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Field's Iro update v5.25 (removed forgotten UI files (hand and exits pointer as it's related toUI and not to fields)

for english exe should be : 6CA3D6 = 90 90 90 90 90 90

not a mod, it's an hext patch

Hi satsuki.
I have a edited scene.bin. Every time I use your mod it seems at launch it overwrites the scene.bin to the default scene.bin
Is there any way to work around? Have your mod just use the scene.bin I have created?
Making it Read-Only gives a big error at the start.
my current AIO pack ins't made for other modification, as it's said : Further Modding: 7th Heaven.
my next version of aio pack will be friendly with personnal modifications but it probably will take some month to be ready as i'm coding it from scratch

-Updated all iro for faster loading with lastests 7th build.
-Minors optimisation
-Done meteor formula from scratch

Where can i download the update? It seems to of been removed, was there a serious problem with it?
just tired both link for the 5.65 update and both are working

There is the bug in SYW V5.64 if turn off "HD Fonts and Menus" and click "Launch FFVII SYW V5" button (throws error that menu folder not found)
In SYW V5.60 this scenario works fine

Changelog 5.65
--Updated FFNx.
-Updated gamepad help.
-Corrected a bug if HD menu was disabled.

There is the bug in SYW V5.64 if turn off "HD Fonts and Menus" and click "Launch FFVII SYW V5" button (throws error that menu folder not found)
In SYW V5.60 this scenario works fine
thanks for reporting, i'll try to fix that asap

Hello, I have been trying out your series of mods for the Tsunamod package, and while the game runs, there appears to be some strange artifacts where the game will fill in the texture that the specific mod affects with a black and red line pattern as if the texture is missing. This does not appear to be restricted to the Tsunamod package, but also other mods affecting field, world textures, or user interfaces. I know that it is the mods, because turning them off removes the issue

I have an older computer so I am somewhat limted by what my graphics card driver, as I have an AMD Radeon 6480 that is no longer supported by AMD as it is now a legacy driver. I use the OpenGL driver for running FFVII.

Is it directly related to my graphics card driver, or am I doing something wrong? Can the issue be fixed?
As i say, i'm not doing any 7th support here, also if the bug is present outside my pack, it's probably related to an FFNx setting or your computer, ask in 7th forum ^^

Changelog 5.64
-Optimised launcher speed on mouse over option.
-Updated FFNx 1.14.0 stable.
-Updated Cosmo Memory v1.1.
-Added updcaled HD textures for ending credits + Updated opening credits (all 4 languages).
-Added true 16/9 game mod.
-Small update in mds7plr2 fx and mds7plr1 grid (thanks laz@ro).
-Mirror correction in tunnel_5 (thanks Acro).

What do you mean , can you be more precise ?

Hi Satski, does the mod still support transparent dialog box, battle menus and user interface? I can't seem to make that work. I am using 7th Heaven.
it's an AIO pack feature (with FFNx) you may use it with some patch but ask 7th support ^^

Updated the Menu and Font 7th pack
-Added multilang opening credits
-Added HD ending credits texts too

Updated the Menu and Font 7th pack
-now you can select the elements you want to use from it
-added multilang game over screens

When I use CTRL + R to soft reset the game, the game seems to lock up when I get into battle. The whole screen goes black, and while I can input battle commands, the never go off and I have to hard close the game.
It's not related to the pack, it's probably related to FFNx, you can ask here (provide the FFNx log too ^^) :

Updated all my 7th mods:
-All mods are now a mod folder instead of an iro file (way faster with advanced animation, and overall faster (mainly with mid/low power computers)
-Added opening crédits and gameover textures to the font and menu pack.

First of all, thanks for the impressive job you are doing.
I did install the last update and everything seems to be as georgeous as it was on a CRT or even better, but we Spainiards (or at least me), have some big issues with the original translation of this game in our language. The whole game translation's feels like if it was translated by a maschine and, in fact, the translation itself is known gobally for the spanish comunity as a big meme.

Here's an example:
''Savepoint'' which means ''Punto *DE* guardado'' (a place or ''punto'' where you save your progress) and it is translated as ''Guardar punto'' which means ''save a point'' (I don't know, maybe like a score one or something tangible, you know xD) It swaps completly the sense from genitive to infinitive and belive me, this is but the tip of an aberrant iceberg.

Well, jokes aside... I have 0 problem on playing this in english but it's more enjoyable doing it in my own native language so I decided to apply a translation patch before (and after as well) installing the mod itslef. It was okey until I saved my game and I tried to continue with my journey the next day to find that the savegame was corrupted and it isn't an exception, it happens to me all the time.
So now the question is: Is there any way to make this patch run along with this mod?

Thanks beforehand and don't be so rude with me if I'm ignoring anything related with the compatibility of this stuff.
As the save/load of the game is make by ff7.exe and not by my mod you could try :
-install steam ff7 from scratch
-install my pack
-rename ff7.s.exe to ff7.exe (because in my pack ff7.s.exe is used to launch the spanish version of the game)
-apply the patch to ff7 (be sure to use a patch for the 1998 version of the game)
-rename ff7.exe to ff7.s.exe

if it doesn't work i don't know....

Has this been fixed?
I was never be able to reproduice it so i don't know ^^'

AIO 6.53 update
-Updated FFNx.
-Corrected a rare bug of battle animation slowdown with no mouth option (again, now it's 100% ok ^^').

Updated the 30fps et 60fps FMV iro's to use the original upscaled version (some was the no chibi one by Cosmo because of a mistake)

AIO 5.62 update :
-Updated FFNx.
-Updated some menu's portraits (by Aavock).
-Updated the always run function with all languages (compatible with sound overhaul, thanks Chrysalis).
-Added the True Honey Bee Inn (missing BHI fields, thanks Cloudiar, english and spanish only ATM).
-Corrected a rare bug of battle animation slowdown with no mouth option (thanks Bumpin' for reporting it).

Yes, I understand that, and I'm not asking for support. I am asking users of your mod if they know which are compatible to save installing a dozen or so for no reason. If not, I'd be more than happy to start a list myself.
OOB no mod is compatible with my AIO pack, it's a self sufisant pack, it's not designed to be modded, if you try to mod it you'll probably breack it ;)

Is there a list of mods that are compatible with this one? Eg: any gameplay mods to make things more challenging?
As said in the 1° page, this pack is an AIO, it's not designed to be modded.
If you want to mod more, go to the 7t way with the iro i provide as a base

yes delete the folder to remove thrid party file

@EZ 724
i'll test about the motorball stuff asap, could you take a video of both ?
the other report are vanilla game bugs, not related to my pack ^^

delete the steam ff7 folder and download it again

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