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The switch version has been supported since it came out.

The only version not currently supported are XB1 and PS4..

XB1: I have never seen a save at all so it might be encrypted or it might just be a normal save if you have one get me a copy of it and i can tell you  Chances are its encryped and That will need be be Reverse Engineered before we can read or write to a save the XB1 will accept. (also would need to buy an xbox for testing since i don't own one)

PS4: The save is wrapped in a crypto blob.  Just like with the XB1 the encryption needs to be Reverse Engineered  before a save the PS4 will accept can be made.

Do u know about these encryption schemes ? Let me know.. Everything is in place in ff7tk to support these formats when more RE has been done on them. I would suspect just like PS3/PSP it will take a bit after in to the next gen before these schemes are known and i can support the saves correctly.


--- Quote from: SteynerX on 2021-03-09 21:20:26 ---Hi! excelent work with the black chocobo, it really helps a lot. I have a question, I've put battle points in my actual save with the black chocobo but it doesn't work, I am doing something wrong? Thanks.

--- End quote ---

Battle points are reset anytime you enter the battle square so if you are adding BP make sure to set you save location to the Battle Square or they will be reset when you enter that field.


--- Quote from: sithlord48 on 2021-02-28 12:26:46 ---Please post a link to your file I will checkout your file and let you know whats going on .

Edit: I was able to load and modify pcsx-reArmed saves without issue.

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Turns out I forgot I tried turning on "SaveRAM compression" in RetroArch.
Turning it off before saving again made my .srm file readable.

Thanks for your time and effort with BlackChocobo! <3


--- Quote from: johnfocker ---Turns out I forgot I tried turning on "SaveRAM compression" in RetroArch.
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Oh yeah that would do it.

--- Quote from: johnfocker ---Thanks for your time and effort with BlackChocobo! <3
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Thanks for enjoying It.

Hey! Thanks for this great tool, it's really helpful. I just had one quick suggestion: do you think changing party members via the party tab could also update the values at 0xCAD, 0xCAE and 0xCAF? Those values determine which party members show up in fields, and it's annoying having to change it manually when testing cutscenes.


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