is your plan on the Walking around/Spring into battle idea?

FF7 was so split down the middle because of the way it was. You're thinking of Real-time, so what kind of transitions would you think of using for that?

I think the battles of FF7 are one of the most important concepts of the game, that's why I bring it up first.

Are we looking at DoC running around then "oh hey there's bad guys..." or kind of like Walking around, scene stops as your enemy approaches, then into battle we go?

Just trying to get a feel of your position on the battling system.
Actually, this is one of the things I was thinking about myself, originally I had thought of doing them all on the field like FFVII:DoC, but then I got to thinking if it's done similar to the original and Crisis Core, it would be a bit easier as it would increase the randomness of random battles, as well as keep the use of several of the materia which modify random battles (preemptive strike, etc.) As well as reducing the number of models required on the map at a given time if you fade out any other NPC models, allowing a smoother frame rate without the extra graphics being rendered.

Here are my two pennies. I say what I'm about to say without any knowledge of making games. It might be that I'm overestimating what you have to do, but I doubt it.

You have to understand that you are trying to start a huge project, remaking the game, and one that will have very little benefit to anyone until it is finished. Maybe you think that you can see a project of this size through to completion. Maybe you can do it. But we see lots of big projects like this on here and very few of them go anywhere. Have a look at q-gears; that project has been going on for years and it still isn't finished. And q-gears has some very experienced and determined programmers working on it. I don't see you making progress in this project as quickly as Halkun and Akari have made progress with their project, and I don't see your patience lasting as long either. Maybe you're enthusiastic now, but what will happen in a year's time if progress is slow? Will you still be willing to continue?

As a general rule, the most successful projects on these forums are the more modest ones that give immediate results. If you're making a hardcore mod, you can see some of the fruits of you labour after a few minutes of playing around. If you're making a tool or a model, you can see results and have something worth using within weeks or days. Motivation is very important in projects that people are not getting paid for. This is why I suggested that Team Avalanche focus on one part of the game, which lead sl and timu to announce the Bombing Mission; having something playable as quickly as possible is good for one's motivation because it shows that one's work is paying off (the Bombing Mission has some other benefits in that it's easier when work is broken down into chunks and it's easier when there are several kinds of models and textures being made, giving different artists a chance to work in parallel).

The Team Avalanche project is the only one of its size that I can see working out, because it can be broken down and progress can be seen quickly. It's also a project that started off small, with sl just making a new font, and grew to be huge as more and more visible progress was made and more and more people joined. I can't see your project going the same way. Even if you're determined and skilled, I can see this fizzling out very quickly.
I'm actually a very dedicated person, when I set my sights on something I may deviate from it here or there, but I keep going untill I can't go any further or I get it done. The Unreal Tournament mod I was doing was 90 hours put in over the period of 2 years, and was actually my first full scale mod, it was intended to be a "Medieval era" mod, the only ranged weapons being bows/crossbows, but primarily sticking with melee weapons. I admit that this project of mine is beyond large, which is the reason for me looking for others to bounce ideas off of and such. Besides, a fresh mind thinking about the same thing as me might think of another way to do something that I'm stuck on. Hence why I chose the user base here, because of how long I've been a member/lurker of these forums I know that most of the members here know what they're doing and could help with refining the concept of a Final Fantasy VII game.

EDIT: As it stands right now I'm in the process of mapping out each aspect of the original game and how it might be converted into the concept I have.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-09-01 01:50:46 »
Like I said, even a person to bounce ideas off of would be a tremendous help. I like to plan out the basics before I get to to the actual developing, that way you know what to shoot for when you begin as opposed to just trying different ways that come to your head spontaneously. Two heads are better then one, as the old adage goes, someone to bounce ideas off of helps me to refine the concept before development.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-09-01 01:35:01 »
Actually, I have made several of my own games using other engines, using the same engine that created Final Fantasy VII: Dark Cloud I created my own game a long time ago called Chaotic Era, a simple single player RPG based loosely on the D20 pen and paper system. I also created the pen and paper version of Chaotic Era at roughly the same time and ran it as a game for 6 years with a group of friends. I'm also a former mod writer for the RPGA during D&D 3.5 and the Living Greyhawk campaign, and have designed and coded several game trainers/hacks for various games, first one starting with the original Diablo by Blizzard. I've done quite a bit of my own fantasy art on paper, not based on anything in particular, nor have I ever published anything that was completely and originally mine online aside from a few poems as I'm tired of inconsiderate pricks who will find someones drawing, story or the like, throw in minor modifications and call it their own original work without so much a mention to the original author of said works.

