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That's a remix that adds something.

You sir are correct. this was really well done.


seriously. are we in FF8 dancing? Geez. they completely ruined her 2 Themes (Death and Flowers Blooming in the Church) lol. some tracks are okay, i kind of like the Jenova mix, but it reminds me of Final Fantasy 12 -_-  the first 5 seconds or so, are when the Boss Fight first starts in 12. and i agree with DLPB, Tifa's theme was completely wrecked. they took a song that had so much meaning, and heart per say, and turned it into... well, trash. i think Buried in the Snow had a nice passive feel to it originally as well, and this remake was kind of fresh and nice, but really wouldn't fit well where it went in the game. lol. eh, maybe i'm ranting but i really dislike these songs, especially if they were ever going to be used in FF7.
 and no, that is not Nostalgia talking lol.

Troubleshooting / Re: Breath of the Earth
« on: 2011-04-06 17:56:24 »
It's happening everytime i use it, tempted to use Pulse of Life and or a Megalixir and see if i get the same problem, but it couldn't be hitting more than once, the reason being i replaced my buggy ff7.exe to fix the Breath of the Earth issue, (the game over bs). only other thing i've done to the new .exe is use White Chocobo.

and i likes being thorough. it gets shit done :p


here are the pictures. first is of me using a Megalixir, 2nd is of Pulse of Life.

Well'p, i seem to be all sorts of Broken today, but Sith i may have found a problem with BC for 1.7 (need to redownload and get 1.8 as it may not exist in that version, i'll do that now.)

i've been editing my initial data for awhile and changing things making a few saves and what not and have recently stumbled across something. in Slot 1 it has the original Initial Data that the game came with, and i can modify it fine with BC no problems. however, (and this is the only time ive had an issue with BC at this point) i changed the initial data around to give everyone except a few people 4-2 and 4-3 Limits and saved in the #1 Reactor. i opened up BC and i can edit Slot 1 -fine-, however if i try and edit Slot 2 (the recent save at the #1 Reactor) BC Freezes up and crashes and wont load the save. not entirely sure what could cause this but thought it should be brought to your attention. i'm going to download 1.8 and see if i still have this issue or not.

will edit post when i've installed 1.8 :D

Edit: 1.8 Installed, same issue happening. can edit slot 1 in save00 just fine but not slot 2 :/

Solved Problems / Re: 15 FPS during fights
« on: 2011-04-04 21:07:31 »
Please try searching next time, ^^ but to answer your question, currently no there is not. Obesebear has worked off and on about changing the battles to 60 FPS but has come into contact with a few problems. however i won't say his project has been put on an indefinite hold because i doubt he'll ever give up. and as Vgr255 has Linked, there's the thread.

Troubleshooting / Breath of the Earth
« on: 2011-04-04 17:03:03 »
Pictures Incoming Soon, figured i'd get that out of the way.

Okay, so for everyone here who knows me, i'm the Aerith fanatic of these forums, even more so than Kudi-kun :p. and i was playing with Libre earlier and toggling a few status ailments Off for Breath of the Earth, her 2-1 Limit Break to test out a few things, games booting up fine i'm a happy panda and things are going okay when i get into battle. i let her Limit Break fill (it IS Set to 2-1, and she doesn't have 2-2 (Fury Brand) yet.) and i select to use her Limit, but nothing appears, it's just Blank. i can press Triangle on my Gamepad to switch to a diff char and then come back to her and select any action except Limit. i Think Hm, Okay, maybe it was just spazzing, so i try again. same thing. finally i decide to Enable Fury Brand using Black Chocobo to see if i can get into battle and get the menu to pop up and Haha! it does! But only Breath of the Earth comes up, there is no Fury Brand. so i select it, and the cursor stays only on Aerith, it isn't moving around showing it'll hit all party members, but i use it anyway. she does her little twirls and winds come out and heal statuses, when Game Over pops up at the top, and i insta Lose even though -everyone- is alive. my head is spinning and i've got a bit of a headache, i tried reverting the changes i did with Libre, however it seems to not have done anything. does anyone have any insight on what might've caused this? quite weird. never encountered this before haha.

