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Ok guys, I am making this FAQ because there are some questions that are coming up more then once and an easy spot for answers to them would be a good idea.

Q: Where can I find the latest releases from Team Avalanche

A: Right Here:

Q: The installer says I don't have Aali's driver installed but I do! How can I install Team Avalanche's Overhaul?

A: Run the FF7config.exe included with Aali's driver before attempting to install the overhaul. Make sure to run as administrator.

Q: Help! All I see is 'External Texture.' How do I fix this?

A: Aali's driver is not installed or not working correctly. To download Aali's driver go here:
   If you are having a problem with his driver, help can be found here:

Q: Why are things so much slower now? How can I speed things up?

A: This is normal as the game has to load much more data. One way to speed things up a bit is to turn on the cache in Aali's driver. To turn
   this on open ff7opengl.cfg and change compress_textures from no to yes. If your game is still running slow you will have to live with it or
   upgrate your system.

Q: Things look great but we want full sized models instead of chibi. Can you make some?

A: Nope, look elsewhere.

Q: I would like to help. What would you like me to do?

A: Well there are many things to be done. Depending on what you are good at, check out the latest project and see if there is anything you would be interested
   in doing.

Q: When will you be releasing this awesome stuff?

A: When it's done. Stop asking

Q: Is the Team Avalanche project similar to the ill-fated Chrono-Trigger resurrection?

No. The Team Avalanche graphical Overhaul is a mod which runs on a legally acquired copy of Final Fantasy VII, like any other mod from this forum. It is not a standalone application. Team Avalanche's graphical overhaul may be considered as a High-res texture patch. All models and textures used in this project are made in house and/or used with permission.

So there you go. Any other common questions will be added here as needed. If people keep asking questions that are answered in here their posts may be deleted.


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