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WIP / [FF9] Echo-S 9 Voice Mod
« on: 2022-10-24 16:24:57 »

Final Fantasy 9 Voice Mod: Echo-S
Tsunamods x Still Thinking Game Dubs

  • What is Echo-S 9?
Echo-S is a WIP voice mod for Final Fantasy 9!
Now that Echo-S 7, our voice mod for Final Fantasy 7 is coming to and end, we are happy to announce that we have begun working on Echo-S 9!
This project is expected to take a year or two but could be even faster due to the simplicity of the creation process compared to 7.
We will be voicing EVERYTHING! Every single line in the game, including NPC's! Which you could be if you wanted too!

  • Will it be compatible with other FF9 mods?
This mod will work in junction with the Memoria Mod Manager, making it compatible with the Moguri Mod and hopefully any other FF9 mods available.
At this point in time I am unsure if Alternate Fantasy will work, but as long as no dialog has been altered then I don't see why not! Except for deleted scenes.
If you use any mods that do affect the original games dialog or story in any way then those sections will not be voiced, but should still be playable.

  • How could I be an NPC in this project?
If you would like your voice to be a part of this project, you absolutely can!
As long as your microphone sounds good, that's all you need! I will be free to call you and personally train you in acting to get you to a point where we are both happy with your performance.

To do this, you are best to join our Discord and click the "Final Fantasy 9" button to gain access to that section.
You can also click the respective buttons to assign your voice type so we can ping you when the need arises.
You can also drop a sample of your voice in the Echo-S 9 chat to get a gauge on if your mic is good enough.
We can then grab you when/if you need you.

  • What is the best way to keep updated with Echo-S 9?
The best way is via our Discord in the Final Fantasy 9 section.
I will post updates there as they happen, rather than here. I will only post bigger updates here as to not fill this thread with tiny bits of info.
But if you would like all the little details then you'll find them there.

Or, if you want even more, you could support and watch me actually create this mod live on my Twitch Channel so you know exactly where we are and how far through we are at any given time!
You will be as up to date as I am because you'll watch me make everything from scratch as I do it.

  • How can I support this project?
All of the voice actors and myself included, are all unpaid. We all create these mods from just passion, and having fun. So everything helps!
The best way to support the project is to follow my Twitch Channel as I create the mod live for you.
Streaming mod creation has actually become my full-time job thanks to the Echo-S 7 fans who have watched me build that mod from nothing to completion.
By keeping it my job it means you get our projects possibly years faster as I can work on them for many hours a day without interruptions or worry of being tired from work.
And it's free too! Just be there, literally. And you might even enjoy it, who knows.

Outside of that, there is also a Patreon for the team too where you can get good rewards. Which I'll explain in the next part.
This may be of more interest to you, although not free, it is easier on you.

  • Can I apply to Beta test it?
Beta testing is open to the public, but under certain conditions. One free, and one not.
We like to keep it small as to not appear as though the mod is done. If the wrong people are seen playing it when it has bugs then word of mouth gets out about it being a buggy mess and the projects fails.
To clarify, if you stream it or make videos of it, please make sure to mention you are a Beta Tester so they know that this is not the final version. So they aren't mistaken.

1. Patreon; which is a paid thing, but you also get access to every mod I create. And it is updated every time I do anything. You get access to my personal backup drive so you are as up-to-date as humanly possible. Including FF7 and FF8 voice mods.

2. If you are present in my Twitch Chat whenever I hit a point where a Beta is needed to help me, I will drop a link in the chat to those people. This option is free but requires your time. The first Beta demo should hopefully be available in the near future.

  • Will you release playable demo's like you did with Echo-S 7?
Yes! In fact, our first demo is already being worked on and will go up to the world map. Which believe it or not, when voiced is a good amount of time. Especially when you speak to all the NPC's!
When a demo is completed and ready to go, it will be released on our Website and in the Discord
You can thank the Beta Testers who got it first and made sure it's all bug free for you!


But now for the biggest question!

