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To all of you having issues I'd suggest joining our Discord servers, it will be easier to support you. You can find the links to join on the support link in the OP. Cheers!

Well, first of all, it's an honor having you back in the scene :) Welcome back! I'll be really happy if you could join us on Discord so we can get in touch more often. I truly think this project is revolutionary, and I'm happy to see someone finally kickstarting it. We've had many times the idea to do so as well, but the only challenge I foresee is how to handle the likely event SE would DMCA back. How are you going to handle this situation eventually? Have you already thought of a plan or have you got some kind of whitelisting on their own side?

Congratulations again, looking forward for this project and to get in touch with you!

Keep up the great work with this mod

Thank you :) Hope you're enjoying it

Why is it basically mandatory if most mods aren't compatible with it? As a non-modder i'm just left scratching my head trying to figure out why texture mods aren't working and messing about with the config file because there's no documentation saying they don't work... only to find out weeks later through a forum that they don't work in the first place  :-(

You're right on that side. The forum organization maybe is not clear enough, but at the current state for FF7 is the only active mod platform supported on Qhimm ( which doesn't mean is the only one existing that mods FF7 :) ), and which also exposes a set of features which make it really unique compared to other mod solutions.

About FF8 though in fact there are different mods available, each one of them doing different things ( but not all of them combined ). FF8_Demastered for eg. is the known mod solution for FF8R, Tonberry is the only solution known to replace textures on FF8 2000/2013 releases, and FFNx is a complete mod platform which reimplements the graphic pipeline ( so it's not depending on the core game engine, unlike Tonberry ) and introduces new unique features never seen before.

Now, as an author and crew member of FFNx as you can see, the project is not only developed by me but there are contributors bringing new patch codes introducing new features ( see ) and because of this it's difficult to document really everything, considering the fact people might forget it but we're all doing this in our own spare time. No one of us is paid, receiveing donations nor asking for them. All we do is bring our passion for the game to the code, trying to find new ways to enable then modders to bring their magic in. Sometimes we manage to do so, sometimes we fail :) But that's the beauty of it.

Speaking therefore about texture replacement, I'll never get tired repeating this: I wish we could have it on FFNx, but unfortunately the code to allow this is much more difficult than FF7 in terms of Reverse Engineering, nor Square-Enix and dotEmu are helping on this case sharing knowledge with us on how they did. If this will one day happen, rest assured we will be happy to explore that path and add support, but for now it's really difficult to understand the game code and rewire everything.

Also I still haven't figured out how to get texture mods to work with this installed, I had them working before with Tonberry fine but Tonberry doesn't seem to work with this installed and I haven't figured out how to make them work without it.

Tonberry and FFNx are not compatible, because the former is used to hook the native game DirectX APIs and hash literally the texture binary data in memory and try to create a map for each one of them.
FFNx instead rebuilds from scratch the rendering engine and uses an undocumented feature for both FF7/FF8 that allows to use a custom driver to render the game ( this is how Aali started his project ). Because of that we have to implement our own custom way to handle this scenario. Unfortunately in FF8 hashing every texture doesn't lead to a different file ( sometimes it seems different textures hash the very same way ), therefore there's no possibility ( yet ) to replace textures in FF8.

Nevertheless, I did try to approach dotEmu in a friendly way to ask how did they manage to do it for FF8R ( as internally they use the Aali driver anyway... ) but they never bothered to reply. Perhaps if we ask en-masse we might have a reply one day, or ideally a PR on FFNx code implementing that functionality.

If anyone from dotEmu reads this, be aware any help on the topic is welcome and appreciated.

Hello TrueOdin!

First of all, thank you for working on this!

I've been a fan of Final Fantasy 7-9 ever since they came out on Playstation back in the day and I've been a user on this forum for quite a while when I got into modding the original PC releases of these wonderful games to make them shine. Some amazing stuff has been made to happen in this forum for sure! :-)

Have not been active here or logged in for a very long time so when I saw your project I got VERY excited.

