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a lot of your concerns guys are Memoria related and not Moguri .
Install the latest version of  memoria on top of moguri and yall be fine.

just for added context
if your concerns are about the upscaled graphics ,upscaled fmvs, optional soundtrack then it is about memoria
but everything else like game tweaks/ cheats , 60fps , then it is about memoria the engine.

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2022-11-23 00:42:04 »
Any chance you can make the save editor compatible to newer version of ffix with Memoria mod ?
Newer version of memoria generates a slot file containing data fir Kuja . Lani, Frately separate from the main save file .
each dat file contains data of the game you have recently saved and definitely a lot smaller to map
here is how it looks

this is amazing . happy 25th anniversary everyone  :)

7th Heaven / Re: Qhimm Compilations Missing!
« on: 2022-01-22 12:02:42 »
thank you im trying to help out myself and actually dmed chrysalis on discord. as one of the modders of ff6, i revisited the ff7 and was playing around to see what i can do to help. thank you for taking into consideration of my suggestion.

7th Heaven / Re: Qhimm Compilations Missing!
« on: 2022-01-19 23:35:04 »
Hi, we updated the catalog, the contents of the qhimm packs are mostly still there but now listed as separate mods.

For now the qhimm packs can still be downloaded manually from at the bottom of the page, but are older than what is in the current catalog.

I really appreciate the efforts of separating the mods and have them in smaller chunks for easier download. However I do suggest that for the mean time at least 2 mods from catalog 3 be still featured on catalog 4 and tag them as [Legacy] perhaps?
These are the Field Models and Battle Models . Both mods are less 300mb size wise and is very easy for new comers to use and is a testament of what the community has contributed/achieved over the years.

currently there is no alternative / Option beyond nino or kaladarasha(chaos) for battle models in catalog 4 as well as all weapon choices made by philman , slayernext, mike etc are gone. when it comes to field models , i have not found an alternative for the entire Object mods[huge materia,materia, potions , save point] in catalog 4. also the best option for NPCs for field is the one released on nexus and not necessarily found in catalog 4.

for the familiar/long time users perhaps its an easier process things but for new comers or those who had to reinstall its either you are overwhelmed by the options or you are like "im sure it is somewhere but i dont know who the main author of the mod is or the name of the mod" . but yeah just my suggestion. 

the mod is not dead. the mod is rather already complete. the only thing that needs updating is essentially Memoria which is the primary engine that allows moguri to work. i would expect a new wave of mods as one of the upcomming features of memoria is to allow loading of assets without touching the sharedaassets file.

Nice ones!
I never realised but it looks like they used a different light emitter for making these screenshots than what you have in-game.

Also, you can install that using the Moguri/Memoria mod without modifying the "sharedassets2.assets":
1) Create a bunch of folders inside each other like that:
2) Place the mod image in this sub-folder (Atlas) and rename it "Chocograph Atlas" (without the .png extension).
3) Move the "ChocographAtlas" folder to FF9's game folder.
4) Register the mod in the file Memoria.ini by adding "ChocographAtlas" in the list of mods ("[Mod] FolderNames").

That way of installing mods avoids the problem of dealing with asset archives (you don't need to use AssetBundleExtractor) and merging the archives of different mods.

By the way, there's only an "english" version of that image. The chocobo abilities are in english even in the other languages and they always have been.
i will try this
Update: it does work

Dude. The alpha is for patreon supporters only. Not cool.
this is NOT THE Project Ulltima

here is the actual post of yagami moths ago . this is the gigapixel version in which i referred as alpha but NOT in reference to ulitima
here it the direct link to the thread. [FF8PC-Steam] Project AngelWing v3.0 - Field Upscale (
it was posted August 2020 and i provided some fixes moths later

hope it clear things up.

Heres a link for the gigapixel version of the remastered edition, there will be errors but since nobody has posted a new version here it is

Hey bud, you're not authorized to redistribute these. Don't mind the bug-fix, but the other file is owned by FatedCourage and I'm not sure he's alright with people redistributing it.

