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You may rename FF8_EN.exe.ini in FF8.exe.ini. It work perfectly for old english version. I do not think that someone will translate non-English version

Am I understanding this correctly, the tool only works with a cracked exe?

We do not condone piracy of any sort here. I appreciate that you removed the link to a cracked exe, but if it doesn't work with legal copies of the game it has no place on this site.

If I've understood wrong and it works with legal copies, you're fine. Please clarify.

It is not only for game exe. And it work with old  version of game.
If it violates the rules of this forum. You can remove the lines from the program's description, about the translation of the main exe file. And it will be:
1) Translator tool for file menu(mngrp.bin).
2) Translator tool for text in battle(c0mXXX.dat).

Ini file for english mngrp.bin

v1.0.10 is old, v1.0.11 is the current version.

Get the original files here:
The original v1.0.11 exe files (totally useless without the other game files) are untouched, not "fixed". Game (incl. new 1.0.11 EXE files + "fixed" 1.0.11 launcher) should start with the other old 1.0.10 files.

To "fix" the game, you only need to edit "FF8_Launcher.exe". To "fix" it, change F0F261 (@ 0140) to 66AB04 and 8B4614 (@0381E5) to EBCDCC.
But to actually start the game, you might need some "fixed" "steam_api.dll", that I can't provide. Old one from 1.0.10 will not work, don't try it. Don't replace any original 1.0.11 EXE files or anything like that. Just try some *.dll from other games you might have on your HDD. A working one (working with "fixed" 1.0.11 launcher) should have this MD5-checksum: b073c1ecbbb2dc8a7c6ccf9373365c10

Anyway, just port your nice tool to any language and provide a clean tool, so everyone can use it. You don't need to edit any language EXE, only the launcher + new DLL. Maybe you don't even need to start the game at all to update your tool? 

I download 1.0.11 files from your link.  It work fine with default config. Don't need any change in my tool.
I am found Ali dll ;)


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