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FF8 HD backgrounds download?


Where can I find these as images? With all the neural upscaling it seems people have done FF7 several times over for example:



Now where's this sort of love for VIII?

I know of the HD mods here but I'm looking for out-of-game JPGs in all their glory. Anybody know of any? Trying to make one of these albums for VIII on my computer


Alternatively can someone just tell me what programs are used to view the .dds files in FF7 or the PNG files for Anglewing as they are seen in game? I can't find the answer anywhere but the creators are able to post screenshots so could someone just share the tool please?

I used for the Database: https://finalfantasy.german-syslinux-blog.de/FF7/ the Palmer program.

U can find it in this thread:

U can set the visible layers and then export the png. But this export each single layer. The layer with the name: scenename_0_00000000.png is the main layer, BUT many details are missing there! If u want to have the whole picture as you can see in the preview window of the palmer program, u have to take a screenshot from this. I used the Windows Tool: Snipping Tool and then edited some pictures with gimp.

For example: I had to edited the scene "midgal" and some others, in order to have all layers (Background&Foreground) together as a picture. The program palmer show only one thing at a time. Either the background or the foreground layer. So these scenes need special work.

For your FF8 problem. I have no answers. My personal impression is, that FF8 has fewer fans than FF7. Me too, FF8 is a good game, but far behind the 7th.


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