I've worked in development teams for Delta Force Xtreme mods ( disbanned a few years back), Warcraft 3 map development ( created some of the best Aeon of Strife style maps on the WC3 engine, which there are still offshots of those maps being made to date, and have assisted in the development and bug testing at for the map Swat: Aftermath), and Unreal Tournament (the original, had a work in progress mod based around melee weapons more then ranged weapons, dropped when my hard drive crashed with the only backup I had and over 90 hours of work put in).

I also know basic programming in C/C+/C++, Java, Jass, Perl, AHK scripting, PHP and your basic HTML. Implying that I only want to be lazy and sponge off the work of another is a pet peeve of mine. What I was looking for wasn't someone to do the work for me, but someone to more or less bounce ideas off of and help make it better where my "basic" skills alone would be lacking in luster. As I said, I'm far from the best at the things I can do, but just because I'm asking if anyone might be willing to assist in a possible idea of mine in no way means I'm unable to do it myself.

The major reason behind this post was for me to get the idea out and see how I felt about it, as well as others, after discussing it. Some people are able to sit down and start doing something out of the blue without thinking about it or discussing it, where as I prefer to have a seat, put things out on the table to analyze it from each direction and get input from others of similar mindset about said idea. I can sit here and squeeze out idea after idea which at first glance seem pretty kick ass but when viewed from another angle you find gaps and holes, sometimes these can be "patched up" so to speak, others they can't. I also like to come up with new ways to do things that are already around, such as what this topic was about, an idea to do FFVII in a different play style then it was originally done, while keeping the original story and setting in tact. Yes, I'm primarily a thinker, but that in no way, shape, form or fashion means that I won't or can't act on an idea if I like it enough to take it from concept to development.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-09-01 00:37:34 »
I was planning on possibly going ahead with it after seeing what others thought of the idea. Like I said, I can do it myself, though at my skill level in the various parts of game design it would take quite a long time (hence the 20+ years remark). If enough people like the idea then I'm definitely going to go ahead with it, if for nothing else my own, and anyone else involved, personal enjoyment (Square can't say jack s*** about it if you don't distribute, and would take a court issued warrant to cease your computer just to prove you were in the wrong before they could take it to trial).

Completely Unrelated / Re: Post Your Desktop
« on: 2010-09-01 00:25:18 »
To see mine in it's full setting takes three pics, first is the basic view without doing anything...

Second is the start menu and task bar, which is hidden by default...

And finally, the third is where I keep my "desktop" files...

As you can tell, I run a very clean desktop, and my religious affiliate is blatantly obvious. The "watermark" in the bottom right is because I'm running windows 7 64bit ultimate in test mode so I can use my ps3 controller to play FFVII with an original playstation style controller, and you need to use custom drivers for that, which have no digital signature and 64 bit windows requires driver signing unless in test mode.

Of course, I'll post my ubuntu desktop sometime in the future, and both my server desktops too, but that's for another day when I feel like taking screenshots on them, putting them up and posting on here.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-08-31 22:40:01 »
My post will be kind of harsh, but realistic. Assuming it's a fan project it's already doomed in the moment you posted it. Why? Couse it's just an idea and not even deeply thought, ideas die fast if people doesn't get paid for it or if they don't join seeing that it have arms and legs and is already started. Sure if you ever worked about any commercial product you can think somebody that just know a little bit about everything can be project leader, can start it or whatever. Fanmade stuff is light years far from that. If you don't show a skill in doing something yourself nobody will really give part of his life to make your dreams/visions come true. You don't give any work from self other than spending some time on google in excitement after you probably got excited with similar project with the difference it didn't had your dream story/characters etc.
Didn't come up with it based on anything I saw anywhere else, a number of different things actually sparked the idea, number one being the amount of boredom due to, in my opinion, a lack of worthwhile games being released currently. There are several other reasons I thought about this to begin with, which I won't go into detail here.

