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So I was reading another topic where guys were talking about having to edit the ff8 executable instead of the main.zzz file to change certain stuff. I tried finding the string of code in the exe but just couldn't find it. Was this stuff changed for the Remastered version?

All I wanna do is change Angel Wing's spell strength multiplier to 3 instead of 5 and Cover's received damage to full instead of half.

I've been modding the english version but I don't know what's the exe file I should edit.

All help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey. I'd like to work a mod on ff8 with DOOMTRAIN but I'd probably need to extract the contents from the .IMG file in order to get my hands on the KERNEL. I tried to get the GARDEN tool but the link for it is no longer available. Can someone help me out here? And to clarify I'm talking about the NTSC-U PSX version.


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