You can't actively support a voice mod if you don't know how it sounds right? So, how do the cast sound?
Well I can answer that for you! All voices at this point in time are subject to change, so please expect that to be a possibility.

Final Fantasy 9 was much harder to cast than 7 was because at the time , we had the Advent Children movie to attempt to copy (The Remake didn't exist when we first cast them).
This time we didn't have things to copy, outside of Dissidia, and some are Japanese only. So if you dislike a characters voice then we apologize. It was always going to be impossible to please everyone.
But we all hope that, at the very least, you like a handful of them. The goal is never to please everyone, but to piss off as few people as we can. So here's to hoping we do you proud!

  • What do the cast sound like?
The cast can be heard right now below on our Announcement Trailer!
If you would like to let us know your opinions on the cast, then please do! We love to hear them, even the negative ones, as long as you do it respectfully.

If you love someone, tell them! Because they watch the comments and these threads, and a nice comment goes a long way!
You simply saying "I love garnets voice" could put a smile on her face that lasts all day. And that is what makes them happy to create these projects for you, for free!
So if you have a positive response then please do share it!

If you have an issue with a character however, please try and respond with constructive feedback.
just post "I hate this voice, they suck! Recast them now!"
You will not be listened to if you approach it this way. Respect us, and we will respect you.
As I mentioned, the actors watch the comments and these threads to see how they're doing in the public eye.
They all work for free, to deliver you all a full, free experience. They don't have to do that. So please be respectful.

A better way to approach this and maybe have your opinion listened to, is to be nicer about it. For example:
"I don't think X's voice quite fits what I had in my head. I always imagined them to be more like X"
If you reply like this, you come across as respectful and have a much higher chance of being listened to.

But with all that our of the way, here ya go!

Releases / [FF7 PC] FULL 60FPS is finally here!
« on: 2022-01-19 23:51:47 »
So, we've waited a long... long time for a particular mod to exist.
We get asked almost daily in fact. Well, today is the day!

I'm happy to announce that the BETA of the 60 FPS Mod is ready to be tested!

You can see it in action as well as install instructions and download links in this video:

This mod is a full overhaul of the game that pushes field, battle and worldmap mode to 60 FPS.
Thanks to Quantumpencil for reverse engineering the FF7 code, Vertex was able to interpolate most of the battle animation effects (excluding texture paging and particle effects)

This is a BETA release with the goal to find out bugs and glitches (in case you encounter a softlock, just skip it by disabling the mod and the reactivating it)
In order to use this mod, it is necessary to have:

 - FFNx version or higher. If you use 7th Heaven you NEED the 1998 version of FFnx, not the Steam one!
( just drag&drop all the files of the zip in FF7 installation folder (This will reset your 7th heaven "Game Driver" settings)

 - the IRO mod containing interpolated animation files (Kudos to @Obesebear   and @Kaldarasha ). You can download it either in the 7th heaven catalog or directly here ( Just make sure to re-order the mod list with the 1/9 button on the right side bar.

Before reporting any bugs, please check if the issue is already present in this post and make sure the bug is only replicable in 60 FPS

In case someone has issues and can't get it working, you can revert it back by reinstalling the stable version 2.3.3 of 7th heaven, if you have used the installer previously you can use the repair/modify option in your add/remove programs.

Finally, thanks to TrueOdin and the dev community for all the help in modding, tools, and so on.

This mod should work nicely with most model mods including ChaoS, Ninostyle and maybe Barret mod. It'll even work for the most part with New Threat (Custom models may move faster)
However, for the time being this will not work with the Ceta Project until I go through and manually redo all of my animations (Wont take long hopefully)

So with that, go ahead and Stream it! Make videos! Whatever it is you do.
But most of all, enjoy it. Thank you for your patience with this incredible mod!

WIP / MOVED: [FF7 PC]Mod Des-Enlace 0.5
« on: 2021-11-13 22:22:31 »

FF7Voice / [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2021-10-26 19:32:00 »

Tsunamods Echo-S7 Full Voice Over Mod

After years of planning, restarting, re-casting, recoding, new translations, and whatever else could possibly get in our way.
Finally, we made the team we truly needed to accomplish this mammoth of a task.

