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Modded FF VII crashing


I modded the Steam version of FF VII using 7th Heaven 2.0. However, after some time in the open world, the game crashes, telling me to use low-resolution textures, or increase my texture memory. My texture memory is already at its max, though (2048 MB) and the game runs very smoothly until it suddenly crashes. I played through all of Midgar with all of these mods applied without any issues. I also know that I should attach the APP.LOG and crash.dmp files here, but I don't know how exactly. Should I just upload them to my Drive and share a link? Or is there some way to attach them to this post that I'm missing? I'd appreciate some help, because I'm really enjoying the game with these mods overall, and losing them would be a bummer.

Please search the forum, this has been answered many times. I would recommend download 7H 2.1 when it releases soon and it should be a lot more stable.

A helpful post would link to those articles you think are there. Or search terms. Why do I have to waste time searching for hours when you think you know something?  SHARE


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