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[PSX] Online viewer / exporter - Rɘverse FF9 (0.0.4b)

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This is so cool, I wish this would work for ff7!  Great job!

It's been years, but, can I request a reupload of the offline version?

The links are dead. This is the same problem with Zidane_2's tool. I hate to complain but seeing great tools being unable to be used is a great shame

That's really a shame :/
I used the online version a lot and never bothered to download the offline version... I hope that tasior2 will see this eventually.

I have (most of) the tools from Zidane_2 though. I'll upload them in their topics.

Given my past interest in FF9 models I do happen to have a copy of the offline version:!fXhVlKKB!WAUGdXvrdwG3K9igmvA3OEFk5UDKqjbiyQ41QAN1YYw

Make sure to make and upload some copies of your own so it may never again be lost.  ;)


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