My question to you though is, as I'm currently running the Original PC Release version of FF7 extensively modded, and with Aali's latest driver with the error messages patched out - would it be possible to use FFNx as a drop in replacement for the Aali driver without having to change anything in terms of the mods installed etc?

Running Windows 7 64-bit fully up to date with an Intel Core i7 6700k, 64 GB RAM and an ASUS GTX970 graphics card.

Thank you very much :) To briefly answer your question, yes it should work fine. Nevertheless, I'm not sure how you got them installed, so just make sure to properly backup files that will be replaced so you can then later revert back.

Nevertheless, FFNx is being integrated along multiple mod managers today, I suggest you making use of them as tons of mods have improved too and make use of those updated components.


are you sure ? satsuki told me at least a pc i5 windows 10 ssd and a gtx 1050

Feel free to try and report back. I'm not a Game Studio with a budget dedicated in replicating HW configurations being reported to me, so all I can do is wait for feedback and try to improve on top of them :)

I know it, I ask if it works well enough with an nvidia gt 1030 card

You should be fine. Make sure to use the latest canary.

I just read the changelog for the 1.8 release... hooooly fuck this is awesome; that integration with SoLoud gives me a biig smile.

dammit im gonna have to make my music mod in 7.1 now xd

Looking forward into it :)

Hello TrueOdin!

After a very long pause I have decided to revisit FF VII with all the new improvements and I wanted to test FFNx. After failing to simply install the game from my original discs on Windows 10 I opted for buying it again on Steam, hoping it would make things generally easier.

After the installation, I downloaded the latest canary and followed the FFNx installation instructions you kindly provided.

The installation itself was of course just a matter of dropping some files into the FF VII directory but I was wondering if you may consider creating a proper installer in the future?

Hi, thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it :) Regarding your question: at the moment there's none planned because there's in plan a new mod manager that will take care of this. Meanwhile as most of the mods are distributed using 7th Heaven, you might want to consider our new beta releases which do include FFNx integration and update mechanism and would make the overall installation experience a matter of two clicks. Feel free to join the Tsunamods discord to know more about this.

When I run the game I noticed that FFNx seems to override the Full Screen choice I have selected in the Square Enix settings menu because it runs in a window.

You can configure FFNx through the relative "FFNx.toml" file. I do not provide any integration with the Square-Enix launcher as it has a proprietary protocol to talk to the original driver and I really don't have time, nor interested, to reverse engineer that part too. Therefore, feel free to tweak you experience changing what is available in the "FFNx.toml" file.

I take this opportunity to again thank you and your team for FFXn, hoping that one day the community will be able to experience the best version of Final Fantasy VII yet (as a side note and knowing it is a sore subject I believe that not being able to include the Reunion translation is an unfortunate obstacle to that end).


Compatibility with Reunion is not on me, but with its author. I've always been available to help and support what was required to make it compatible, but the author has to tell me what is needed. As long as this doesn't happen, I have no way to add support for it.

Said that, It's just a matter of time until someone else will come with a retranslation of the game that maybe will work on top of FFNx and 7th Heaven. It's just unfortunate it's not available today.


Analog movement is broken in FF8 and FF9 (FF7 never supported it because it was released before the PS joypad with analog sticks). It doesn't support sensitivity (so you can walk without needing a dedicated button) and only allows 8 directions as if it was a D-Pad. I believe the Moguri mod fixes it in FF9, but no such mod exists for FF8.

I see what you mean. Actually I did never try this personally but on FFNx I've reimplemented completely the gamepad support, by writing my own layer and supporting DInput and XInput out of the box, and additionally D-Pad works on both ways OOB too. Analogs works as always, but please feel free to try if the sensitivity is fine or not on the latest canaries. I'll be happy to support if not ( as far as I can go ofc as having no source makes the task a little harder :) )

It is my pleasure hosting your code. I really look forward to this tooling being a full fledged Palmer replacement one day. Also, It has been my honor working with you on this and enabling yet another great achievement in FF7 modding, providing to end players that remastered feeling everyone was awaiting from Square-Enix.

