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Do you still work on Griever? And if you do, here's a couple of things that would make the program better.
First it would be a good idea to be able to change several things at once. Like, so you can select all magics and type in 100 and change all selected once at the same time.
Another thing that would be nice is to copy information from one character to another. So that you can easily give all characters the same magics.~Strat www.stratyon.com

The Skillster:
nice ideas, but i think greivers dayz are numbered  :D

I'd just be happy if it didn't screw up my savegames all the time when I try to edit someone's magic.

To bad becouse I love that program. It's so fun topping everyones stats and go out hunting level 1 biting bugs and those little blue wasps.~S


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