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Bahamut , FF7 Editor for 256 Scene files extracted from Scene.bin file, Version: 1.0.

Description: Bahamut is editor, calculator, patcher for 256 scene files (from scene1 to scene256).
Bahamut's window size (1393 x 784). This program is something similar to Hojo, Proud Clod and Enemy Manipulator. And created for MOD developers, for (faster) easier editing.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

OS: 32-bit Windows XP sp3 (did not tested on other OS)

How to use:
1) Extract the scene.bin file from any Final Fantasy 7 ISO with CDMageBeta.
2) Use the SceneReader program to extract 256 scene files from scene.bin file. And put 256 scene files in the folder called "unpacked", which is located in the program folder. Scene files must start from scene1 to scene256.
3) Edit this 256 files with Bahamut program. Bahamut can save 1 scene file at a time.
You need to: open scene file, edit this file, then press save button, then open other scene file (or choose other scene file in the list on the left side of program).
4) Use SceneReader to make a new scene.bin archive with new edited 256 scene files.
After this, do not forget to update the Kernel.bin file with Scene.bin. Example: open Scene.bin in Proud Clod program and press "Create Scene.bin", and on question: Check scene data in Kernel.bin? press "Yes" button and press "Yes" again to correct data in kernel. Use for this: Proud Clod or Hojo.
5) Import Scene.bin file and corrected kernel.bin into your Final Fantasy VII ISO with CDMageBeta.

Bahamut (v1.0)
- can edit 256 scene files (from scene1 to scene256)
- can patch 256 scene files
- can edit other data (Enemies: HP, MP, Strength and other data) in the 256 scene files

Notes: After editing, do not forget to update the Kernel.bin file with Scene.bin. Use for this: Proud Clod or Hojo. Examples: Open Scene.bin in Proud Clod program and press "Create Scene.bin", and after question: Check scene data in Kernel.bin? press "Yes" button and press "Yes" again to correct data in kernel.
Or open Scene.bin in Hojo program and press Update kernel file.

The scene file that is currently open is displayed near the save button.

Detailed description:

Tab "Stats":
In this Tab can be edited different stats, for separate monsters, like HP, MP, Strength and other.
For example: You want  to add for monster 50% HP, then just write 1,5 in numeric field near monster's HP and for result press "=" button (In other words just multiply his HP by 1,5). Or press "show %" checkbox and insted of 1,5 write 50 in the same numeric field and for result press "=" button. Same can be done to add HP for monsters. HP can be increased and decreased in the same way, for example HP can be multiplied by from 0,1 to 10 or from 1% to 1000%.

Tab "Patch All":
Buttons "patch all" can patch (change and save) all scene files in one click (they patch scenes: from scene9 to scene245). They patch all monsters except: 3 weapons (Ruby, Diamond, Emerald weapons) and except monster's parts such as pedestals and other similar, that cannot be targeted.
On this Tab also possible to add +10 HP to every monster or +20 to Strength.
On this Tab also possible to increase Item's Drop chances or Steal chances separately. (Example: if you will double Drop chance for 1st Item. If Drop chance was 32, then 32 x 2 = (63 max) = it is 100 % chance to Drop 1st item. If monster can drop couple items, then he will drop always only 1st item).

Tab "Battle Setup":
This Tab shows how much of total Exp, AP, Gil can be gotten from monster groups and where they can be found. And chances for this monster groups (Enemy Formations) on the maps. If you want to change Enemy Formations in the game, then use for this Proud Clod. Because this Tab only shows total Exp, AP, Gil.
- Chance: Forced means that it is a Forced Encounter
- Chance: Forced (Optional) means that you can choose to fight or not. (As it was with Turks, during Midgar Raid on Disc 2)
- Disabled Enc. means that this encounter is disabled on the map
- Battle Square: Set 1 means After Getting Buggy but Before Tiny Bronco
- Battle Square: Set 2 means After Getting Tiny Bronco
- Battle Square: Set 3 means After Getting Highwind

According to the Enemy Mechanics FAQ by TFergusson:
Spoiler: showEach unique area can support up to: 6 Normal battles and 4 Special Formation battles. 
In addition, World Map areas can support a further 4 Chocobo battles.
As soon as the chance succeeds and a random battle is going to occur, the following things are considered in order:
   Unique/Chocobo Battles
   Pre-emptive Chance
   Special Formations
   Normal Battles

If the area has any Special Formation battles, you have a chance of getting them first.
All Special Formation Battles have a chance out of 64 of occurring.
The chance of not getting a Special Formation battle is equal to 64/64 minus the sum of the probabilities of all available Special Formation battles.
If neither a Special Formation nor a Chocobo Battle has been able to occur, then the normal battles are finally checked.  This is a simple chance out of 64 for each battle allowed, with a single Rnd(0..63) deciding which of the battles is chosen.
There is one exception however: if you get the *exact* same battle formation as you did last time, then the game will reroll *once* for a new Normal Battle.  If you still get the same battle, then no further rerolls are done. However, this does mean that you are less likely (in general) to get the same battle than you are to get a new battle.
BUG: Due to an error with regards to signed numbers, any Normal Battle chance that is 32/64 or greater will actually be treated as a negative number: Chance - 64. For the most part, if it was the first encounter in the list, it will cause it to have a 100% chance of being selected, providing no Special Battle was encountered.
Note that World Map encounters do not suffer from this bug.

Screenshots: Tab "Stats":
Spoiler: show

Screenshot: Tab "Patch All":
Spoiler: show
Screenshots: Tab "Battle Setup":
Spoiler: show

Download: Bahamut v1.03.rar

Previous versions:
                  Bahamut v1.0.rar
                  Bahamut v1.01.rar - (added max lvl 255)
                  Bahamut v1.02.rar - (decimals removed)

Document used for 3rd Tab "Battle Setup" (for Enemy groups:): Enemy Formations

Thanks to Shogun31337, OwenGlendower and Laziz for helping me to create this program.

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can i  make a suggestion, can u remove or disable the decimals since ff7 doesnt use them anyways?

also when i save the 1st time im not able to save again without having to reload the files 1st


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