This year brought great things, I'm truly excited to see what the next one will bring :)

Thank you again for opening the source of this app!

i have no issues running final fantasy 8. it actually works better in my version of windows 10 than it did in windows xp(that goes for both steam and disc versions). even the installer worked perfectly. the steam version of final fantasy 7 also works perfectly. i have tested them recently. final fantasy 7 and 8 on steam i tested while i was writing this.

Glad to hear that :) Feel free to follow the development as more is going to come. We're not done...yet!

Did you manage to implement proper analog support? Also, is it possible to use Tonberry with this driver (I think it wasn't last time I checked)?

EDIT: Never mind, the answer is no to both. I got hopeful when XInput support was mentioned.

What do you mean by proper analog support? Also about Tonberry it will never work as FFNx is a custom rendering engine, while Tonberry hooks the internal game rendering engine. But the same feature may come one day as soon as texture replacement will become a thing.

Congratulations on this newest release!

The change-log is indeed impressive and if I understand correctly now it will be possible to have the animated background working also when using upscaled background textures?


Thank you :) Yes, Satsuki is working hard on it and a new release is going to be released. Stay stuned!

It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce the newest FFNx 1.8.0 release :)

Improved rendering performance, super-smooth Vulkan and DirectX 12 support, astonishing Audio Engine and much much more are waiting for you to be explored in this new release.

Feel free to know more about it in the official changelog:

A special thank you to all the people who have worked together with me in this new milestone.

Looking forward for great new achievements in the future.

Until then, enjoy!

It is with extreme pleasure and Aali's permission, that I'm bringing you today the Palmer source code, hackable, buildable, completely FOSS and GPLv3 licensed.

I've managed to build exactly the latest state of the code, the version 0.8, and it's available in the release section as always :)

More to come soon, until then, enjoy!

Does it mean it will look like the PS1 original game? 'cause that would be cool

What sucks is, if you use mods on Steam. Then that wont unlock the steam achievements : (

Load any savegame that is near the last cave using the original driver, and you'll get all of them instantly :)

FYI I did a quick check on the OpenGL topic as I'm working on the renderer part again and this came straight out of the driver log using "renderer_debug = yes" in the cfg file:
Code: [Select]
[00000000] TRACE: BGFX Capabilities (renderer OpenGL 2.1, vendor 0x10de, device 0x0000):

This means the driver is fully capable of using any OpenGL 2.1+ version, when using the OpenGL renderer. If you are being detected as something else, this may be a Wine issue.

Cheers :)

Just information:
I have installed again the Steam version of the game with the proprietary Linux drivers. It run into original form by Wine -->DirectX but lag sometimes into combats, I have previously had the same lag on another Linux OS installation.
But with "Nouveau" Driver, DirectX don't run at all here. I will try now the FFNx version and maybe some tweaks in Wine for accurate speed with this material. Normally my graphic card is Dx9 compatible.

You could either try to use the DirectX 9 configuration in the canary ( see ) or you can also use this trick which I found just now :) Maybe it works fine for you too:

Let me know!

//EDIT: You may also fake the reported OpenGL version to something newer and see how it goes: ( MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE -> )

So what is the actuel necessary OpenGL version for the FFNx pack to work actually?

I use this option for force OpenGL 2.1 version that's the maximum version my card can doing natively normaly but maybe there is a wrapper inside Wine that can downgrad the OpenGL version or in Mesa, I don't know about it. Also there is already something like DirectX wrapper to openGL I think in Wine. But the open-sources 'Nouveau' driver are not good for D3D softwares throught Wine here...I think I cannot use this one for it must go to Nvidia proprietary drivers...But what is the OpenGL version FFNx needed in brief?

I was be able to play with the Aali original driver and not FFNx for now but when I played with Aali drivers I have some text box trouble in  battle of the game and in same times the characters became transparents...I thinked FFNx was based on Aali drivers...

