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Giving everyone the heads up if they are unaware, but the latest update, 2.08a  has a lot of improvements that if you haven't update to I highly recommend doing so.

Letting everyone know, Version 1.90 is up on RHDN to download. It's a large overhaul of the script from previous versions and is well worth your time updating to.

I know I'm digging this up according to the forum, but this is now updated to version 1.86. A LOT of script fixes were made and hopefully, this is the final update!

I'm happy to announce that Version 2.0 is available for download now!

I know I am basically bumping this thread, however, I am preparing, and for the most part have 2.0 ready to release. I'm currently play testing it and I've also given a copy to the folks making the MSU-1 patch to ensure compatibility.

For those wondering why yet, another update, it started when it was brought to my attention that the Opera scene, which TWUE has the option of original SNES or updated GBA/Mobile/PC version, was still using the original lyrics for some parts and needed to be corrected. This led to me diving head first to truly make an update worth the time waiting for.

After correcting the Updated Opera, I went through the script again to iron out a few issues that needed to be corrected. I fixed a lot of monster names but then I decided it was in this project's best interest to look over ALL of the various bugfixes that have been released over the years and decide whether or not they should be added into the Bugfix versions of the patch. There are a total of 26 additional bugs now fixed in the Bugfix version.

The Add-Ons version of the patch already had the wonderful Blitz Screen (which displays the name of the Blitz in the Menu) and the Rewards Display (which tells you what you win in the Colosseum before placing your bet) but will now also include Y Equip Relics (which allows you to switch between equiping weapons and armor with the Relics by pressing Y) and the Mini Maps Upgrade.

I'll let you all know once it's been released.

I hope people still don't use Zsnes, Snes9x and Higan FTW :P But this update, awesome work :D

Thanks. I've upgraded to Version 1.95a to fix a few more errors.

Current version of Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition is now 1.93. A lot of script and bug fixes have been implemented. The biggest change, thanks to Madsiur of, is that there is the option to use a Music Player with this. The code had to be moved to a special location in the ROM due to other bug fixes in order to work properly, but works with all versions of Woolsey Uncensored. For those of you still stuck on using ZSNES, the Main Menu version of the Music Player works.

Woolsey Uncensored has been upgraded to Version 1.90.  Blitz Names were fixed, Blitz and Lore descriptions were updated, as well as Dance names. There is also an Add-On patch which adds the Music Player and Naming Blitz (adds Blitz names to the menu).

@Rodimus Primal

I love your romhack!!, I have been using so far and I only had one crash in it. I also used Dancing Mad Music Mod (It replaces the music in game for High Quality), maybe I shouldn't mix the 2 romhacks.

How the bug/crash started > I was trying to learn all the rages for Gau, doing leaps rage, and using Sketch from Relm to learn the maximum skills for Strogo, on WoR. I had like 33 hours of gaming.
So far I dunno what triggered, I remember before the crash I was equipping some relics on Gau and I was also able to equip weapons on him. *very strange* I left it but it might have been the trigger. The bug started to happen more like after 3 or 4 battles and chars started to change, including the menu, during the battle. The game was normal after the battles so I saved a couple of times, but after more bugged battles it became slow and crashed.

After loading a previous save I noticed my itemlist was strange the items passed more the number 0-99-00-10-99 and after a bunch of iterations of 00-99 the last one was 0.  I was able to fix the problem by selling everything *Made a bunch of money xD *, took me a while to sell everything, but it solved the bugs and crashes. I also optimize Gau to unequip the weapon.

I was able to take a screenshot > of the the crash. Don't know if it helps to detect the problem :(

I wanted to ask you if you will keep adding more bug fixes to your version, I saw more improvements/features this week on romhacking, if you could add them that would be great. Also I wanted to ask you if i can break the game with Dancing Mad Music Mod, and if you can add the mod in your romhack as well :)

Thanks for all your hard work.

I think I may have answered your question on RHDN where I normally post but from what I understand, those two patches aren't compatible.

Also I've upgraded the patch to version 1.89.

Version 1.6 is up now. It fixes the save point glitch dash glitch and also fixes NPCs from an event in the game.

