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Hi there!

I'm working on a Final Fantasy IX modding tool called Hades Workshop. It is aiming to allow to edit most of Final Fantasy IX's content. Quite a big project and I don't know if I will ever decide when it's finished  ;D

//============== THE TOOL =================//

The features so far:
- Can mod Final Fantasy IX PSX files, in .bin format and in any language version,
- Can mod Final Fantasy IX Steam games,
- Read and edit datas about:
--- Spells the party can cast,
--- Supporting abilities the party can use,
--- Commands the party has,
--- Default stats of the party members,
--- Items' features,
--- Items sold in shops,
--- Statistics, attacks and AI of enemies,
--- Tetra Master cards,
--- Text, dialogs and charmap,
--- Game's script,
--- MIPS script and CIL script,
--- Model exporting/importing (exporting Battle Scenes only for PSX, more for Steam),
--- Backgrounds (view only in PSX, view/replace in Steam),
--- Steam resources exporter/importer,
--- Spell animation sequencing,
--- Includes a game Randomizer (more infos here).
- Works under Windows only (you may recompile the source code I redistribute or use wine under linux).

It may be a good idea to have a look at the help (F2).

Since the version 0.41, Hades Workshop is partly compatible with Albeoris's Memoria Engine Modification tool for the Steam version of the game:
- It can produce .csv files suitable for Memoria's usage,
- It can produce independant asset files and, using the incorporated tool "Unity Assets Viewer", can import those assets into modded archives,
- However, it cannot use Memoria's modded DLL to read game's data: a backup of a non-Memoria Assembly-CSharp.dll has to be used as input (it tries to search for one, but if it doesn't find it, you should put one with the name "Assembly-CSharp_Vanilla.dll" either in the game's Managed directory or in Hades Workshop's folder).

I made the program, obviously, but I got helped a lot by your wiki ( for cluster datas format of the PSX version and by occasionally.

Other than that, LandonRay and Zande made quite an useful work in data finding, Zidane_2 wrote most of the other tools about FFIX before me.

The launcher image on has been drawn by Maxa'. You can check his Deviant-Art page here.

Please tell me if you get any suggestion/bug report/feedback to share.

Here are the download links:


Github project

The older versions can be found here

Thank you for your attention  :)

//=============== THE MODS =================//

Here are some of the mods that were made using this tool by various people. Go see their description for more detailed informations.
Difficulty Tweak (PSX/PC): Made by Iamthehorker, this mod increases the MP cost of the abilities and make the battles tougher. The gameplay itself is preserved, so it really is an increase of difficulty for an augmented playthrough. If you think that the boss battles end too quickly or if you never saw the use of the ethers/elixirs, this mod is a way to go. It also allows Steiner to equip the Save of the Queen in the end-game.
Save The Queen (PSX): A mod made by ThisGuyAreSick2. It allows Steiner to use the allmighty Save The Queen. It also changes the way you synthesize it (it's made in the Black Mage Village in disc 4).
FF9.2.2 (PSX/PC): A mod made by Vir to improve the Perfect Stats challenge balancing. It removes the forced exp battle so a true lvl 1 game can be made. It also fixes the Thunder Slash glitch. Vir also made a Fixed Stats Mod which removes the primary stat variations from games to games and have a normalized stat progression.
HD Background (PC): This mod made by Fraggoso for the Steam version of the game improves the backgrounds on the field and make it fit more with the upscale of the characters. There is also a Highres Texture mod, applying the same process to the other textures of the game.
David Bowie Edition (PC): A mod made by Clem Fandango.
Alternate Fantasy (PSX/PC): My own mod. It modifies a bit of everything in the game but mostly change the abilities and the gameplay in battles.

Also, you can find here the different tiny mods I made over the years.

//============== HELP AND TIPS =================//

This topic is now more than 30 pages long. Different people asked for help at different points and I always tried to give a complete answer. You can thus find details in this topic about subtilities of the game, or how a feature of HW works, or how to do some precise thing. Since I don't want everyone to read the whole topic thoroughly, here are links to answers to these kind of questions.

Compatibility with Albeoris's Memoria tool (Steam version)

Here is how the compatibility with Memoria works (easiest setting):
1) Have a backup of the non-modded Assembly-CSharp.dll. By default, Memoria keeps it as "Assembly-CSharp.bak", which is fine. If that backup is still available and usable, Hades Workshop will use it and you have nothing more to do. If it doesn't exist, you need to get an Assembly-CSharp.dll by uninstalling Memoria (using Steam's option "Check the integrity of local files" does that) and keep it safe by renaming it "Assembly-CSharp_Vanilla.dll". This DLL is found in "x64/FF9_Data/Managed" and "x86/FF9_Data/Managed" of the game's directory (both are exactly the same).