Is this the gigapixel version? Because I already have a release with bug-fixes of that older one.

Ultima was just released last night, so let's not confuse people with different versions floating around.
Im not dsitrubuting it. what i posted is not project ultima.  the alpha version was posted By yagami months ago . on his thread. I did the liberty of providing some fixes through it so it is usable .

the alpha version of angelwing is actually out . here is the link for the alpha version
here is the fixes for bugs of the alpha version

Angelwing becomes Project Ultima in patreon of Mcindus.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.11.2)
« on: 2021-03-02 03:25:12 »
Because I don't want to impose my vision about what's essential or not :)
Good point. :)

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.11.2)
« on: 2021-02-28 10:36:39 »
i was just like thinking in the magic tabs. why not have a button that assigns 100 of the essential magic in the game.

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2021-02-15 13:11:09 »
any updates man and will there you eventually release this on githhub ?

you need maki's Demaster and Deling editor.
-Unpack the game using Maki's Demaster tool you should have a folder name DEMASTER_EXP

-Using deling editor locate the main.fs file under DEMASTER_EXP\data\lang-en (assuming your laguage is english) and open the file
-On the deling editor open the eng folder and locate the kernel.bin file . double click it to extract
- you Can now use doomtrain to edit the kernel.bin file
- make a back-up of the kernel.bin file before opening it using Doomtrain.

to make it work in the game you need to replace the kernel.bin with the edited one on the main.fs file you opened earlier.

will there be support for custom textures for the garden ship?

some fixes if you have the alpha version for the remaster . im fixing some of them via trial and error  ;D
 just drop the files on your textures folder and overwrite
Alpha Fixes Here

just a thought... the bgs need just a higher detail and not necessarilly a bigger size image. after downscaling the images to 50% there is a noticable performance boost at least for my 2 lowerpowered laptops. the battle field need not be 4k and makes specialK a lot more stable

I know this is necro  posting but i seriously needed this info for me to just simply change the buttons for the game. Just my personal opinion UNX which is like the go to method for modding the game seriously needs an update to be more fluent or attune with the latest version of SpecialK . this post is jam pack with info

I told ya'll the issue is not only present on 32bit but also 64bit.

that being said the possible workarounds. If you have a back-up vanilla assembly-csharp.dll. swap that file with the file made by either memoria or moguri.
use ZePilot's hot file assmebly-csharp.dll file or the ones found in the latest version of moguri. also Believe it or not you can use for the 32bit folder/ version too. odly enough it works regardless of the architecture.
and lastly as already mentioned delete the mbg116 file

This is my first playthrough so I'm not sure if this is the last FMV, but I know I'm pretty sure I'm getting close to the end and the game is suddenly crashing at the end of this FMV

Haven't had any issues up until now. I've done a full clean re install of the game and mod.

Here is the log file

29.08.2020 04:15:08 |M| [SteamSdkWrapper] Initialized: True
29.08.2020 04:15:08 |M| Loading configuration Memoria.ini
29.08.2020 04:15:08 |M| [FontInterceptor] Dynamic font initialization.
29.08.2020 04:15:08 |M| [FontInterceptor] Pass through {Configuration.Font.Enabled = 0}.
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| [FontInterceptor] Loading font [Original: TBUDGoStd-Bold (UnityEngine.Font)]
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| [GameLoopManager] RaiseStartEvent
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeItemText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeImportantItemText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeAbilityText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeCommandText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeBattleText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeLocationText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeEtcText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeEtcText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| [ResourceExporter] Pass through {Configuration.Export.Enabled = 0}.
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| [ResourceImporter] Pass through {Configuration.Import.Enabled = 0}.
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeItemText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeImportantItemText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeAbilityText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeCommandText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeBattleText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeLocationText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeEtcText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| InitializeEtcText
29.08.2020 04:15:09 |M| [AudioResourceExporter] Pass through {Configuration.Export.Audio = 0}.
29.08.2020 04:15:10 |M| [SteamSdkWrapper] Request stats: True
29.08.2020 04:15:19 |M| [AssetManager] Asset not found: FieldMaps/FBG_N45_CYSW_MAPX29_CW_MBG_1/spt.tcb

I'm gonnna give the p0data2 file snouz posted for testing a try just for the heck of it and see if that fixes it.

