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That was specifically a feature of New Threat. You wont get it anywhere else

General Discussion / Re: Project edge and discord
« on: 2023-05-02 14:45:17 »
I understand your points, I'm just not sure what the end goal is.
What is the conclusion you would like to reach with this conversation?
The forum still exists and always will, modders still post here when they release something, and the reason the forum is quiet is because all the members themselves all moved to Discord.

What is the ideal end of this conversation that you would like and how can we get there?
Because we can't bring everyone back, they all chose this route themselves.
And all the mods and the forum are still here and updated whenever a release happens.
So what is it that you would like to happen when this conversation ends?
Otherwise the conversation has no purpose other than to express dissatisfaction about something that nobody can help with.
I just wanna know what your goal is and how you plan to get there.

General Discussion / Re: Project edge and discord
« on: 2023-05-01 14:36:50 »
In the end, it isn't us keeping the 3000+ qhimm forum members from not posting anymore.
They're all in Discord, and by their own choice. We didn't force them there.
If you want the forums back alive and booming, it's them you have to convince, not us.
We aren't withholding posts, people themselves have chose not to post here and to use Discord instead.
That's just the way it is. We have no control over it.

If myself and Bonez decided fuck it, screw Discord, forums are king! And posted here every day with you.
Nothing would change. The numbers don't lie. People just prefer Discord. I'm sorry

General Discussion / Re: Project edge and discord
« on: 2023-04-15 17:20:35 »
The problem we have here is that the same point is being used as an offence and a defense at the same time which makes no sense.

You say you don't want to be forced to do something you don't want to do. This is your offense.
The solution you offer is to force Jusete to do something he isn't doing. This is your defense.

Do you see the issue here?
You cannot have both of these things.
You are attempting to force Jusete to do something for you and complain when he doesn't.
Yet when you are asked to do something you don't want to do (Get Discord or just wait) you also complain.
They are the exact same thing. You cannot have it both ways.

When you strip away all the extra discussion from the point of this thread, and the one we already had a while ago about the same thing. What you are looking to do is to force another human being to do something that you want them to do to make life slightly easier.

Jusete already told you himself why it takes him longer to post here. You can't just say no and force him to change.
That isn't how this works. He is the creator of the thing you want. Therefor, he's already doing something for you.
So match the score and do something for him by. By accepting his answer of why it takes longer and patient or get Discord and have it now. You get what you want both ways. You cannot lose in the situation. You get the mod regardless of which option you pick.

The possible outcomes are:
1: You are forced to change
2: Justete is forced to change
3: Nobody changes

As someone defending how much you refuse to change, meaning you understand the feeling of not wanting to be forced.
Which of these options is the best? By your own logic of refusal to change then numbers 1 and 2 are identical.
If you refuse to change and argue against it, then forcing Jusete to change is the exact same thing.
But the difference here is this, look at the results of all 3 of the options in front of you.

1: You are forced to change
 - You get the mod early at the downside of changing.

2: Force Justete to change
 - You get the mod early but you forced someone else to change.

3: Nobody changes
 - You still get the mod but nobody is forced to change.

There's a very clear indication that you are the winner here. In all 3 options, you get the mod.
So why push even further and keep trying to force Jusete to do what you want him to do?

You are not in a position to argue his actions or force him to change to best suit yourself.
You are a person, he is a person, you both do whatever you like, nobody can force you or him into something.
You are not higher than him, you are not more important than him, you cannot force your will on him, you are equals.
Respect him, be nice and enjoy his work without the attacking, please and thank you.

FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2023-02-26 22:14:25 »
Sounds like a mod conflict, can you show me what other mods you are using?

You should have an update inside 7th Heaven for Echo-S now that fixes it.
If you don't, please go to your catalog tab and hit the refresh icon. Then restart 7th heaven and it should appear

This has been fixed and an update should appear in your 7th Heaven in the next few hours!
Thank you for reporting!

FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2023-01-02 19:26:13 »
Well would ya look at this!

Echo-S has a release date!

WIP / [FF9] Echo-S 9 Voice Mod
« on: 2022-10-24 16:24:57 »

Final Fantasy 9 Voice Mod: Echo-S
Tsunamods x Still Thinking Game Dubs

  • What is Echo-S 9?
Echo-S is a WIP voice mod for Final Fantasy 9!
Now that Echo-S 7, our voice mod for Final Fantasy 7 is coming to and end, we are happy to announce that we have begun working on Echo-S 9!
This project is expected to take a year or two but could be even faster due to the simplicity of the creation process compared to 7.
We will be voicing EVERYTHING! Every single line in the game, including NPC's! Which you could be if you wanted too!