Nice work, man! I will give it a shot as soon as I find the time. One question, though, because the readme doesn't mention it:

Does it also restore the original treasure chest contents?

I believe so. Much of Namingway Edition's initial changes were made with Project II, which includes a cleaner translation and also restores a lot of the dummied content from the Japanese version.

I just updated Namingway Edition to version 1.5. This updates the maps which restores the Developer's Office and the Training Room. It also restores the treasure chests and save point icons from FFIV.

They don't need to be loaded, but the images seem to work without being a link.

Based on Project II, Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition reverts the names of the game as close to the original as possible. It also add a B Button Dash, a facsimile Title Screen, and reverts the difficulty back to the Japanese original.

Namingway Edition is officially released. The current version is now 1.98a. Changes are as follows:

-Added chillyfeez's fix to the the Adamant Grotto so that it won't rip you off with Pink Tails.
-Fixed typos (Mysidian Elder before Mt Ordeals, Rosa's mother) (Thanks PersonWithTime)

Version 1.98
-Fixed drop items for Dark Sage monster.

Version 1.97
--Fixed a few script errors. (Cecil's room after Tower of Zot, Meeting Odin in Baron, during final confrontation)
 (Thanks to Nosgothy for pointing them out!)

Version 1.96
-Typo fixed in Rosa's House (thanks Binarynova)

Version 1.95b
-Fixes typo from Baigan (My Liege) (Thanks Heaven Piercing Man)

Version 1.95a
-Typo corrected from King Giott (thanks Thirteen 1355)
-Wyvern changed to DkBahmut

Version 1.95
-Bug fix for Adamant Armor. (thanks vivify93 and

Version 1.94
-Corrected remaining typos in script. Specifically following the battle with Rubicante with Seneschal
and Edge,and also during the final battle in the Room of Prayer.

Version 1.93 fixes critical bug at save points.

Version 1.92 updates:
-Improved B Button Dash function in towns and dungeons. (thanks chillyfeez)
-Script improvements at Adamant Grotto, Cagnazzo's defeat cutscene (with Golbez and Kain),
 Cecil and Rydia ("You OK?" has been updated), Yang's wife, and dialogue with Rosa's mother.

Version 1.90 updates:

-Updated spell that Trap Door casts to 9thDimen.
-Corrected a few script errors.

Version 1.89 updates:

-Massive script overhaul. Many lines have been updated for better grammar, and to better reflect the original Japanese, the PSP, and the DS translations. Many thanks to Mato (Legends of Localization), Chicken Knife, vivify93, and Spooniest for the help in this important release!

-Added Critical Hit Bug Fix (thanks to all involved in finding and making that patch!)
-Correct instances where it still said SandRuby in the script.

Version 1.87 fixes include:

-Pink Puff is now Lady Flan (Another name for Princess)
-King Giott's opening dialogue corrected to better match the Japanese.
-Mist cave dialogue corrected to state ring instead of Package.

Version 1.86 brings these changes:

-Major typos found and corrected (thanks to yetisyny)
-expanded and updated script in numerous places
-updated item and key names to better reflect modern translations

Version 1.85 added extended item descriptions. Some item and monster names have been corrected and Rydia's starting equipment has been restored. A glitch found by vivify93 when you refuse a Key item has been fixed. Also a glitch within the Namingway text box has been fixed and numerous script changes.

Namingway Edition

I know I'm necroposting on this site, but just letting everyone know that my current version is 1.8.

I've updated to v1.5! I changed the MUTE icon to Silence and finalized a few script tweaks.

The time it takes the PS version to load the menu and battle screens drove me nuts. It's even worse with Chrono Trigger. So to me, the SNES version all the way.

Final Fantasy VI is worth playing again IMO more than FFVII. I truly wanted this to be the definitive SNES version.

Wasn't sure what you allowed on the forum when I posted it, but thanks.

I know many have come up with really good translations of Final Fantasy VI, but some really love Ted Woolsey's work on the original FF3 for the SNES. Further releases of the game all have things that make people run back to the SNES version. That's why I made the Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition. It makes fixes to the original script where needed, and uncensors it and the game as well. The graphics are reverted back to the Japanese original, including the title screen and the final battle. Also added was character classes in the menu, expanded spell and Esper names to match further releases, as well as renaming monsters and items (no more Fenix Down!).
urrent version has been updated to V2.08a. Updates include:

-Removed Description Disruption as it caused errors in various menus.
-corrected descriptions for Libra and Quake spells.

