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I appreciate your words, I want you to play it when it's ready, that's one of the final goals of this project hahaha.

This makes me think, maybe you did not see the message, I will probably need something to be able to translate FF7OR to English, first because my flevel has a problem with it (it does not work with touphscript, the same to generate flvel chunks, I can send it to you, but I think there is no solution), then I will need to be able to import the texts into the fields.

Could you get an option in Makou Reactor that only imports the texts (without code)?

If I have the texts translated and I can import then I can work on the code, but if I do not only can work with two different flevels, it doesn't seem viable to me, I don't know if there is any other solution, but I'm afraid I may depend on whether you can add this feature in the future.

Thanks again!

Hi again, myst6re. I did get the music working, thanks! I've been wanting to add a new field, but when I go to Import to Current Map after adding a new blank field and selecting it, I get an error message that says "Malformed LZS Header." This comes up even with an exported existing field that I was trying to re-import as a test.

Associated issue here to follow the advancement of this bug:

Thanks, that helped clear things up a bit. But how do you do the LZS compression so it imports correctly?

New version available with a lot of bug fixes:

[*] Add ability to edit model size and light in PS version (#118)
[*] Add new unofficial opcode (#79)
[*] Add options to set {CHOICE} and tabulation width in text preview (#56)
[*] Add left padding editor in window.bin editor (#91)
[*] Add a tip about a division or modulo by 0
[*] Change file extension of an export of uncompressed map to ".dec"
[*] Change max editable exec priority to 6 instead of 7, and add a note what it means (#63)
[*] Prevent edition of letter width and letter left padding if not available for the current letter in window.bin editor
[*] Remove strict LZS format checking option
[*] Fix replace all texts feature, and add a message about how many texts were replaced (#114)
[*] Fix compression error on import (#117)
[*] Fix window.bin texture transparency
[*] Fix window.bin compression format to be closer to the original compression (#112)
[*] Fix multiple inconsistencies in field map format (#116)
[*] Fix potential crash on creating or saving a field map
[*] Fix Save As feature for files outside an archive (like a DAT file opened alone for example)
[*] Trying to minimize bad texture loading on opening a DAT file alone with a BSX file
[*] Fix potential memory leak on field model loading for PS version
[*] Fix search for bit test operations (#75)
[*] Fix potential memory leak/crashes on copying Group Scripts
[*] Fix typo "Modulas" instead of "Modulo"


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