2) When saving Steam mods, choose the options "Spreadsheets" and "Unity archives".
3) The folder generated by Hades Workshop ("HadesWorkshopMod" by default) then goes in the game's directory.
4) In that same directory, there is a file "Memoria.ini" that can be edited with a text editor such as the Notepad (if that file doesn't exist, that probably means that you don't have Memoria installed properly). Edit that file and add your mod folder's name to the list in "[Mod] FolderNames".

Very useful informations

A list of spells specially handled by the engine
About the random encounter rate
How to use "GetRandom" to generate a random number in a range
Declaring local and global variables in scripts
Basic example of reading a field script
Detailed example of adding a cutscene and a hunt sidequest
Changing properly the content of a chest
Typical NPC dialog script
Add a (N)PC on the field
Triggering conditions of special functions (Main, Loop, Counter, etc.)
Helping with the development of HW
Using Field 3D Models for enemies (Steam)
Making temporary characters available in the party menu (Part 1 - Part 2)
Using the Background Editor (Steam)
Properly adding a new enemy to a battle (Steam)
Changing the battle music of specific battles (Steam)
Making sure that a specific playable character is always in the party (Steam and PSX) + changing Zidane's model on the field (Steam)
Modding spell effect: explanation (Steam)
Modding Supporting Abilities: HP/MP +X% (Steam)
Modding Supporting Abilities: Auto-status and Immunes (Steam)
Modding Statuses: changing the tick of Poison/Venom/Regen (Steam)
dnSpy: Add a trance to Cinna, Blank, Marcus and/or Beatrix (Steam)
dnSpy: Bypass the limit of spells in different commands + separating the temporary/permanent character slots (Steam)
dnSpy & Memoria: Add a new music to the game without replacing an existing one

Less but still useful informations

Side effects of Initial/Auto-statuses
Bypass the enemies' Max HP limit
Checking if a character is in the team in-battle
Enabling an enemy attack depending on the party stats
Make Zorn & Thorn battle more difficult
Removing Dagger's depression effect in-battle
About Ragtime Mouse quizz and reward script
Unlocking manually a few of the "Hidden Scenes"
Skipping the script that makes Dagger unlearn her summons
Make Mini-Theater Ship obtainable as a key item
Removing Excalibur II time condition manually
Ensure that characters enter the party at level 1
List of animation IDs and who use them
Delay the availability of some chocographs
Manually extracting a Beatrix mod out of Alternate Fantasy
How to mix some of the standard mods
A word about background and walkmeshes
HW format for text file batching
List of Music ID
Bug when making a multi-hit spell animation (PSX)
Adding custom text font (PSX)
Using Memory card saves after modding (PSX)
Fixing "The Collector" Tetra Master bug (PSX)
Change the initial items + hex-hack to give supporting abilities to Beatrix (PSX)
MIPS editing + controlling someone else than Zidane in fields for PSX
Grudge's MIPS spell formula (PSX)
Adding/Replacing 3D Models - buggy (Steam)
Removing (some of) the bubbles appearing when you get close to NPC on Steam
Removing the stat growth of characters (Steam)
Modding Magic Stone growth of characters (Steam)
Modding the stat growth and upper bound of characters (Steam)
Skipping the last two cinematics of the game (Steam)
A few informations about Special Effects models and why they are maybe the most difficult thing to mod (Explanation message - Explanation video)
dnSpy: fixing a bug with weapons floating mid-air at the start of some battles (Steam)
dnSpy: Fixing the descriptions of Carbuncle's and Fenrir's alternate forms (Steam)

//================ BONUS =================//

Simplified Game Scripts

Here are some scripts of systems or mini-games that are of some interest if you wish to know how the game works in-depth.
FFIX Code Folder

Hidden dialogs

Here are some few interesting secret dialogs, never used in the game.
I've also made a patch to enable some of them in-game:
Hidden Dialogs (PSX)
Hidden Dialogs (PC)
And a video showing the patch's content.

Don't hesitate to tell me if you find more unused dialogs: I'll add them to the list ^^

Alexandria [Over the roofs...]
Puck “So, Vivi... Is this your first time in Alexandria?”
Vivi “Uh...  Um...  Yeah. I bought my ticket from a moogle wearing a hat...”
Puck “Bad luck!  If I ever find that moogle, I'll hurt him plenty!”
Vivi “Uh... Thanks...”
Puck “Alright!  Just a little farther 'til we can see the stage!”

Ruined Prima Vista [Steiner's bitterness]
Steiner “Those bastards... If they plan to demand a ransom, they're wasting their time.  I'll see to it that they receive nothing!”
Steiner “Wretched thieves... I'll see them all hanged!”
Steiner “Those bastards... They will never get away with this!”