Edit: That didn't change anything, but following this step from the known issues list did fix it.

"Still some rare crashes at the end. You can delete this file without consequence and it should work fine: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY IX\MoguriFiles\StreamingAssets\ma\mbg116.bytes"

After deleting that file the game got past that FMV just fine.

I would second the timer of the festival is blocked by the ingame leader dialogue. Also just noticed returning to the title screen does not skip logos. the logos will be skipped in initial load of the game however if your return to title screen in game... it wont.

i think it is not supposed to be the garnet font rather the alexandria font now.
Amazing mod that just keeps getting better! I am constantly floored by the quality work that gets put into this project.

That said, I do have one question: after the latest hotfix update, I'm unable to access the Garnet font anymore. I tried messing around with the Memoria.ini and tweaking various settings to see if I could get it back but no luck so far. Any ideas?

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2020-08-24 10:08:02 »
Just a couple of suggestions for the next update. maybe instead of setting the cards to max 255 per stat.. maybe set it to 220to 230 instead. each wins makes the cards stronger but it seems that getting passed what is supposed to be the real in game max stat of a card if it reaches the value of 255 would reset to 0. at least it will allow you to have that space to play the cards with a modified value.

I have setteled with x360ce with the 3x version of it and not the version4.
the only downside is i need to unplug and replug my controller after the game loads.... but that is small price to pay.
Does anyone know any workaround for the d-pad/shoulders not working on a DS4?

So far, from scattered internet references I've tried:

1. Disabling every potential overlay (Steam, GeForce, Discord, etc) -- Result: No effect
2. Disabling Analog Support in the .ini file -- Result: Depends (see below), but typically no effect
3. Unplugging controller and plugging it in after the game has started -- Result: Game never detects controller unless it was plugged in before launch (so the controller doesn't work at all)
4. Enable DS4 support in Steam/use "forced on" in the per-game settings -- Result: If (and only if) I disable analog support in the .ini, this enables d-pad provided I rebind the d-pad to stick directions via steam controller configuration BUT the game double reads inputs from other buttons. If analog support is enabled this has no effect except the face buttons are scrambled to incorrect locations (e.g. X becomes Square, Circle becomes X etc). Technically the face button scramble happens if analog support is disabled too, but the double button read means it will read one version of the button immediately followed by the incorrect version.

Interestingly, even if I disable analog support in the .ini, the analog stick still works fine and absolutely nothing changes about the controller behavior.

E: It seems like the buttons are still slightly scrambled with steam controller stuff off. It swaps Square and Circle (X and B), enabling Steam support on will scramble them further. Interestingly, enabling vibration in the in-game config will also scramble the buttons to the steam support variant as opposed to the regular scramble for... some reason?

E: Further testing -- without Moguri installed I get the "walk left" issue, and the buttons are scrambled as if I had steam controller support on. Weirdly, the shoulder buttons don't work with vanilla, but the D-pad partially works. Left/Right are registered as up/down, and up/down seem functionless.


The game still close at the beginning of the last cinematic. How do I fix this?

use the hotfix  assmebly-csharp released by ze_plot.
then delete Mbg 116 from the moguri files folder under /StreamingAssets/ma/

Hey! I can't seem to get Reshade to work with Moguri 8.2, any ideas?

I use it all the time.
see here

Install reshade at the x86 or x64 folder depending your system architecture. choose opengl instead of vulkan or 3d3.

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