Author Topic: [FF7] Is there any way to modify the default for the Winding Tunnel dialog?  (Read 245 times)


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When the party is in the "Winding Tunnel" (actual room name), you can fight Shinra soldiers here endlessly, and it's a fun and easy way to farm early in the game. The only thing that makes this frustrating is the the dialog defaults to "Run". So if I'm mashing the OK too often, I end up inadvertently moving back to the other screen to the north, which means a lot of extra inputs and dialogs to move back sound and to get back into battle.

Even if the pointer can't be moved to the second entry, swapping them around would have the same effect.

Is there any way to modify this dialog to default to "Stay here"? Ideally, as something I could drop into my "Hext_in" folder.
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