Edit1: i wanted to be sure that it may not have been resulted from me adding Fury Brand to her 4-2 Limit slot for it not appearing, and this appears not to be the case as Pulse of Life is her 4-3, and her Limit 1-1 1-2 3-1 and 3-2 are working properly as intended. apparently something must've broken for Libre somewhere because it appears to be only her 2-1 and 2-2's messing Up. more testing needs to be done but i am 100% certain it has nothing to do with her having Pulse of Life & Fury brand as 4-3 and 4-2 Respectively.

Edit2: So i've set her break to 4, and Fury Brand (4-2) as well as Pulse of Life (4-3) Work perfectly, however now Great Gospel doesn't work. if i try and use it the game hangs and stays sitting in battle with no more actions being taken. gee, i'm all sorts of broken aren't i? lol. if anyone has any ideas about any of these issues, any comments are more than welcome! i'm truely at a loss haha.

Edit3: Replaced my ff7.exe then reedited with White Chocobo, same problem happening, so either it's White Choco, or not my ff7.exe at all.

Edit4: Rechecked and im no longer getting a game over, but Fury Brand is still invisible and cannot select it even though i've learned it as my 2-2. Breath of the Earth is working as intended... still the problem with Great Gospel, however --;

Edit5: After playing around some more, i've come to the conclusion my game thinks i'm missing one of her Limits. i used BC to give her all but Great Gospel (no 4-2 4-3's and no x-3's either.) set her Limit to 3, and then tried to make her learn it, and she wouldn't learn it. i can attribute this to why me attempting to use Great Gospel would make my game hang. Unchecking Fury Brand off 2-2 in BC also made my limit menu go invisible when in battle when trying to use 2-1 Her Breath of the Earth. i'm not entirely sure what this means but yeah... i'm a thinking x-3 limits are buggy.

Edit6: Yes! I Fixed it!!

for some really retarded reason, and to my complete amazement i have -no- idea how it happened, i had 1-3 2-3 and 3-3 turned on with nothing set, and 1-3 was set to Breath of the Earth. i'm assuming that if you have a 3-1 on a 1-3 for example, the game will recognize the 3-1 as now being 1-3 and thus not appear in the 3-1 slot even if you have it learned and set to break 3 due to them only being able to be on one slot each? Not 100% sure as i had Fury Brand as 4-2 and 2-2 and it worked as intended on Both. maybe it's only for 1-3 and 2-1, 2-3 and 3-1, etc. Now as for the great gospel f*ck up: I was right. the game was thinking she had missing Limits and wouldn't let her learn it, and when i tried to use it by forcefully enabling it, the game pretty much said f*ck You! Lol. well i'm happy i got the issue resolved, and i hope that this thread will help someone if they're ever as ditzy as i am :p.

however.... on another note..

can someone tell me why now <- this is happening? ^^; the text is messed up, and this would be the first i've seen this happening.

(Breaking things is fun! not. lol.)

FF7 Tools / Re: 1 Year later.
« on: 2011-04-03 11:48:04 »
well you can do that easily , just not so stright foward,

1. open BC.
2. select New Game
3. put in debug mode.
4. click on sephiroth , then use the "Export Char" feature
5. do again for
6. import those chars to your saves. cait/vincent slot

the main reason this is not easy to do is it can create some issues if you do this (so i can't assure you its gonna always work correctly)

here you go the .char files need for young cloud and sephiroth are in this here archive. just remember to click on the char you want to replace BEFORE importing the .char file

oh sith thank you much! now i can get back to my ebil evilness ;D

Because of the "miss if not dead" flag.


Never Mind. i'm a tard =_=

i need to read more clearly, i apologize. i Misinterpreted Miss if Not dead in my head -sighs-

FF7 Tools / Re: 1 Year later.
« on: 2011-04-01 19:31:03 »

how about what i said before? D: a way to edit young cloud & or sephiroth, with an "Add All" Section added for item and materias. just sayin :p

"Miss if not dead" doesn't exactly apply to "undead" enemy types. An enemy is considered "undead" if it "absorbs" the restorative element. Since restorative elementals automatically "damage" a negative amount and "absorb" makes damage "negative":

damage = absorb( restorative damage ) = - ( - damage) = damage

Viola, enemy takes damage from "healing" and dies to full-heal. Death is handled differently though, but I think the concept's the same.