Modding a game is something that's on the edge of legality and all depends how company which have rights to it will look at the project. Idea of a completely new game, on different engine and what's worst based on FFVII isn't even modding anymore and more it hits value of Square brand, and most likely will be instantly considered by them as illegal nevermind protections you could use. There were similar projects when people taken characters/story from one thing and tried to make a remake at other game engine. Just look at Quake3A mod which started as DBZ mod, pretty soon, before even finishing their work, they needed to abandon all DBZ related stuff ending with something completely different.
There are several games out there which have fan-made "mods" for other games and anime, in fact the DBZ community has countless recreations over several game engines, complete with custom models that recreate it in good quality. In fact, there is one game engine that I think would work perfectly, properly modified of course, with a DBZ theme. That would be the game engine used for the IronMan PC games.

Using new graphic engine to show copyrighted characters is a NO-NO as it makes the company loosing money, shows people that they can wait for freeware instead of buying new original creations of company which owns copyright and even if you could make it somehow legal, they would put you down one way or another. Just going to the court with it would be nothing for them if they could gain by stopping you, your private budget would pretty much die taking off the project very fast soo think over it a few times before you get some more briliant ideas. In other words there are two things you must always consider whose toes you wanna stand on and how much you weight. In this case althrough company is big we can assume owners are japanese which makes their feet very small leaving those toes very sensitive and pretty much anything big enough will be a pain they'll kick off and make sure it doesn't return.
Again, this has already been done with countless "mod" projects and custom models over various different platforms. S-E would lose no money as none of it is "official" in any way, and any remake they might do (even though they say they won't be doing any) would be, more then likely, different then the custom fan made models done.

You should surely read at least once this sticky topic:
 If you think it's not your case couse your idea is something else, read again, and again untill you understand Halkun's words from this topic trully and understand that this idea shouldn't leave your head or at least leave it in other place as such project here would be risky for whole FFVII modding community.
That talks about the ripping of models and the use of "content not your own". In the case of this possible project, all materials used would be custom made, not ripped models. The only thing that would be directly "reused" from the original would be the story itself, retold in a different way. I've read that sticky several times, if you notice I'm not new to the forums, and before I registered I did "lurk" the forums for quite some time before I found a need to voice any of my own comments, I actually remember when that rule was put in place, and was done so because of the discussing of ripping Crisis Core models into Final Fantasy VII, which not only requires the hacking of the PSP, but also the deconstruction and reverse engineering of a new game engine created by S-E. As stated in that rule, the use of complete custom models based on the looks from other games is still allowed.
Don't get me wrong idea isn't stupid, but it's far from briliant as most people here thought about something like that at least once, but even optimist wouldn't start anything alike looking at some of examples Square shown in the past. If you really want/must learn it the hard way, feel free to try, just make sure you don't risk this modding community with your ambitions. In other words, I would politely ask you to do it somewhere else. >.>
I know that it is more then likely not the best idea for a game, the idea I had for a playstyle of this remake would be most aptly described as a TPS/RPG like Dirge of Cerberus was, but a bit more advanced in the options, allowing you the equipment and materia options available in the original (complete with summons) but in a real-time style. I, personally, think it would be awesome to play the FFVII game in such a playstyle, which is the reason for the idea. This is the kind of feedback I was looking for more then the issue of legalities.

As far as taking the discussion elsewhere, if the moderators think that my idea and the discussion of such in any way jeopardizes the rest of the operations here then they are free to give me their own C&D and delete the posts. Not trying to sound mean here, we're all entitled to our own opinions, and I respect everyone and their own opinions. The modding community is certainly one that can't afford to be naive about legalities, though what I'm envisioning wouldn't be any more dangerous then a combination of the Q-Gears and the new Avalanche Project (more specifically, the bombing mission), which would be updated graphics on a new game engine. Only differences between those two projects combined and what I'm attempting to do is, Q-Gears requires reverse engineering FFVII (HUGE no-no in the programming world), and my own idea would be a rework of the original story into a different game style.

EDIT: Just realized, after all these posts, that I miss clicked when doing my original post, was intended to be posted in the General section instead of here, if a mod would be willing to move this over there, give the go ahead to continue here or give a C&D, it would be much appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-08-31 21:27:51 »
Like I said before, if it came down to a C&D, those who worked on it would have the project for themselves. Wouldn't fight it in court unless I had a good attorney on hand that would do it free of fees. Not to mention if it came to that, you could counter sue them based on harassment charges and mental anguish, you'd be surprised how much you can get from one of those cases, and it's an avenue that Bleem! never did explore, at the very least a counter suit for court costs/attorney fees is warranted in such a case, as filing suits against a person knowing you can't win but doing so in an attempt to bankrupt them via attorney/court costs is tantamount to thievery without the gain on their own sides.