Around a year ago we did our final restart for project Echo-S.
We got a real director, very professional actors, and a team of people to help make it it a reality.

Echo-S contains the following features:
  • FULL VOICE ACTING, Npc's included
  • Automatic Text
  • Day/Night System
  • Calendar System
  • Random Weather System
  • Day/Night Movies
  • New Soundtrack
  • The Reunion Translation by DLPB

Echo-S brings an entirely new feeling to FF7. What used to take 3 hours to complete now takes about 5 because you're busy enjoying every voice line,
Talking to every NPC, and just having fun., It's like playing a new game. But also not at all. It's amazing.

As of today, our first playable demo is officially released!
This demo will take you all the way through the entirety of Midgar, minimum!
There's a few secrets to find that'll treat you to a little extra content, so keep an eye out!

You can find the download on our official Tsunamods website located right here:
On this page you will also find a new version of 7th heaven that comes with a full auto installer, self contained version of FFNx and it' super easy to use.
Highly recommended!

On that page you will also find a "Short" tutorial on how to use Echo-S
(I say "short" because it's 17 mins but most of that is "if this happens, do this, if that happens, do that")

I really hope you all enjoy this experience!
And here's to more demo's coming in the future and the day we finally complete it!


The Tsunamods Community is extremely excited to announce that we are starting work on a brand new Mod Manager!
It is still in the development phase and could take some time to be completed.
However we have a good idea of how it'll work and what it will bring to you.
Which I will explain below.

So lets start with driver running the whole thing.

Introducing the new FFNx Driver!

The new manager will be ran using the new FFNx Driver created by TrueOdin
This driver allows the game to run using 4 different render engines.
Of which you can choose from.
  • Vulkan
  • OpenGL
  • DirectX11
  • DirectX12

FFNx also allows the use of the DDS texture format.
Which is the standard texture type for many triple-A titles!
PNG is also kept as a stable backup.
Using DDS mods will reduce the stress on your GPU freeing it up to work on the other mods that may need it.
Which in turn will reduce the chances of receiving a Texture Memory crash!

FFNx also centers your game along the Vertical axis so you won't have that annoying thick black bar at the bottom anymore.
The game will sit in the center of the screen!

As well as this FFNx comes with the following features:
  • Full screen battles.
  • Natural Menu Cursor alignments.
  • Multiple new Video Codecs such as WEBM and H.265.
  • Multiple new Audio Codecs.
  • Compatible with Final Fantasy 8.
  • Mod debugging using RenderDoc.

Built in backend option for the new Sister-Ray!

Sister-Ray extends the Final Fantasy 7 engine itself allowing us to take full control over the game.
Created by QuantumPencil this system allows many mods that were once impossible a piece of cake!

For example:
  • New commands
  • New attacks
  • New animations
  • Playable summons
  • In battle PHS

You name it. It can probably be done.
The original boundaries that FF7 once gave us have been broken opening us up to a whole new world of mod creation.

Wanna see it in action? All we ask is that you remember that these all still WIP and at this point is simply a proof of concept:

Playable Ifrit:

Punisher Stance + Counter Attack:

Battle PHS:

The Mod Manager (Has no name yet)

Now on to the mod manager itself. First of all,
The manager is still in the development stage, so everything I list here has a small chance of not appearing in the final product.

We are confident that these things can and will happen after much discussion but just keep in mind that we aren't promising these things.
Our aim with this is to make it as multi-use as we can. Whilst keeping it as easy and simple to use as possible.
So, what will it be able to do?

Modding FF7, 8 AND 9!

First we're aiming to allow it to mod Final Fantasy 7, 8 AND 9! All in 1 program!
Using the FFNx driver to support both FF7 and 8 simultaneously.
You'll be able to swap the game you wish to play at any time.
It'll even keep separate saves of your personal mod setup for each game.

No more Catalog!