  • Will it be compatible with other FF9 mods?
This mod will work in junction with the Memoria Mod Manager, making it compatible with the Moguri Mod and hopefully any other FF9 mods available.
At this point in time I am unsure if Alternate Fantasy will work, but as long as no dialog has been altered then I don't see why not! Except for deleted scenes.
If you use any mods that do affect the original games dialog or story in any way then those sections will not be voiced, but should still be playable.

  • How could I be an NPC in this project?
If you would like your voice to be a part of this project, you absolutely can!
As long as your microphone sounds good, that's all you need! I will be free to call you and personally train you in acting to get you to a point where we are both happy with your performance.

To do this, you are best to join our Discord and click the "Final Fantasy 9" button to gain access to that section.
You can also click the respective buttons to assign your voice type so we can ping you when the need arises.
You can also drop a sample of your voice in the Echo-S 9 chat to get a gauge on if your mic is good enough.
We can then grab you when/if you need you.

  • What is the best way to keep updated with Echo-S 9?
The best way is via our Discord in the Final Fantasy 9 section.
I will post updates there as they happen, rather than here. I will only post bigger updates here as to not fill this thread with tiny bits of info.
But if you would like all the little details then you'll find them there.

Or, if you want even more, you could support and watch me actually create this mod live on my Twitch Channel so you know exactly where we are and how far through we are at any given time!
You will be as up to date as I am because you'll watch me make everything from scratch as I do it.

  • How can I support this project?
All of the voice actors and myself included, are all unpaid. We all create these mods from just passion, and having fun. So everything helps!
The best way to support the project is to follow my Twitch Channel as I create the mod live for you.
Streaming mod creation has actually become my full-time job thanks to the Echo-S 7 fans who have watched me build that mod from nothing to completion.
By keeping it my job it means you get our projects possibly years faster as I can work on them for many hours a day without interruptions or worry of being tired from work.
And it's free too! Just be there, literally. And you might even enjoy it, who knows.

Outside of that, there is also a Patreon for the team too where you can get good rewards. Which I'll explain in the next part.
This may be of more interest to you, although not free, it is easier on you.

  • Can I apply to Beta test it?
Beta testing is open to the public, but under certain conditions. One free, and one not.
We like to keep it small as to not appear as though the mod is done. If the wrong people are seen playing it when it has bugs then word of mouth gets out about it being a buggy mess and the projects fails.
To clarify, if you stream it or make videos of it, please make sure to mention you are a Beta Tester so they know that this is not the final version. So they aren't mistaken.

1. Patreon; which is a paid thing, but you also get access to every mod I create. And it is updated every time I do anything. You get access to my personal backup drive so you are as up-to-date as humanly possible. Including FF7 and FF8 voice mods.

2. If you are present in my Twitch Chat whenever I hit a point where a Beta is needed to help me, I will drop a link in the chat to those people. This option is free but requires your time. The first Beta demo should hopefully be available in the near future.

  • Will you release playable demo's like you did with Echo-S 7?
Yes! In fact, our first demo is already being worked on and will go up to the world map. Which believe it or not, when voiced is a good amount of time. Especially when you speak to all the NPC's!
When a demo is completed and ready to go, it will be released on our Website and in the Discord
You can thank the Beta Testers who got it first and made sure it's all bug free for you!


But now for the biggest question!

You can't actively support a voice mod if you don't know how it sounds right? So, how do the cast sound?
Well I can answer that for you! All voices at this point in time are subject to change, so please expect that to be a possibility.

Final Fantasy 9 was much harder to cast than 7 was because at the time , we had the Advent Children movie to attempt to copy (The Remake didn't exist when we first cast them).
This time we didn't have things to copy, outside of Dissidia, and some are Japanese only. So if you dislike a characters voice then we apologize. It was always going to be impossible to please everyone.
But we all hope that, at the very least, you like a handful of them. The goal is never to please everyone, but to piss off as few people as we can. So here's to hoping we do you proud!

  • What do the cast sound like?
The cast can be heard right now below on our Announcement Trailer!
If you would like to let us know your opinions on the cast, then please do! We love to hear them, even the negative ones, as long as you do it respectfully.

If you love someone, tell them! Because they watch the comments and these threads, and a nice comment goes a long way!
You simply saying "I love garnets voice" could put a smile on her face that lasts all day. And that is what makes them happy to create these projects for you, for free!
So if you have a positive response then please do share it!

If you have an issue with a character however, please try and respond with constructive feedback.
just post "I hate this voice, they suck! Recast them now!"
You will not be listened to if you approach it this way. Respect us, and we will respect you.
As I mentioned, the actors watch the comments and these threads to see how they're doing in the public eye.
They all work for free, to deliver you all a full, free experience. They don't have to do that. So please be respectful.

A better way to approach this and maybe have your opinion listened to, is to be nicer about it. For example:
"I don't think X's voice quite fits what I had in my head. I always imagined them to be more like X"
If you reply like this, you come across as respectful and have a much higher chance of being listened to.