See, I can play the arsehole game as well, there are many ways you can turn the tables on a company for suing you and winning.

But, that's beside the point, will "cross that bridge when we get there" as the old saying goes. In such an infantile stage as the idea is in, I'm not that concerned with the legalities of the project, so much as the feasibility of it, namely candidates on board, comments and suggestions, etc.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-08-31 21:06:05 »
To put it simply, everything.

 Would need to do full scale 3D, high-res models of every field map and the entire world map. Then of course there's the custom graphics for every thing (NPCS/spells/enemies/vehicles/etc.) in game, not to mention the animations for each and every one of them. And that rough guestimation of 3+ years before release would probably be an optimistic one, more realistically it'd probably be about 6+ years, depending on the number of others willing to assist and their relative skill levels. Doing it on my own would likely push it up to 20+ years. (Speaking of working in free time, of course.)

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-08-31 20:51:13 »
UDK is free to use for non-commercial purposes now, and free to download through their site here. I also have 3ds max to do the modeling.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-08-31 20:28:00 »
On a side-note, Senti, I would love to hear more about what your lists of wants and needs are for your project :D
Pretty much, everything. I can do a bit of everything myself, though I'm far from "skilled". I'm one of those "jack of all trades, master of none" type people who pick up things here and there and can do a touch of it all, but mainly I like to come up with ideas and possible solutions to problems. Which is the reason for the topic of the main post, it is merely an idea I'm entertaining currently, checking feedback and such before I proceed any further. There are also two other situations that could be done in relation to the release of this project should it reach completion.

1) Obtain a distribution license from S-E for FFVII likeness rights and story concept for free distribution.
Pros: Would completely bypass the copyright problems and allow the project to be distributed as a stand alone file.
Cons: None really, other then the fact that no one can profit off the distribution in any way short of asking for donations to keep any relevant distribution servers online.
(Yes, something very similar has been done with a commercial game)
Dare we say it? Free release of Mechwarrior4 cleared for launch

If you've been following the drama surrounding the free release of Mechwarrior4, than you would be aware that the initial announcement, made last summer, was a bit premature. After nearly a year since the announcement came, MekTek Studios is pleased to announce, that Microsoft Legal has given the all clear for the free release of Mechwarrior4. This hallmark movement by Microsoft Games couldn't come at a better time, as the Mechwarrior community is attempting a rebirth, amidst announcement of a Mechwarrior Reboot. Thank you Microsoft.

A few weeks ago we stuck our neck out and announced that our studio was struggling to see this release through to the end. We also released our MekPak 3.1, through our distribution and patching system MTX, which gave our developers an opportunity evaluate any unknown bugs. We're glad our announcement and release worked, and we have many to thank for raising awareness, as the release of Mechwarrior4 is now imminent.

Some of the people we'd like to thank, to name a few, are those reporting gaming news such as Joystiq, Bluesnews, BigDownload, Fragland, Gamespy, IGN, Shacknews, and Slashdot. We'd also like to thank all major gaming forums for keeping this topic in discussion and not letting people forget about the promise of a Mechwarrior free release. Of course, we'd like to thank our partners for pressing Microsoft to allow for the release of Mechwarrior to the community including Smith and Tinker, INC., Virtual World Entertainment, LLC., and Catalyst Game Labs. And finally we'd like to thank our community and the Mechwarrior fans for standing behind MekTek when things appeared to be at their worst. Thank you for your continued support. Please stay tuned for the release launch!

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2) Submitting finished product to S-E as a free-lance "remake" for them to review/distribute at their leisure.
Pros: Again, bypasses the copyright problems. Possible "royalties" from the re-release, pending an agreement between remake developers and S-E.
Cons: Only S-E would be able to distribute it, and likely would charge for it.

Similar situations have also happened in the past, though none, to my knowledge, of a direct remake of a game. However it is certainly a feasible situation as it gives S-E a remake their fan base wants with them having to put out minimal effort.

