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You can use FF7.exe with R05C and 7ThHeaven, but stick with only with Textures/Backgrounds Mods, otherwise things might not work correctly.
Mexico hard mod won't probably work. ( didn't try! )
HD menu is only available on previous R04e version ( provided also by 7ThHeaven in Reunion mod ), won't work in R05C.
The new reunion will probably be updated in new 7ThHeaven mods, but some features might not be possible, check Catalog / Mod Requests.
Regarding the music, I am not sure what you mean, but 7ThHeaven provides a Music Mod (has more options and fan made music), it's optional as all mods.

Button Mapping? No idea, I set the mapping, save the game and that takes like 20 seconds. Check PSX/PC Mapping Here:

OK   ○   Numpad Enter
CANCEL   ×   Numpad 0/Insert
SWITCH   □   Numpad ./Del
MENU   △   Numpad +
PAGEUP   L1   Numpad 9/PageUp
PAGEDOWN   R1   Numpad 3/PageDown
CAMERA   L2   Numpad 7/Home
TARGET   R2   Numpad 1/End
ASSIST   SELECT   Numpad 5
START   START   Numpad -

R05C + 7ThHeaven Setup:

1. Convert the game using 7th Converter.
2. Remove/Hide ff7_en.exe (Steam executable) from the folder and install R05 (otherwise R05C will install on Steam Version).
3. Merge the Texture Folders (Reunion / Textures in mods path) (Optional?)
4. Apply 7th Heaven mods (I usually just apply Textures for Models and Backgrounds) and have fun playing :)

Hope this helps...

7th Heaven / Re: field and battle models don't appear
« on: 2017-03-25 19:07:51 »
Yep that fixed thanks :D

7th Heaven / Re: field and battle models don't appear
« on: 2017-03-24 13:51:02 »
I have the same problem with Battle and Weapons Models, they don't work.
This might be not working due to the new models from Bootleg (new update), something is messing the 7thHeaven structure?? Dunno.

I managed to put it to work using 'old methods' I  uncompressed the .iro and copied the models to battle.lgp (unlpg/lgp process). (Only did it for the battle models). Not the best solution and you can mess the entire game if not done properly. ( if you decide to do it, make sure you make backups of the .lgps)

Didn't try the possibility of going for an older .iro versions, but should also work.

@tomume, Menu Overhaul is not available on R05, it ended on R03e if I am not mistaken.

If you are only using this mod R05 on Steam Version, you don't need to download Aali Driver or game converter ( this includes Aali Driver as well ).
Only if you use older mods or 7th Heaven Mods you will need convert.

7th Heaven / Re: Using Reunion R05c + 7th Heaven
« on: 2017-03-15 13:00:49 »
@the_randomizer85 The Texture folder needs to be the same, Reunion or Textures (for 7th heaven), verify ff7_config/ Aali ModPath to be sure and you need to Lauch the game from 7th Heaven.exe

7th Heaven / Re: Using Reunion R05c + 7th Heaven
« on: 2017-03-14 19:52:23 »
@the_randomizer85, It works, but you need to make an additional step:

1. Convert the game using 7th Converter.
2. Remove/Hide ff7_en.exe (Steam executable) from the folder and install R05 (otherwise R05C will install on Steam Version).
3. Merge the Texture Folders (Reunion / Textures in mods path) (Optional)
4. Apply 7th Heaven mods (I usually just apply Textures for Models and Backgrounds) and have fun playing :)

You can verify if the R05c 60fps is working by enabling the FPS in game, once the battle starts you should see 60 fps .

7th Heaven / Re: Crash when I press any button
« on: 2016-12-28 09:39:35 »

Modify the ff7_opengl.cfg manually you should be able to get fullscreen. The line should be 'fullscreen = on'
You can also try running the 7thHeaven with admin, it should change the values of ff7_opengl.cfg


I have detected something while using FF7 Converter on FF7 Steam edition. If you install Reunion, it will apply all the changes to the ff7_en.exe automatically instead of the old ff7.exe.
Nowadays I just remove the ff7_en.exe entirely so it can detect the old ff7.exe and apply changes there.

I know your mod is working as intended since it's designed for the Steam edition, but if someone is still using FF7 Converter to apply other mods, they will completely miss Reunion changes on the ff7 executable. I only noticed this because I wasn't seeing any changes on the battle with 60fps.

I dunno if it is prohibited to share Reunion besides the normal torrent file.
I haven't read anything regarding file shares.

I uploaded Reunion R05C to my cloud >

If there is any problem with sharing the file this way, I will terminate the link immediately.


If you are using DS4Windows, I usually create a new Profile for FF7 and set up a macro for each DPAD to simulate the analog stick
You can also do the same for the triggers since they don't work.


I think you need to run FF7Config and set the default speakers to your TV.

7th Heaven / Re: Cant launch ff7 with 7th heaven
« on: 2016-12-14 15:46:04 »
Are you running 7thHeaven as admin?

