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General Discussion / Re: Who's excited to mod FFXV?
« on: 2018-03-01 06:22:59 »
I'm not sure if i agree.

Reverse engineering all the formats required will take some time.

And sure the engine had visual scripting and node based properties, but so does unreal and unity, and whilst various mods are available, the scripting and node based stuff still just gets compiled into solid code in the end, its only node based and visual in the editor, that isn't shipped with the game.

I don't doubt its possible,, but other engines have had visual scripting for years and thats still not been hacked at any point, unreal being the perfect example of this.

The game will come with modding tools, as confirmed by developers. Whether they are available at release is currently unknown, but they will definitely be coming. The visual scripting is a part of the modding tools.

Thank you for doing this. Pretty cool that I can edit enemies in FFX-2, but man do I want it for FFX so badly.

Also, is editing enemies in FFX really that hard? I know that in the FFX punishment mod for the ps2, the stats of the enemies were edited and even the boss's status immunities were changed. It's been driving me crazy because I have no idea how the creator of the mod did it, and unless I'm massively retarded, FFXED didn't seem to have any option to do it, despite pretty much being the definitive editor for FFX on the ps2. My google searching skills are lacking, I'll admit, but I did try to see if there were any guides on how to hack the enemies of FFX manually, regardless of editiors and all that, that I was missing, couldn't find any. So alas, I was stuck playing the game with all the enemies having the same status and elemental defenses as usual. It's got to be possible, though, at least for the ps2, since it was done in the punishment mod.

Life is sorrow.

The data is no doubt loaded and stored at the start of battle. Finding where it is stored and how it is laid out however is a different story. The PS2 mod must have changed some data files and repacked them, that's the only way I can think of since monster data is stored on disc, not in the save (except FFX-2 cause of the creature creator)

OK, I'll check the offsets and stuff are all correct before I release the next version. I might have broken something without realizing. Keep in mind that the game auto-recalculates all stats based on level at the start of battle so any changes won't be reflected until then. Base stats should get updated at that time.

EDIT: I should mention you need to press ENTER to send changes to the game, it doesn't update the values until you do that.
EDIT #2: It was my fault, I messed up the offsets when I moved from the recalculated values to the base values - the app will show the CURRENT value on the left, and allow you to modify the base. You still need to enter battle for the changes to take effect.

I don't make the debug options, they're leftovers from the games development, therefore i have little ability to change what they actually do. All Farplane does is enable them. I will keep looking for more while i work on the app

Yes, those features I mentioned for 0.2.1 are for Final Fantasy X, and it's your lucky day, 'cause it's out right now!

Hey guys,

Version 0.2.1 adds some debug options for Final Fantasy X such as true invincibility, max damage, permanent sensor and more. Also it adds an ability editor to the party editor.

Planned features for the FFX editor include:

- Party stats editor
- Sphere grid node editor
- Items editor
- Key items editor
- Full weapon/armor customization
- Blitzball editor

No doubt some other features will come up as more is revealed about how the game works. That goes for FFX-2 as well. I still need to complete the dressphere ability editor, add support for Key Items and Blue Bullet abilities, Gunner's Gauntlet and several other things I can think of as well.

I have no plans for controlling creatures in FFX at this stage. I haven't looked at it and have no idea if it will even be possible.

Hey guys,

I am working on a memory editor for FFX/X-2 to change things such as items, accessories, stats, and so on. It originally started out of a desire for a tool to easily edit creature abilities in Final Fantasy X-2, but I have decided to expand the scope of the app to include a number of other features, editors and cheats.

Version 0.2.2 is the current release, and it supports:

Final Fantasy X
  • Party stat and ability modification
  • Basic equipment customization
  • Debug options (control monsters, max damage, invincible, perma-sensor, etc.)
  • Shared AP booster (all characters gain AP after battle)
Final Fantasy X-2
  • Change current Gil
  • Character EXP and stat modification
  • Character dressphere completion modification (Only Gunner to Songstress implemented)
  • Creature stat modification and ability modification
  • Creature creator trapping editor
  • Item editor and item cheat
  • Accessory editor and accessory cheat
  • Dressphere editor (change count)
  • Garment Grid editor (learn/unlearn)
  • Toggle debug options such as controlling monsters, invincible party, etc.

If you're interested in trying it out, download it here.

If you like the app and can help translate the creature or command names, your help would be greatly appreciated!

Spoiler: show

Hey guys, I have started working on adding rebuild support to vbftool. Currently it can rebuild metamenu successfully but there's still a few bytes here and there that need to be figured out before the game will read the files.

If anyone is interested in helping, grab the source code here and have a look.

Just posted an updated version which includes an internal dictionary that contains the filenames of every file inside the archives. Yes, that's right. Every. File.

Download VBFExtract 0.0.2 Here

Wow, very cool!
Again, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I found out you can get something out of the dds.phyre files by using a tool called TextureFinder found here:
I put together a collection of very small findings here:
Oh, and it looks like there's a list of all videos inside FFX_Data\GameData\PS3Data\Video\JP\FFX_VideoList.txt and they're all in .webm format to boot!