But anyways, like I said, if I was to go ahead with it, I would need the assistance of coders/modelers/graphic artists, etc. (Which this site is not lacking any of those in the least.)

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-08-31 20:02:29 »
I just can't see you circulating something that wouldn't include a self-contained unauthorized remake. I don't want to see you spend three years+ on this, only to get shut down on day four of release by a CnD. If you think companies like Sony and S-E don't pay attention to the efforts of 'little people' like us, go ask Halkun about the time Sony took him to court.

Stay safe.
I know all about it, I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to copyright laws and such, which is why, if it ever made it to development and a release, it would come out as a mod or unofficial expansion pack to the original and be dependant on the original being installed. If S-E wanted to they could shut down everything on here right now as everything done to mod the game requires reverse engineering their program, which is illegal to begin with. The same could be said with any modding project on the internet, as well as any porting of likenesses to other games (FFVII custom images ported to WC3 or any other game) is considered copyright infringement and can end up with a C&D. If it came down to it and your situation did happen, however, at least myself, and any other person working on it, would have the versions for ourselves to do as we please on the individual level.

General Discussion / Re: Entertaining an idea
« on: 2010-08-31 19:44:34 »
the idee is nice but i think, if your going to do this dont use the Unreal def kit.
What i mean is, Epic Games is a ("konkurrent" sorry dont know the correct english word) rival to Square Enix so it wont be a good idee to use this  ;)
Actually, that's not ture.
Epic has used this version of the engine for their in-house games Unreal Tournament 3, Gears of War, and an improved version for Gears of War 2. Due to aggressive licensing, this current iteration has garnered a great deal of support from several big licensees, including Atari, Activision, Capcom, Disney, Konami, Koei, 2K Games, Midway Games, THQ, Ubisoft, Sega, Sony, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, 3D Realms and more.
Square Enix has used the unreal engines to do some of their games.
Not going to agree with the whole "FF7 must be installed" deal with you on this. Considering it will be completely made from scratch, I think all the rights other than the ideas for the game belong to you, and unless it is a moral thing for you, you should feel free to distribute it freely. Just a thought.

This is to bypass any copyright BS, yes it would be using all custom models based on the original, but the story and likeness rights still belong to Square Enix, and could be considered copyright infringement. Requiring the original FFVII to be installed would make this considered a mod to the game.
I like everything about this idea except for replacing the turn-based battle system with something realtime; it would be better if it played like the original.
If it gets done how I envision it, it would be you controlling one of the characters at any given time with the others as backup with computer AI, but you can swap out which one you control and which ones are with you that the computer controls through a revamped PHS system. Dropping the turn based system would give it a much faster pace and also make the difficulty go up a bit I think. But again, it hasn't even gone beyond my head and anything is subject to change before it goes any further.
Not going to agree with the whole "FF7 must be installed" deal with you on this. Considering it will be completely made from scratch, I think all the rights other than the ideas for the game belong to you, and unless it is a moral thing for you, you should feel free to distribute it freely. Just a thought.

No, no, no, no. You cannot adapt someone else's intellectual property and release it. Not even if you do so for free, create all the assets yourself and pet a kitten on the way. I can't circulate my own Simpsons novels, sell a fanmade Half Life episode or even use a ground-built 3d engine and my own assets as part of, let's say, a project called Chrono Resurrection. In fact, what we're doing in disassembling the code is barely legal already. Please don't jeopardize our work with incorrect copyright advice. This work would neither be transformative nor an acceptable 'derivative work'.

In fact, I'm dubious that adding a CD-check would be sufficient. You're still distributing something that could be adapted into a 'free' FF7 with a little hex editing. No-CD cracks are just a matter of tracing the assembler in a debugger, and unless the OP has some particularly nifty code obfuscation up his sleeve, I really don't think S-E will be too impressed.

Please be careful with this, Senti.
Already thinking about that, hacks/cracks can be made for anything. Aali's drivers can be easily modified to bypass the no-cd check, as well as any other mods you find for FFVII. This idea of mine itself, the way I see it in my head, would be dependent on the original FFVII game to be installed and be labeled as a "Mod" or an unofficial "expansion pack" to the original, not a stand alone game, its hard to explain how I'm seeing it in my head, not to mention how it might be done, but it would not work without the original game in place. Not trying to bring down the suits on anyone, which is one of the reasons I'm looking for feedback on this.

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