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Again, the image doesn't read for playing the game itself, keep in mind the ISO is 8 years old itself (made with the original Virtual CD), even when burned to another CD, but will install the game just fine. Was just hoping someone might think of something I haven't thought of yet to use the mod, because we all want better graphics for (in my opinion) the best single player game ever created in the gaming industry.  :-P

Archive / Re: Model conversion
« on: 2009-07-31 18:21:31 »
Which would go for ripping content from FFVII:CC, FFVII:AC, and KH and putting it in FFVII, regardless of the owner of each of those titles being the same. And using using 3D models isn't considered to be illegal so long as that content is given credit to the original owners as it is only a visual content. If it were to be considered piracy like many are claiming then even posting screenshots of it would be piracy, since you are taking the visualization from one thing and putting it into another. The piracy issues they speak of when talking about reverse engineering would be the game engine itself (which so many on these forums and many others that are anti-piracy are getting very close to doing with all their mods). What I'm attempting to do is take visualizations from this game and transferring it to another game engine. Now if I was trying to take the game engine and make an entirely different game with it, then it would be illegal.

Just downloaded and thought I'd try out this mod, only problem is my original CD has been damaged beyond being able to run the game (having it for over 10 years you can expect this). A long time ago I made an ISO of the CD just incase of this happening and have been using that for reinstalling and such since, however it would not run the game without a no-cd crack. The problem I ran into with testing this mod is the fact that the no-cd patches won't work with it and it won't read from the ISO or a burned copy when playing the game. Any way that I can get around this with PRP? I'd love to check it out.

Archive / Model conversion
« on: 2009-07-31 16:02:42 »
I'll start off by saying I'm somewhat new to model making and was wanting to try to export and convert some of the model files from FFVII to work on getting them re-converted into another game system (namely Warcraft III). I was wondering if anyone could point me to some programs to rip and convert the model files to .gmax (right now I'm using GMax 1.1, hoping to get 3DS Max soon).

EDIT: For those wondering, I'm working on a FFVII based map for WC3 and was wanting to import models from FFVII to it for a more authentic feel, and as I'm new to model making I can't quite make my own models yet.

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