So basically, what I mean is the "miss if not dead" flag only checks if HP = 0. It should probably read "Miss if HP != 0" instead.

offtopic but still relevant:

you sir have made my head explode. :)

By the way, any idea why it would heal the party member a bit, instead of missing if it doesn't revive?

i would assume it'd deal a tad extra damage, since the way lostwing put it, she doesn't have a 100% Chance of reviving target but it restores some of their health. and if the revive effect kicked in it'd kill the said undead creature.

#1) Touhou #6 (Flandre Scarlet & Remilia Scarlet = <3)

Are you by any chance a fan of UN Owen Was Her remixes? (Hatsune Miku!)

You Sir, are going to marry me. now. lol. who doesn't love UN Owen Was Her remixes??? i even love the trolled Ronald McDonald UN Owen Was Her :p

Akai Tsuki <3

#1) Touhou #6 (Flandre Scarlet & Remilia Scarlet = <3)
#2) Parasite Eve
#3) Parasite Eve 2
#4) Zelda OoT.
#5) Kingdom Hearts 2
#6) Kingdom Hearts 1

will probably edit later lol.

really... weird. didn't happen to me, i've fought Jenova-Synthesis Bizzaro & Safer Seph with no problems. (well... there was this one time... when i quadraed Ultima. oops. lol.) maybe his discs were bad or something, i have no idea.

Even then, I'm not sure that the new animations and model can be ported over. So you'd end up with a weird Aeris.

On top of that, there's a glitch that doesn't let you finish the game with Aeris in your party in the psx version.

i've never heard of that glitch o.o does the battle hang with Safer or something? as i've hacked her in before so she wouldn't leave my roster from character slot two, and was able to kill Synthesis, Bizzaro, and Safer before and not had an issue. as for the animations and the model, it'd be kind of fun to tinker with, (at least to me haha). and even then, an Aeris is and Aeris. there's not another like her!! anyway, this is all just food for thought, i'm quite content with my pc version and your patch for it Espio-Kun. i rather enjoy using Great Gospel and destroying people lol. :P

No. You still can't add modes to new entities. Makou reactor doesn't allow it for psx.

is it due to the limitations for the psx version? or simply because the function has yet to be implemented? If it was the latter i'm sure there'd be quite a few people interested in having the function, it'd open up a few possibilities for the PSX version.

<3 Espio-kun ty for putting it back up :)

although i have a semi related offtopic question.

as i haven't dabbled with the PSX Files, i'm curious if this patch would also work with the PS1 Discs. just curious/interested in knowing, it'd be pretty cool if it was possible :)

remake Parasite Eve 1 & 2 prease. i loves my Aya Brea!!! :D

i loled. that was great, Disc 2 Icicles ftw :p.

I've been editing Wiki articles to include information about the patch. I hope that nobody removes it...

I dunno how much longer I can go without playing FF7 :P

There is a god! he has found his inner 7ven again. :p <3 Espio-Kun

Semi On-Topic:

KEWL! a patch about me~

lol. i've had too much sugar >.>.

in all seriousness:

still love this patch, truely a god send someone made this so i can finally keel Jenova Death with Aeris Lol. I have found no new bugs as far and i've replayed 3 times. soo~ yeah! gogo Espio-kun :3 <333

i find a save spawn which talking about why is aerith alive (nothing more).
Wait, did I miss something?

Seems everyone did :P

me thinks me has found what thy has hidden.


somebody´╗┐ should to make a guide for pc with the patch aeris :)

I thought you would have got the hint after I ignored you the past 6 times.

who is it sending it to you dear? lol. im sure i, or one of the others who love reading this thread, can use 'simple words' to make him understand.. xD

Completely Unrelated / Re: PS3 Emulator
« on: 2010-11-07 13:02:57 »

Give us more images LKM! you can't reduce yourself to just one a post nowadays :3

Pretty sure he was asking a rhetorical question.
Because we all know that the public mob isn't the brightest of factions
You'd think that people who played FF7 when they were like what.. 12-15 would be grown up enough now to think like human beings.

she* and yes it was slightly rhetorical, but his response was just as humorous to add to it, and i agree with his statement :P. i also agree with what you said lol.

The hint is in what she says  :P Listen to her, and you'll see ;)

hey friend
you should to make a guide for final fantasy vii pc
with Aeris in the game
That would be great!!


what the hell? do people gradually get stupider with each passing day? lol. Ultima you've made me laugh and have made my day with that, ty :p <3

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