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There are any mod about no chibi characters in field with all models done?

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Hello, that's my doubt, i was playing with mods and when Tifa is in the carriage about to go to Corneo place, and when Cloud, Barret and Tifa are about to go to Shinra building, some models like Tifa in the carriage or Cloud holding the sword are chibi again.

Thanks for the help.

Are you playing with 7th Heaven 2.0 and Qhimm Catalog - Field Models 3.0?

Yes. Released 03/03/2020.

Sorry for the double post, i didn't know how the edit the previous to put the image.

The Cait Sith ninostyle model isn’t working for me in 3.0, is this a known issue? All other models of Cait work but nino


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