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Rodimus Primal:
Based on Project II, Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition reverts the names of the game as close to the original as possible. It also add a B Button Dash, a facsimile Title Screen, and reverts the difficulty back to the Japanese original.

Namingway Edition is officially released. The current version is now 1.98a. Changes are as follows:

-Added chillyfeez's fix to the the Adamant Grotto so that it won't rip you off with Pink Tails.
-Fixed typos (Mysidian Elder before Mt Ordeals, Rosa's mother) (Thanks PersonWithTime)

Version 1.98
-Fixed drop items for Dark Sage monster.

Version 1.97
--Fixed a few script errors. (Cecil's room after Tower of Zot, Meeting Odin in Baron, during final confrontation)
 (Thanks to Nosgothy for pointing them out!)

Version 1.96
-Typo fixed in Rosa's House (thanks Binarynova)

Version 1.95b
-Fixes typo from Baigan (My Liege) (Thanks Heaven Piercing Man)

Version 1.95a
-Typo corrected from King Giott (thanks Thirteen 1355)
-Wyvern changed to DkBahmut

Version 1.95
-Bug fix for Adamant Armor. (thanks vivify93 and 8.bit.fan)

Version 1.94
-Corrected remaining typos in script. Specifically following the battle with Rubicante with Seneschal
and Edge,and also during the final battle in the Room of Prayer.

Version 1.93 fixes critical bug at save points.

Version 1.92 updates:
-Improved B Button Dash function in towns and dungeons. (thanks chillyfeez)
-Script improvements at Adamant Grotto, Cagnazzo's defeat cutscene (with Golbez and Kain),
 Cecil and Rydia ("You OK?" has been updated), Yang's wife, and dialogue with Rosa's mother.

Version 1.90 updates:

-Updated spell that Trap Door casts to 9thDimen.
-Corrected a few script errors.

Version 1.89 updates:

-Massive script overhaul. Many lines have been updated for better grammar, and to better reflect the original Japanese, the PSP, and the DS translations. Many thanks to Mato (Legends of Localization), Chicken Knife, vivify93, and Spooniest for the help in this important release!

-Added Critical Hit Bug Fix (thanks to all involved in finding and making that patch!)
-Correct instances where it still said SandRuby in the script.

Version 1.87 fixes include:

-Pink Puff is now Lady Flan (Another name for Princess)
-King Giott's opening dialogue corrected to better match the Japanese.
-Mist cave dialogue corrected to state ring instead of Package.

Version 1.86 brings these changes:

-Major typos found and corrected (thanks to yetisyny)
-expanded and updated script in numerous places
-updated item and key names to better reflect modern translations

Version 1.85 added extended item descriptions. Some item and monster names have been corrected and Rydia's starting equipment has been restored. A glitch found by vivify93 when you refuse a Key item has been fixed. Also a glitch within the Namingway text box has been fixed and numerous script changes.

Namingway Edition

You might wanna rehost those images elsewhere; rhdn doesn't play nice with hotlinking.

Rodimus Primal:
They don't need to be loaded, but the images seem to work without being a link.

Rodimus Primal:
I just updated Namingway Edition to version 1.5. This updates the maps which restores the Developer's Office and the Training Room. It also restores the treasure chests and save point icons from FFIV.

Nice work, man! I will give it a shot as soon as I find the time. One question, though, because the readme doesn't mention it:

Does it also restore the original treasure chest contents?


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