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--- Quote from: Neodoris on 2020-05-22 09:26:12 ---Can you show us one of the video so that we may have a look at it? Thanks!

--- End quote ---

I've just finished converting all the videos in high bitrate after a waifu2x pass. I just miss the very last one (the credits) but it's going to be done tonight.

In the meantime, this is the link to the folder:
password: phkQlOS8goP72x71v2fM3w

Snouz is working on some redo (from scratch) of the parts of fmv000 and fmv060 where logos are involved. We also managed to extract the map of the first scene of fmv000, so that he can recreate the logo transition from scratch.

After that we just need in-game testing.

Please keep in mind that the game runs videos at 15fps unless you have the last version of Memoria. (regardless of the original framerate)

Also keep in mind that videos are converted to OGV using an outrageous bitrate to avoid quality loss (ogv sucks). Hope they run well on your machines.
Talking about ~3 GB of videos so, despite all, that not so far from the original file size that is around 2.5 GB

so ready to try this out.


--- Quote from: decency_breakin3 on 2020-05-23 07:32:05 ---so ready to try this out.

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Yes, it has been included today in the new mog rework and will also be in the installer version (tomorrow maybe)


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