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my idea might seem difficult and i do not expect it to be easy. i should be able to deal with the scripting and the dialogue. i can not create the art however. i need someone that can create a new background for each of the trabia garden zones. i also need someone to create trabia town. i expect to be able to add everything to the game myself by using the editor known as deling. once this project is done, i intend to expand it and make trabia garden mobile. i am leading the project but, i do not know anybody that can create the art for it, that is why i came here.

Gameplay / mod suggestion: mobile trabia garden
« on: 2013-08-06 19:20:55 »
the pc version of final fantasy 8 stores enough data on the harddrive to access events on a different cd that what they are on. i have also played with a mobile balamb garden on cd 1. it should therefore be possible to add new models without having to install the cds. my speciality is text writing so i can write the dialogue.

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