You know that list you click on to download the mods from in 7th Heaven?
Won't be needing that anymore.
You'll still have a nice list to choose from, however let me tell you why ours will be different.
The way the Catalog works is that specific people have access to its files, and for you to get a new mod to show up, you have to wait on them to add it.
This could be annoying for both types of people. Check it out:

The owners of the Catalog:

They have to keep in touch with every mod creator and manually set up their mods so you guys can use them.
I imagine this can be pretty annoying. Especially if the mods get updated constantly. They have to deal with that too.

The users:
While you may not always know if a new mod is out there. There pretty much always is.
And for you to be able to use it you have to either wait on them to add it to the Catalog.
Or, you have to learn how to add it yourself.

So we're gonna remove this entirely by adding a fully community driven mod Library!
A place where someone like me, a mod creator, can just go, upload my mod, and boom.
You all have instant access to it!
And for the users, you'll be able to play mods the second the creator thinks it's ready to upload!
No longer will we have to rely on other people and place stress on them to keep us up to date.
This community page will be accessible from your web browser, or the mod manager itself.
It's just the same as using the Catalog, with less hassle.
And everyone can use it too!

Have you got a mod you wanna put out?
You can! Just click upload, and.... done! Everyone will have access to it.
You can even use the new Whitelist feature. Which allows for easy Beta testing.
I'll explain.

The Whitelist Feature

Inside the new Mod manager you'll be able to "Sign-Up" and make a profile.
Connecting you to the database.
You'll then have your very own ID number. What this'll do is if a mod goes into Beta,
the creator will simply just add your ID to their whitelist and boom!
The mod they made will suddenly appear on your list. Your officially a Beta tester!
You can even talk to each other and leave comments about the mod via the manager.

Need another reason this is cool, how about this. Mod creators, you listening?
Mod creators need to earn money too right?
For some of them, it helps pay their bills. Which is simply awesome!
Well if everyone had access to everything all of the time then... how would they make money anymore?

The Whitelist!
If people wanted, they could only allow Patrons for example to see their mods.
Or donators via Paypal. Whatever it may be. This system has you covered.
All you need is their ID number and you're set.
Best of all, they can't share them either.
Only you, as the mod author, can add ID's to the whitelist.
We could even have the mods show up but listed as "Whitelist only" to help entice people to want it more.
Entirely up to you mod creators. It's your choice.

Mod storage + download speed

So by now you might be wondering where mods will be located?
If everyone can just click upload then where do they go?
Well we have 2 options for you. When you click the upload button you'll be presented with them.

"Upload to public shared server"
Paid for by us. This will also come with options for you guys as mod users or creators to assist us with. They will host them as best we can. The server we have for this is charged based on download usage and not overall content. So if the server really starts to kick off then it could become difficult.
However we have option 2 below.

"Upload via external link"
This will allow you to upload your mod anywhere you like.
Just give it your download link and it'll add it to the list giving everyone access to it.
You'll be able to update it, remove it, whatever you like super easy.

By having these 2 options you'll run into bandwidth limits far, far less.
Because the mods are spread out.
Not only that but the speed of downloads should increase too!

Knowing what mods to download
So another thing we've considered is that, if everyone can upload mods whenever they like.
Then how do we know if:
A. They're safe?   B. They work?

The manager will be capable of scanning every file that comes through it for you.
And as a double layer of security, the public shared server also has one too.
Combined with your own systems Anti-Virus they wouldn't have a chance.

We have a special system coming for that.
As much as we want access to mods to be super easy for everyone,
it of course comes with the downside of mods that don't work, or are simply just buggy.
Well when you use a mod for enough time, which will be given by the author.
You'll be prompted with a message.
This message will ask you if the mod has been working as intended.
So as a community you'll be able to help them out by giving your answer.
If a mod gets enough "Yes" votes then the mod will become "Verified" and gain a little icon informing
you guys that the mod is working.
We, the Tsunamods team are also capable of just assigning a mod as Verified too to help this process.

So what about trolls? Valid question.