I also ripped the button textures from the PS2 original, if anyone wanted to do anything with them. Here:!IsVHUZiA!CUwTAI-KROYrcB56PW_1L1Kn8wycvKO7vzOEjuWLqds

I noticed the video file list and I was able to successfully extract some of the videos, but I haven't updated the file list. If you add any files to the file list, pastebin it and link me to it and i'll add them as I update the tool.

I had a file called OUTPUT.txt in the FFX folder, just seemed to be a log file of everything happening. That's where I got the filenames from. Still got a ways to go yet though ;)

Made a quick n dirty command line tool to extract files from the VBF using a text file containing possible file names.

Download it here (source code also available)

Have included a filelist.txt with a bunch of filenames grepped from the log file, it is nowhere near complete so please feel free to add to it as you find any new filenames =)

If you want to extract files from the VBF you can decompile the launcher and get the VirtuosBigFileReader class which can extract the files BUT it uses a hash table so you need to know the file names to extract data. I have a simple tool that will attempt to extract files based on a dictionary, will release in the next day or so

I can do both of those. I'm currently stuffing around with scene files (again) and rewriting my scene app (for the third time), and I also plan on writing a kernel.bin app, so I'm probably better for the wiki job. I can write newsletters too since I constantly update and recompile Q-Gears when there's a new SVN revision, but I don't want to seem like I'm stealing all the jobs.

Q-Gears / Re: The Screenshot Topic
« on: 2006-06-11 11:16:02 »
Okay, I'll take on the title of offical Q-Gears(r) Screenshot KeeperTM. It's hard work, but someone has to do it. I gotta go dig out my old account now.

*proceeds to do so*

Emphasis on old. I haven't logged in since pre-2003, it seems.

Username is lordramza. I'm assuming you referred to SF when you said 'add you too', correct me if I'm wrong.

General Discussion / Re: Site keeps crashing...
« on: 2006-06-11 06:50:52 »
I've had the same problem, occasionally nothing can connect to * I'll try pinging or whatever next time it happens to see if it's just http.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Whatever happened to Questria?
« on: 2006-06-10 09:31:30 »
Questria has changed names so many times now it's hard to keep track. It's current incarnation is called Dark Wind Online.

I remember playing back when it was simply Triple Triad Online...

Q-Gears / The Screenshot Topic
« on: 2006-06-10 09:23:22 »
As useless as it may be, I'm sure some people will be interested in how the engine is progressing, without wanting to compile the SVN source themselves. So, assuming it's fine with halkun and the other project developers, I'll update the screenshots here as the project progresses.

If you don't think screenshots are appropriate then feel free to delete this topic.

Taken from SVN on June 10th, 2006 at 7.10pm (GMT+10):

Looks like it's coming along nicely guys, keep up the good work.  :-)

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-06-08 17:57:17 »
Aw man, I just spent the last six hours working on this. Oh well.

*continues to work on it*

Q-Gears / Re: Help with the Q-gears website.
« on: 2006-06-07 16:05:49 »
Ooh, nothing like an old-fashioned web coding contest to bring me out of the woodwork at the last minute.

Let's see how much I can do before I pass out. :)


Here's what I've done so far, it'll be updated over the next 8 hours or so while I work on it.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / New Scene.bin Editor
« on: 2005-11-16 02:14:55 »
OK guys, I started writing Scenester2 mostly from the ground up the other night... it's not far along, it mostly doesn't work at all but it's going to support scene extraction and compression as soon as I can figure out how to GZIP in VC++ (using zlib, but I can't figure it out :P I'm not such a great programmer).

The interface is much prettier, too. I'm also going to make global monster changes, i.e. when you change one monster, it changes in all the files, I just need to generate a table of monsters to files.

Don't bump old topics, mmk? This topic is 3 months old... let sleeping dogs lie unless you have something REALLY constructive to add to the conversation...

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / New Scene.bin Editor
« on: 2005-08-10 01:06:26 »
Quote from: Yazoo
I noticed that when I change the attack names, I cant use spaces.
For example, I wanted to change an attack name to 'no escape' its gona come out as 'no p'.. Also tried 'double crimson' and it came out 'double er'

Didn't notice that one... I'll look into it when I get home later today.

BTW, good job!!! :D

Thanks :)

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / New Scene.bin Editor
« on: 2005-08-08 23:28:33 »
Alright, mini-tutorial time.

Download Scene Explorer and run it.

Click "Unpack an archive" and select your scene.bin file, then a (preferably) empty directory.

Download Scenester and run it.

Click the "..." button at the top and choose the directory you extracted scene.bin to.

Click one of the "Scene x" files on the left and edit away!

When done, return to Scene Explorer and choose "Create new archive", then the directory you extracted scene.bin to, then where you would like to make your scene.bin (back up your old one!).

P.S. I just noticed I missed out the box for editing enemies levels. Will add that in later this afternoon.

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