But with all that our of the way, here ya go!

Hey Mesden! Long time no see dude. Hope you've been well.
We are also working on a voice mod for FF9 aptly named Echo-S 9 after our Echo-S 7 voice mod, and it's gonna be cool to watch each other progress through this.

Also love that you're gonna stream the creation! I actually made doing exactly that into my career and will be doing for the same for 9 shortly. So best of luck with it, I'm excited to see how everything goes.

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2022-10-17 22:20:13 »
Not dead, just a hobby when he gets time is all. Working on mods can be tough to do when it comes to juggling IRL and keeping that motivation to continue. Sometimes you just wanna sit and chill.
if I could pay him to quit his job and do this full-time I totally would. Just keep supporting and he'll get there eventually

General Discussion / Re: Enemy battle models
« on: 2022-06-26 09:11:32 »
I'm juggling that project and my voice acting one at the same time so it's a little slow. But I'm using the remake models for it all. Might not be everyones proffered style.
Progress of it can be found in my communities Discord server if you wanna see it.

General Discussion / Re: Enemy battle models
« on: 2022-06-26 08:10:12 »
I do have a mod in the works, but it cannot be advertised here due to copyright rules. But when I finish it there will be one in existence

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC] FULL 60FPS is finally here!
« on: 2022-02-03 14:07:39 »
Try this guys it might help more:

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC] FULL 60FPS is finally here!
« on: 2022-02-02 03:06:16 »
60FPS is compatible with anything that does not contain custom models or custom animations.
So it will work NT and Hardcore but a few new enemies might act weird, but not a game breaker.

Echo-S and hardcore will not work together, sorry

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC] FULL 60FPS is finally here!
« on: 2022-01-27 18:38:22 »
I was wondering that too. But my Tsunamods Discord has been popping off with it so I guess it's just transferred

Releases / [FF7 PC] FULL 60FPS is finally here!
« on: 2022-01-19 23:51:47 »
So, we've waited a long... long time for a particular mod to exist.
We get asked almost daily in fact. Well, today is the day!

I'm happy to announce that the BETA of the 60 FPS Mod is ready to be tested!

You can see it in action as well as install instructions and download links in this video:

This mod is a full overhaul of the game that pushes field, battle and worldmap mode to 60 FPS.
Thanks to Quantumpencil for reverse engineering the FF7 code, Vertex was able to interpolate most of the battle animation effects (excluding texture paging and particle effects)

This is a BETA release with the goal to find out bugs and glitches (in case you encounter a softlock, just skip it by disabling the mod and the reactivating it)
In order to use this mod, it is necessary to have:

 - FFNx version or higher. If you use 7th Heaven you NEED the 1998 version of FFnx, not the Steam one!
( just drag&drop all the files of the zip in FF7 installation folder (This will reset your 7th heaven "Game Driver" settings)

 - the IRO mod containing interpolated animation files (Kudos to @Obesebear   and @Kaldarasha ). You can download it either in the 7th heaven catalog or directly here ( Just make sure to re-order the mod list with the 1/9 button on the right side bar.

Before reporting any bugs, please check if the issue is already present in this post and make sure the bug is only replicable in 60 FPS

In case someone has issues and can't get it working, you can revert it back by reinstalling the stable version 2.3.3 of 7th heaven, if you have used the installer previously you can use the repair/modify option in your add/remove programs.

Finally, thanks to TrueOdin and the dev community for all the help in modding, tools, and so on.

This mod should work nicely with most model mods including ChaoS, Ninostyle and maybe Barret mod. It'll even work for the most part with New Threat (Custom models may move faster)
However, for the time being this will not work with the Ceta Project until I go through and manually redo all of my animations (Wont take long hopefully)

So with that, go ahead and Stream it! Make videos! Whatever it is you do.
But most of all, enjoy it. Thank you for your patience with this incredible mod!

FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2021-12-22 02:00:22 »
Ahh, maybe? I'm not too in the loop with Echo-S 8 just yet. I have different team members focusing it while I do 7 for now

FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2021-12-21 05:24:24 »
Echo-S 8 has been announced yes!

Troubleshooting / Re: No SFX
« on: 2021-12-15 20:16:30 »
Inside your settings/game driver. Go to the advanced tab and change the SFX dropdown to "Originalaudio.dat".
That should do it for ya

Inside your settings/game driver. Go to the advanced tab and change the SFX dropdown to Originalaudio.dat.
That should do it for ya

It's pretty slow. But I'm doing my best!

FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2021-11-19 19:50:40 »
Eventually, maybe. Can't say for certain though.
In order for me to do that I would literally have to redo Echo-S a 2nd time but on top of New Threat.
So we'll see in the future.

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Mod Des-Enlace 0.5
« on: 2021-11-14 02:08:49 »
It was moved this morning, you're good

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