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this program corrupted the init.out file of the english steam version of final fantasy 8 and all i did was to barely change the amount of the initial items , anyone experienced that and know how to solve this problem ?

ok so the problem isn't this modding program , but the fact that i injected the modded init by deleting the original one and then inject the modded one while i should have just swapped the modded file , but the reason why i chosed that option is because the deling injector-extractor sometimes doesn't swap so to make sure i wanted to delete the original file before inject the modded one

thanks for this tool , it solve a lot of problems in this game , but i need to know this : the "Limit Break Param" value determine the percentage for getting crysis level 4 , what is the correct value to set to make sure that the limit breaks are always at level 4 ? i ask because sometimes even if i set 255 the crysis level goes to 1, also please notice that i take only three lines to write this comment so please don't be lazy and reply\help me

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