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Troubleshooting / Solution: FF8 Lunar Cry freeze after FMV
« on: 2020-10-29 10:01:06 »
After I encountered "The post FMV @Lunar Cry issue" last week, I went to look for a solution online. I eventually found a solution on a different forum which I would like to share here, cause everyone should be a ble to continue the game imo.

I was running FF8 on ePSXe V1.13 and found out it was the emulator causing the problem, or some file within the emulator package from that time. I used a more recent version of the emulator, V2.06 if I'm right, and used "My original memory card file" to load the game.

After the FMV I could now move and the went for a saving spot ASAP. Copy/pasted the new Memory card file back to V1.13 and continued playing.

You could by default use a more recent emulator version to prevent the issue.


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