For the most part we hope that you guys, the players, will respect the mod authors that provide you the entertainment you use and give faithful votes.
If you select "No" then you'll be asked why. Which must contain an answer.
These answers will be logged into our system and sent to both the mod author, and us.
Allowing us all to check if in fact they are correct.
The mod Author may also provide us at Tsunamods, evidence of the vote being incorrect and we'll be able to remove it. Thus eliminating the problem!

Native Steam compatibility!

Do you ever wish you could still get Steam achievements?
I know a lot of people do.
Well that'll be possible too! The manager will not require a Game Converter, Fake ISO's, nothing.
Not even built into it. It just isn't needed at all.
Meaning you can still get up that playtime and earn those achievements.
This'll work for all versions too! As long as they are PC versions.

Full Controller support!

How many of you wish your controller would just work?
And if it's not that then, what about your D-pad?
I can safely assume that if I asked you to reply to this post with an image of a controller if this applied to you. There would be a few of them....
Well this is in there too! Plug and play, easy as that. No more external programs.
No more messing around, just easy street, straight forward. Play the game.

Will 7th Heaven mods work?

Simply put, yes! They will!
You'll be able to use this manager and still have all of the great mods provided by 7th heaven.
I cannot however promise this the other way around.
At this point in time the only thing I can even guess, is that you would be able to unpack mods from this manager and perhaps recreate them inside 7th Heaven.
It is still very early days yet so do not take this as my final word on the subject.

Fully customizable UI

Everyone likes to be able to change up the way their program looks.
And we're no different, so you'll be able to do that too.
I can't go into too much detail about this yet as the design isn't final right now.
But you get the idea.

For now, that's all I'm gonna share.
It's still early days and I don't wanna give away everything just yet.

Again I ask you to please remember that these features may not appear in the final product.
This only applies to the Mod Manager section. Sister-Ray and FFNx you can safely expect that everything listed above will be there.
And in fact already works.

We are confident that these features will come through but on the off-chance they don't,
we don't wanna promise anything yet.

If you'd like to keep the closest possible eye on the development of this please consider joining our
Tsunamods Discord Server

Over there we create and share mods, help each other with bugs, share tutorials or just have a laugh.
If you do decide to come by though please be sure to check out the rules chat.
The server is far bigger than it first appears, you just can't see it until you interact with the last message posted there.

I'll keep you updated here as bigger stages of progress is made.
Thanks everyone and hope you all have a great lockdown!

Releases / [FF7 PC] Scavenger
« on: 2020-01-14 21:39:46 »
Hello everyone! This post is for the FFVII Scavenger Mod, a mod that introduces a very unique challenge to the game by splitting the game into many different sections. In each section, your inventory will be wiped (everything but exp and limits) and you'll need to use your knowledge of the game to scavenge everything needed to continue. You will also be given steal, morph, sense, and enemy skill materia in each section.

You can download the mod here:

You can watch a playthrough of the mod here:


Phoenix Tail Avatars replaces the in game portraits of your characters in the menus with a Remake style version. Some of which are from the remake directly and others being what I consider to be the closest to it I could find while making this pack.

This pack comes with 3 sets:
An alpha version for a more modern menu style,
A boxed set for anyone who prefers that particular style,
And a more Remake style UI design too.

Along with this the mod comes with 2 more options for aspect ratio.
When you play the game in Widescreen mode (16:9) the game stretches. As do the images.
So we have made a separate option for this that will adjust the size of your avatars based on the aspect ratio you play in to make them look far better.

Here is how the 3 sets look:

Type A

Type B

Type C

You can download this pack right HERE

Also now compatible with the FFNx Driver by TrueOdin to use the DDS format.
Not Required.

If you are unsure on what the FFNx driver is, you can get info on it here:
(Install instructions are also here)

And you can download it from here:


Archive / [FF7PC] Charity event - Final FantaTree VII
« on: 2019-10-28 19:44:50 »

The Tsunamods team will be running a charity event over the next few weeks in the hopes to bring the entire FF community together. Supporting a cause that the entire internet is currently fighting for. #TeamTrees

Did you hear of the recent fire in the Amazon Rainforest? Do you know how many trees died? They don't know either, but it's a LOT.
In case you didn't know, Trees make Oxygen, and everything above ground on this planet needs that stuff to breathe. So they're pretty important...

