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I've attempted to delve into what Kudistos Megistos mentioned about the mass boss battles mod, though I can't seem to get my head round where to find or decipher Formation IDs. The Data File Format begins with Enemy IDs (is this their declaration, from which Battle Formation Data references?), and the four records in Battle Setup correspond to the four formations each containing up to six possible enemies.

What I know now is that 2 bytes reference a particular formation within a scene index. I've been meddling with the Midgar Zolom, which is scene 118, but I'm having trouble understanding what "028D AND 3 = 01" represents, specifically "ANDed with 3".

Edit (Update): So scene 163 is A3, which is 1010 0011. Shifting it two to the left and adding the formation index "01" to the end, results in 028D. I assume the only possible formation indexes are 00, 01, 10 and 11 (four possible formations). I've managed to successfully implement battle formation changes (realising input should be "8D 02" in the aforementioned example), through manually affixing the bits together and converting the result into the appropriate hex format. I'm still having trouble with the last section of the article, how the formation ID is "ANDed with 3" to get 01, though it doesn't seem to be needed.

(I just realised everything I needed was available in ProudClod >_> Well at least I learned something in the process.)
If anyone's interested:

General Discussion / Editing Limit Break Data
« on: 2009-10-21 10:15:04 »
Considering Kernel.bin only has data for 128 attacks, is there any way to edit the data for the other attacks?

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