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Hey all, first post here. I recently bought the 2013 Steam release of Final Fantasy VIII, and installed all the Lunatic Pandora mods, though recently I noticed something strange.

When I use a magic spell, the amount of magic I have for that spell doesn't decrease. In addition, Double seems to be bugged, as I only get one spell use out of it when I should be getting two.

The first time I noticed this was early in the game, when Quistis and Squall are in the training center. At first I figured that because this was the training center, my magic amount wasn't decreasing. Plus, spells weren't hitting twice when under the effect of Double. Soon afterward, I entered the optional boss fight against Diablos, and I noticed that issues again. I tried using Double on Squall and then having him cast Protect on both Zell and Selphie, but he only cast it on my first target, Zell. No matter how many times I used magic, the number of spells I had afterward didn't go down. I tested this out one last time on a random encounter, and yeah, it's not some special training center or GF fight thing like I thought it could be. I'd really like to play the game fairly, and I'm certain I didn't use any of the cheat codes or Magic Booster the game comes with. Did I stumble upon a bug, or did I maybe install Lunatic Pandora wrong?

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