-B Button Dash updated to work WITH the Sprint Shoes.
-Sliding Dash and Description Disruption (silentenigma) added
-Line from Chancellor when Figaro dives is updated
-Line from Kefka when confronting the party at the Sealed Gate corrected and updated

-Battle background when fighting Mag Roaders is now fixed (thanks silentenigma at for finding the pointers)
-Added RMOVE to REMOVE (Gi Nattak) and modified to remove the CAPS.

-Typos found and corrected (thanks to Spooniest, wakkoswami, and Dzumeister for your help)
-Genji Glove updated to GenjiGloves to match description

-Numerous text and typo fixes
-Organyx weapon is now Ogrenix
-MidgardSormr and Seraphim corrected to Midgardsormr and Seraph
-Warp Stone updated to TelportStone
-Dead and Seizure status is now corrected to KO and Sap
-Banish and Warp spells are corrected now as Warp and Teleport

Update to V2.04
-Another round of text updates. Typos and incorrect capitalization (espers, moogles, king) fixed.
-Death Gaze is now Deathgaze
-sound effects in text now have asterisks to differentiate them from dialogue (example *cough,wheeze*)

Updates to V2.03:
-fix for Magitek menu allowing you to select blank spaces for everyone except Terra.

Updates to V2.02:

-Another MAJOR update to the script. Recently, Mato of Legends of Localization did a script
analysis of Final Fantasy VI. Thanks to his efforts, in addition to Kwhazit's translation notes,
TWUE was looked over for script errors and inaccuracies. Much thanks to BlazeHeatnix of RHDN
for his massive help in bringing this update. With this update, it still remains true to
the projects goals, but is now a better version than it was before!
-Dispel's spell description and Environmental Science fixed. (thanks Merudo of ff6hacking)

Updates to Version 2.01

-Typos that were found during a live stream are now corrected.
-Updated the Zombie/Ripper patch on the bug fix patches.

Updates to Version 2.00:

-Major update. Numerous script fixes and updates.
-Fixed event where an Actor walked through a WALL! (thanks to Gi Nattak for the fix!)
-Updated Opera patches now have the full Opera updated.
-Ensured that the Sketch bug fix was applied to all patches.
-Removed older version of Gerard and Sabin and replaced with current one.
-Added these to all bug fix patches:
   -Rage Restoration (Terii Senshi)
   -Pincer+Row Bugfix (assassin17)
   -Jump Megafix A (assassin17)
   -Miscolored Command Names - Gear Based (assassin17)
   -Recapture the Glory (assassin17)
   -Bridge Correction (Mike Ferrell)
   -Wrong Way, Idiot! (Mike Farrell)
   -Banon Riding (Leet Sketcher)
   -Backwards Jump (Leet Sketcher)
   -Bird Bars (Leet Sketcher)
   -Castle Party (Leet Sketcher)
   -Chain of Command - Gear Based (Leet Sketcher)
   -False Knight (Leet Sketcher)
   -Imp's Rage (Leet Sketcher)
   -Imp's Call (Leet Sketcher)
   -Imp Skimp (Leet Sketcher)
   -Item/Magic Counter (Leet Sketcher)
   -Lens Cap (Leet Sketcher)
   -Magitek Madness (Leet Sketcher)
   -Morph Mayhem (Leet Sketcher)
   -Phoenix Chest (Leet Sketcher)
   -Ultimate Damage (Leet Sketcher)
   -Unequipium (Leet Sketcher)
   -Vanish/Runic (Leet Sketcher)
   -Zombie/Tapir A (Leet Sketcher)
   -Zombie/Rippler A (Leet Sketcher)
-Added these additions to the Add-Ons patches:
   -Mini-Maps Upgrade (Madsiur)
   -Y Equip Relics (Leet Sketcher)
-Corrected naming with Music Player patches (Thanks again Madsiur)
-Added monster and item name lists
-Added Bugfixes Used Compendium document
-Updated patch compatibility document     

RHDN download

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