Dali's Inn [Do you need a reason to kidnap a princess?]
Zidane “Okay, maybe it’s none of my business.”
Zidane “But can’t you at least tell me where you’re going?”
[Later on the cutscene]
Zidane “Oh, it’s only a drag because of Rusty.”

Observatory Mountain [Good and Evil with Grampa Morrid]
Steiner “Alexandria, off course! Burmecia started the war, and we lost our king as a result.”
Morrid “Many wars were fought before the Lindblum Airship Revolution.”
Morrid “Alexandria intiated some of the wars against Burmecia. Now, can you tell me who was right or wrong?”
Steiner “I-I am not talking about the past! I am talking about the future!”
Morrid “What will you do if Alexandria starts a war?”
Steiner “When will the cargo ship arrive!?”

Gizamaluke's Grotto [Entering Burmecia]
Burmecian Soldier “This is the Gizamaluke's Grotto. It is Burmecia's border.”
Burmecian Soldier “No one is allowed inside without the king's permission.”

Cleyra [Meeting with the King and the High Priest] translated from japanese by luksy
Freya “It has been some time, Your Majesty.”
King of Burmecia “Ah, Freya, well met.”
King of Burmecia “The High Priest and I welcome you.”
High Priest of Cleyra “My Lady.”
High Priest of Cleyra “It would appear that this predicament no longer concerns Burmecia alone.”
Freya “I understand, Your Holiness.”
Freya “And yet...”
Freya “I fear my strength alone may not suffice.”
King “Freya...I know what troubles you.”
King “I must apologize for earlier.”
King “Can you ever forgive me?”
King “No! off course you cannot.”
King “But the fate of the people of Burmecia now hangs by but a thread.”

Occupied Lindblum Castle [Reaching Cid]
Don't get caught by the enemy!
Jump out when she looks away!
Man “The regent is waiting for you at the Base Level.”
Man “The enemy is busy loading supplies. Go down on the lift, now!”
Man “Once you get on the lift, my comrades will take care of the rest.”
Zidane “So, I just take the lift to the Base Level without getting caught?”
Zidane “Piece o' cake! Leave everything to me.”
Is anybody there...?
A tail?
Oh, it's only a cat...
Zidane (Wow, that was a close one.)
Man “(You idiot!)”
Man “Whatever you do, don't get caught!”
Man “What's wrong? The regent is waiting at the Base Level.”
Man “Go now, or you'll get caught!”
Zidane “I gotta run while she's looking away.”

Occupied Lindblum Castle [The Ancient World Map]
Regent Cid “That is a national treasure of Lindblum!”
Regent Cid “It was passed down through my ancestors, since the days of the first regent.”
Regent Cid “It was probably made before our continent was covered in the Mist...”
Regent Cid “That is an ancient map of the entire world!”

Alexandria [Balloon Mini-game] translated from french by me
Girl “You want to play with us?”
Girl “You've got some time to gather balloons and give them to the boys behind us!”
Girl “You get more time depending on the color of the balloon that you bring.”
Green → 5 more seconds
Yellow → 10 more seconds
Blue → 15 more seconds
Red → 30 more seconds
Girl “All the three of us have a balloon and we are somewhere on the square.”
Girl “Well... Start!”
Boy “X more seconds! You have Y points!”

Final [The 2 worlds' fusion]
The Iifa Tree could not be stopped...
Gaia and Terra's fusion
caused global chaos,
destroying many cities and
taking many lives...

link not working :/

Fixed, I added quotes around the link but it wasn't needed...  :roll:

Thanks for warning !

Thanks  ;) by the way im sure you can add the .dll into the program when building it. Some people choose to leave them out because it makes the program bigger i believe. I've heard of "external dependencies" when building source code so im sure you can choose to have it built into the program or make it so you can get the .dll seperately. Not sure how Codelite + wxFormBuilder works though.

Well, this saves me time trying to make my own program with my very limited knowledge on reading from files.

You may want to look at this. I noticed you are missing some of the stats.

Also I haven't figured out the statuses yet. I know some relate to class (Aerial enemies are immune to Float, for example). And I haven't found where the Card is stored. But I imagine the Card drop might be based on the encounter/formation and not just individual enemies. I don't know where the formation data is so I haven't looked around. Also I see where the attack data is probably stored (after the enemy stat data) so this guide may prove useful if you plan on figuring that out.

I assume what the program calls CP is actually AP?

I also think it would be useful if you still gave the number of the formation. So on Disc 1, the Beatrix battle is file0, so having it say "0: Beatrix" would be a help.

But anyway, I love you for doing this. This is extremely useful.


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