Sorry to disappoint you but Aali driver was borned with OpenGL 2.1 in mind, while NX is targeting modern Hardware. Because of this at least OpenGL 3.1 is required.

Regarding wrappers and such, I'd suggest to do some re-search in case and MAYBE there's a chance to get it running. I do remember about some layers being developed in the FOSS drivers like the one you use, to allow modern OpenGL versions to run on top of HW which was not officially supporting it. If you manage to reach at least a 3.x version you'll be good to go :)

Unfortunately on our side is not a "flag" away this feature and requires 2x the efforts to be maintained. Be it in code, in dependencies, in tests and in release artifacts. And most of all, if I downgrade to OpenGL 2.1 for everyone there's a good chance we loose Shader features and RenderDoc debugging too, which is even useful for myself sometimes to debug things not working properly. This is a high cost to pay for a FOSS project being maintained in our free time.

Although IF an easy way arises in order to allow ALSO OpenGL 2.1 support, I'm all for it. The links above unfortunately requires some Defined to be done forehead bgfx is built.

@trueOdin seams bgfx supports both OGL 2.1 or OGL 3.1+ so we might need to add an option that forces the loading of the OGL 2.1 backend?

Good catch! I wasn't aware of it. Got any example link? I'll be happy to add it to the list of renderers!


True Odin, I attempt to rune FFnx on Linux by the Wine app. I am based here on the CD Version.

So I can run the Aali Driver as well with some few bugs(transparency) about textures in battles with the dialogs inside battle.
Then I try to run your Mod based on it but I simply can make it work. I have rune Aali mod on Windows XP compatible install in Wine and for your one I try with Windows 7 compatibility but...Not work. So I asking you what are then necessary component for make this Mod work on Windows 7? I am talking about VCrun 200x 20xx? Also .NET necessary for it? Can it run with only DirectX9c installed?

I have tried OpenGL and DirectX option but don't work here. But I precise my graphic card is old but work on Aali drivers, Geforce Go 7400 128MB. (OpenGL 2.1 compatible)

Thanks for reply

Hi Kitsune,

Deeply sorry for the delay but I didn't got a notification about this, not sure why. Either way, I knew this has pretty much good compatibility on Wine for people using AMD/Intel GPUs. Although I see your GPU is pretty much old, so I fear your drivers are old too. This unfortunately may lead to issues in your environment.

Although, what you can do is try to run it using DirectX 9 or DirectX 11 renderer, in the config. Your Wine environment should be fine to use Windows 10, and you need the Universal CRT as the code is built on top of that.

Sithlord48 is one of the users using FFNx on Wine and has been successful with it. Maybe you can try to approach him :) Also, worth a shot to try the latest canary to make sure the issue is just not only on the latest stable.

Let me know how it goes!


Announcements and site development / Re: Forum upgrade
« on: 2020-06-21 17:04:35 »
Hey I got to know only now about this! Thanks Obesebear :)

If possible I'd love to have those features on top:
- MFA Login
- Gravatar support
- Allow login through third part OAuth providers like Github, Google, Facebook, etc. ( so you don't have to rememeber yet another account... )

Thank you in advance in case and keep up the good work! I'm really happy we're modernizing this :) Looking forward

//EDIT: I also do agree with sithlord48 that we must add HTTPS support, especially if we want people to login with username and passwords in the forum.

I am not like True Odin.  I never want to be.   :)

Don't use FFNx then. Be careful: you'll be infected if you do :) Cheers!

I commend you on the bug fixes and joypad support in case that isn't clear.  All i asked for when i came to you 2 years ago was that kind of thing.  Despite the fact im never going to work with you from this point on nor acknowledge your existence again after this post, i want you to know i believe in full credit and people will know exactly what additions in reunion come from you.  I'll also continue to supply bug reports as that aids my project as well.

There's no need as I'll never support Reunion. Simple as that.

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