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I'm on the Discord of Qhimm, of course :)

I was wondering, is it possible to play a song that isn't part of the game's original soundtrack if the .ogg file is put in the right folder and without replacing any of the existing tracks? And if so, how would I do that? I have a mod that I'm working on that I'd like to include a certain song if I could, as it's relevant to certain new scenes I'm adding. The mod'll work without it, but I'd really like to include it if I can. Thanks! I'm using version 1.8.3, if that helps.

On the PC version, Makou helps you to change the list of music IDs played in a map. Those IDs refer to specific MIDIs in the original game, and you can override MIDIs with FFNx and in the Steam version of the game.
In Makou you also can use a new ID, for example if you put 100 to the music ID in "Tutorials/Sounds..." you will ask the game to play the music ID 100. I think FFNx is not ready for this, because it uses the music name list from the game, but you can create an issue here to ask this feature

As a start, look at this list
I advice you to add you first new song by replacing "comical" which is unused in the original game

Thanks, I replaced comical.ogg and it works! In case you were wondering, the song I'm adding is a rendition of Jessie's Theme from the remake redone in the PS1 style of the original game. I didn't do it, a girl named Sara G made it, and you can listen to it here on YouTube:

Just one more question. I've found out that although the song works, it doesn't loop. It only plays once. How can I set it to loop like the other songs?


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