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So you were able to change the in-game button names? I'm using a DS3 with an XInput wrapper. Any recommendation on how I could go about changing my in-game button names back to the original PlayStation ones to match my DS3?

Hi there! Firstly, thanks for your hard work on Bootleg and I hope such great work continues!

I'm having some issues running FF7 with a fresh bootleg install. I'm fairly sure I followed the instructions to the T. What I get after loading the game with BootLoader (default settings, except I changed the resolution to 1920x1080), I get the New Game or Continue screen (with music), after clicking New Game I get a black screen, no intro movie. I hear the sound effects of Barret/Cloud jumping off the train and the first dialog box pops up and no music. So it seems nothing in the game is rendering.

This is on a fresh Steam version install. Non-system folder (separate hard drive). My Final Fantasy VII folder is 7.46GB in size, with an empty movies folder (I selected No Change under FMVs, assuming that would let me use the Steam FMVs). I downloaded the torrent for the mod pack (17.1GB). Every app involved in running Bootleg/BootLoader is set to Run As Admin and I have UAC disabled. And FF7Config shows the Custom Driver as selected. I've also tried using the "Safe" presets with BootLoader with similar results.

The Bootleg config I used

My specs are:
Windows 8.1 Pro
Intel i7-4770k
Nvidia GTX 770 (335.23 drivers)

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