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i mainly decided to leave itj @ 99 since amounts over that cause a gfx glitch in the menu (not a big deal but for now i left that option off.) today i will work on among other things the char flag, cause that is kinda annoying.. besides once i hit 1.0 i will release the source and you all can tweak what ever you want (and hopefullly i get some good code to add back)


--- Quote from: sithlord48 on 2010-04-11 15:14:43 [email protected] kranmer , i have yet to check the char flag (char record offset 0x0) checks yet and untill kalm flash back vincent == Sephiroth , and cait = young cloud.

--- End quote ---

I've tested this a little. It has weird effects on the limit bar in battle, but I don't see many other effects. It's somewhere to start at least. It might even have an effect on the char AI scripts. Whether it effects which one's they are associated with or how the scripts determine which character is in the battle, I'm not sure.

i put in the ability to play w/ those flags in the case of them being young cloud or sephiroth , lets just say its a path to breaking your save really quick (so for now if there detected cait and vincent are locked for editing). well see how i progress but for now its a case not handling the data in a proper way (such as not setting new name and weapon) so  untill i get the text back in to ff7format i can't really play with it cause even setting the weapon correctly i still break on the name change..also sephiroth just as useless as he is in the flash back w/ his AI and inability to change equipment/materia. so i might just leave him out of the that party options all together , testing w/ young cloud prove to be a little better as he is just a cloud clone(lol copy of a copy) so im undecided on if i will include the option for him.

Hey, I think I found a bug -- and for what its worth, it happens in Jenova too.

Every time I try to add a new Ramuh Materia to my stock, the game thinks I added a Titan materia to my stock instead.  I don't know if this is a case of getting the materia IDs mixed up, but it is quite odd that it would go undetected for so long, as Jenova's got the same problem as well.

i have yea there backwards... ok i fixed it either way , thanks for the catch :)


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