This movements goal is to plant 20 MILLION trees by 01/01/2020. This non-profit organization started on the 25/10/2019 and so far have raised over 5 MILLION already! $1 = 1 Tree, it's as simple as that.

What's the difference between this and any normal charity event? Well this one is a global effort! Everyone on the internet right now is helping this cause. Seriously, you search #TeamTrees on any of your social medias and just look at what you find. You'll find that many people on Social Media are doing something related to trees to try and support this project and spread awareness of the situation. So the Tsunamods team are going be starting a new mod Final FantaTree VII.

A mod where every 3D model in the game will be replaced with Trees! Not just static Trees with no animations, that would be boring. But fully animated, weapon holding, spiky yellow haired trees. This is all in good fun to do our best to support the cause, I will be livestreaming the creation of this mod every step of the way. If you are interested in supporting this cause please head to the Tsunamods Twitch channel at the link below and give your support:

I will be streaming at 8pm GMT (30 mins from now) and will continue to stream this project over the next few weeks.

If there are any modders here that have knowledge on model replacement for Final Fantasy VII and would like to help us with this please get in touch with me. The faster we can get this mod completed, the faster other Streamers and Youtubers can play it on their channels and help support the cause themselves.

Once there, you can ask for any information you may need about anything you have read here and just have fun while your there. If you do Visit be sure to type in either !TeamTrees or #TeamTrees in the chat to bring up the info and how you can help. I will be the person on stream and I would love to see everyone who is following this cause too. If you cannot make it to the streams, you can also support the cause by Retweeting or Sharing when we go live at these links:

Or if you'd even like to go further in helping, join our Discord channel here for this event specifically and find out how you can help without spending any money, or even time. There are various options you can do to assist us each catering to how much time you can offer:

Another way to help with this is you can donate as little as $1 to our community link and together as a community we can make a difference:
You can also find their official page here:

Thanks for your time everyone, hope to see you there.

Anyone understand how:

1. The eyes work when doing this to keep the blinking.
2. Why all my faces blend together and smooth out?

It is essentially what i want this to be just without this smoothing.
I've tried everything i can think off.
As for they eyes, i do have 2 different objects separated out for them as exact duplicates of the actual head model as solid black but i get either solid black or nothing so i'm stumped on that too

Couldn't really find another place to put this thread. Figured this was the closest to being relevant.

So i took apart the magic IRO and learnt that anything magic wise goes into certain subfolders.
Where do limit break animations go?

I tried just making a magic.lgp folder and i when i used it i got the message
"Broken LGP (Magic) DO NOT use LGP tools"

And all magic then breaks because of this.
Anyone know the answer to this?

And my random question is:
Does anyone know what Var the game uses for specific character kills and character Limit Break uses?

Thanks all

Releases / [FF7 PC] [Tsunamods] Arranged Soundtrack
« on: 2018-03-23 01:27:46 »

Download HERE for use with 7th Heaven.

Download HERE for use with The Reunion.

All these songs have been made to be a faithful representation of the original soundtrack whilst trying to bring up the quality to a more modern standard.

If you would like to hear these tracks before downloading, please check the playlist below.

If you find any issues with looping or the wrong song playing, please let me know so I can fix them ASAP.

As of right now the songs do stop looping at a certain point using the new 7th Heaven 2.0.
A fix is currently in the works and being resolved through the new FFNx driver.


 - Looping OGG's, Editing

 - Composing this new pack

 - The Reunion compatibility

Nobuo Uematsu
 - Original Soundtrack and Composer

When i write a hex notepad for an IRO file. Sure i can just write xxxxxxxx = xxxxxxx and leave it.
BUT how do i tell it to change said address to be a call or an ecx or blah blah 

Or how do i go about saving my changes inside the actual exe so i can release it instead?