7th Heaven / Re: Cant use game converter pzl help
« on: 2016-12-14 12:25:34 »
I had this problem before, I think the converter doesn't work with spaces on folders, I normally copy everything in steam to another folder like D:\FF7, run the FF7KeysRemover and afterwards 7H_Converter. 

@Rodimus Primal

I love your romhack!!, I have been using so far and I only had one crash in it. I also used Dancing Mad Music Mod (It replaces the music in game for High Quality), maybe I shouldn't mix the 2 romhacks.

How the bug/crash started > I was trying to learn all the rages for Gau, doing leaps rage, and using Sketch from Relm to learn the maximum skills for Strogo, on WoR. I had like 33 hours of gaming.
So far I dunno what triggered, I remember before the crash I was equipping some relics on Gau and I was also able to equip weapons on him. *very strange* I left it but it might have been the trigger. The bug started to happen more like after 3 or 4 battles and chars started to change, including the menu, during the battle. The game was normal after the battles so I saved a couple of times, but after more bugged battles it became slow and crashed.

After loading a previous save I noticed my itemlist was strange the items passed more the number 0-99-00-10-99 and after a bunch of iterations of 00-99 the last one was 0.  I was able to fix the problem by selling everything *Made a bunch of money xD *, took me a while to sell everything, but it solved the bugs and crashes. I also optimize Gau to unequip the weapon.

I was able to take a screenshot > of the the crash. Don't know if it helps to detect the problem :(

I wanted to ask you if you will keep adding more bug fixes to your version, I saw more improvements/features this week on romhacking, if you could add them that would be great. Also I wanted to ask you if i can break the game with Dancing Mad Music Mod, and if you can add the mod in your romhack as well :)

Thanks for all your hard work.

Will try ScaleFX

Thank you :)


First I would like to thank everyone who has been working on this mod for years!! It's one of my favorite mods for FF7.

I was just wondering if it's possible to combine Menu Overhaul from R03e with the new version R05c?

I like the FFIX Style Menu and the new look on menus/font makes it's easier on the eyes.
I tried installing one after another and it didn't work, my installation order : FF7 Steam > FF7 Converter to Old Version > Anxious Heart > R03e ( Only Graphics Enabled for Menu Overhaul ) > R05c 
Also tried the 7thHeaven Reunion version *ff7_mo.exe*, it used to work with R05b, only didn't had FFIX Style Menu, but now it's crashing for me on the new version :(


Do you know if there is a way to apply this shader to snes9x 1.54 x64? I have the cg dll libs but I don't think the shader is loading, i have the same common shader lib has retroarch on the root of snes9x, I can apply other shaders from the same shader lib except this one. :(


Started playing FF6 a couple of days ago, discovered Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition Hack that fixes pretty much everything in the game and now this amazing Audio Mod :D , the game keeps getting better and better.

I am using a different emulator to play, Snes9x+MSU x64 and so far the only bug I have found is when an event plays out, the music that was playing doesn't restart, I need to get out of the scene to get music again. For example scene music is playing, my char goes to sleep *sleep music* then when the he wakes up no music is playing.

I am really glad I found this mod, I was getting tired of the midi's songs :x
Thanks to you I will be able to finally play this amazing game with amazing music until the end.

Hello, does this work for DS4Windows too?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ChaOS -Character Overhaul Seven
« on: 2015-06-07 17:24:13 »
Hi Kaldarasha,

Is there a way to use ChaOS in conjunction with Reunion3c? It always seems to crash right at the start.
I even unchecked Model Overhaul during Reunion3c installation, to not conflict with ChaOS.


What does FF7_GameConverter_7H.exe differently than the original one? I have problems with the modified version...


I think you just need to set the mod_path on ff7_config to "Reunion", if I remembered right...

First I would like to say thanks very much to everyone who worked and made this mod possible, I have been waiting a long time for this, all worth it!! I am so excited to play FF7 with this new mod :D:D

Unfortunately the R02b download link appears to be unavailable/down for me too :( ... Can anyone post a new link??

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if once this mod Reunion (R02) is released will it be fully compatible with 7th Heaven mods that current exist, 7thHeaven Mod Tutorial, I know there are some issues with mini games fixes if we use both (R01), but besides that I dunno if bugs exist during the game.  I am asking this because what I really wanted to do was to somehow make a .iro package of the Reunion modified files and load into 7th Heaven, there i could configure everything in one go  :wink:

I think this mod is one of the best mods I have ever seen here in qhimm, congrats on doing a superb work during all these years, I can't imagine the amount of time you all have put into this, it's really an amazing mod! I will be sure to donate once the promised day comes :D

Releases / Re: [REL] Tifa Model
« on: 2014-02-07 10:13:34 »
Hi bobothehippo,

To use the .iro version you need to install and use 7thHeaven

Just load the .iro and launch the game :)

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