Troubleshooting / Editing the window.bin
« on: 2017-12-02 07:21:49 »
Basically as the title suggests. How do i get inside it, how does it work?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Hex Editing
« on: 2017-10-31 00:03:13 »
Is anyone available to help me find a single hex number in FF7 for 1 variable?
I literally need one thing and even though i know what im doing. I cant seem to do it...

Hey guys i need to know if i can disable the switch button whilst the menu is open so people cannot change from equip to materia screens

General Discussion / How to open the Crash Dump file
« on: 2017-10-02 05:22:12 »
Title says it all. i need to be able to read this file.

I tried Windbg and it can't do it, neither can notepad++

I need to be able to find out the code for a specific variable when running 7H in variable dump mode

Troubleshooting / Makou Reactor text limit
« on: 2017-09-23 23:13:19 »
So using Makou Reactor i've come across the fact that 255 is the limit to the amount of texts that can be used in a single scene.

Can this be fixed? I REALLY REALLY need it for my project.
To a point where i would have to undo around 2 months worth of work to get around it...

Wish i had checked this sooner

WIP / Updated Character Models
« on: 2017-08-13 07:12:48 »
So about 75% of the time i do not make models myself. I have friends that do but the process of getting them into FF7 i can do.

Many like Chibi models, many like updated HD ones.
I figure heck i'll share what i can do. Plus opinions are always good.

I can't guarantee i'll be able to make a full pack, but i'll try anyway.

Tifa + AC

I'll update as much as i can, but work is slow

So i've been working on the characters death animations. So far all is good, i can get them to drop to the ground instead of teleportation. Great. But here lies the issue..

Is there a way to stop the death animation replaying when you escape from battle?
To just possibly remove a dead characters escape animation completely?
It really messes with it

WIP / New field scenes, just need some help achieving it
« on: 2017-05-24 16:17:24 »
Okay so i believe i found a way to increase the quality of Field scenes dramatically.
I tested on a vanilla field and results were outstanding.

What i would like to do providing permission is given from the original authors.
IE. Satsuke, Yarlson

Is i wanna try use my improvements on an already upgraded version to see the difference.
Plus if im gonna do this i would like to give everyone the best possible anyway.

So essentially the mods in 7th heaven after being unpacked have the 3-5 layer files inside.
But they are aren't the normal layers Palmer can read.
It's the modpath layers, and i can't figure out how to assemble them back into a full PNG of the field itself.

That's what i need. Thanks in advance!

As well as that i guess, i need to know how i can get my own field after i have messed with back in.
Here's a rough example of the 1st go around of the 1st vanilla scene vs my updated one

All i have right now IS this picture so how do i make this into layers and such
The edges need smoothening and such but that's where i am hoping the existing modpacks will help me out

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Flevel Stuff
« on: 2017-05-11 13:52:18 »
Okay so i've changed this thread to just home any questions i'll have with this stuff instead

Okay so, reasons + side options for this.

In wallmarket i am able to set initial equipment for each character right,
BUT i cannot allow this to happen more than 1 time.
I wan't this to happen more than once because i need a new armor you pick up or weapon to come with materia on it. Only way i can see this happening is if it is in the initial data. This sounds stupid i know but let me worry about why and i'll suprise you guys later on hopefully with something amazing.

Lamens terms:
Can i make a weapon/armor come with materia on it?
How can i simmiluate a new game so it restarts the chars initial equipment setup?

Is there a way that the battle and field scripts communicate?

I have found a way to make it rain on certain fields randomly.
What i'm gonna need is to be able to make random encounters have the rain effect if in the scene has the correct var=1

Or i guess if anyone happens to know about the attempts at random weather effects that have tried it before lemme know how because i wanna play with it

FF7Voice / Looking for Beta-Teaters for VA mod Echo-S
« on: 2017-03-31 18:12:05 »
Hey everyone. So funnily enough the one role I thought we'd never have too little of is lacking considerably.

So we are looking for as many Beta-Testers as we can.

If you wanna see our project check it out here:

Basically the title. Nothing else really.
Thanks in advance

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