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White Wind:
O.P. will be edited later.

For now I cannot keep up and manage this thread and the big list anymore.

I'm posting a link to it down here. I wanted to sort it out better and I still have lots of sources to look at for bug-hunting, but this will have to do as is for now,
so that if some people want to deal with some red entries, they can do before my come back already. If you find any fix, please see that with DLPB (thanks Dan).

This thread is dead. Go here instead. ~Covarr

List from WatashiWaZero:

Spoiler: show

--- Quote from: WatashiWaZero on 2016-10-04 04:13:10 ---Something else I wanted to report:

In the battles that take place while you're on your way to the City of the Ancients, specifically the map that contains the Water Ring, I experienced an anomaly of sorts where characters would freeze in whatever animation they were going through.  The enemy (I think the seahorse looking ones) that casts the whirlwind of leaves skill that hits the entire party.  After the party gets knocked down, they stay down, but aren't dead/incapacitated.

Sorry to be super vague, but I forgot about it until now.  I'm also not sure if it has happened elsewhere.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: White Wind on 2016-10-04 02:38:32 ---I'm still passing through a rough time of my life, but I'm still nearby.
Just lacking free time and an available mind, but every bug mentioned in here will make it to the big list for sure; I'll go through all the last pages of this thread that need to, even before R05.

The list also needs better sorting and reorganisation, that will be taken care of when I can as well. Then it'll be a good time to open a thread about that list, for people to submit new bugs and even fixes.
There are also still a lot of (trusty) sources I need to explore to come up with more bugs. But again.. for when I can.

For the moment I'm going through each field to catch faulty pixels and such anomalies, so that'll be out of the way.
I've also noted down a few inconsistencies so far, when comparing some fields together. Like..
On your way from the 69th floor to the 70th, the staircase is a blood mess. Looking at them from the 70th floor now, the stairs are clean and lovely ^_^ That kind of quirks. I have already a few like this.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: WatashiWaZero on 2016-10-04 02:09:03 ---By the way, you can interact with Holzhov from below... Might wanna fix that. :P

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: WatashiWaZero on 2016-10-04 01:47:53 ---

All color anomalies. Enjoy!!
There's probably a lot more in the glacier area, but I probably won't visit every screen.

Is it normal to replay the snowboarding game again and again if you left the glacier and ran back up to Icicle Lodge?
I thought that once you've completed the snowboarding mini-game, you can leave town without being forced to play it again..?

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: WatashiWaZero on 2016-10-03 22:24:13 ---Also, mentioned this before, but sometimes the camera doesn't pan completely to the direction where your model is.  This results in you being able to go off screen or not being able to see certain elements on the screen.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: WatashiWaZero on 2016-10-03 01:09:30 ---

The interaction with the levers is a bit weird.  Can't interact with it if I face it directly, but if I stand next to the machine and face towards the left, it works.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: WatashiWaZero on 2016-10-01 22:10:31 ---I noticed that Cloud's Crime Hazard LB is glitching out as well.  He runs to impale his sword into the targeted enemy as usual, but then slides back quite a bit before transitioning into the uppercut.
Could you double check this Dan?

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: WatashiWaZero on 2016-10-04 23:20:20 ---

So I happened to save it right in front of the store.  Was running around and checking new wares, and noticed that for an accessory shop, they sell mostly weapons...  Pretty sure this is intended right?

Also, whatever you see in my save file... note that it's for testing purposes............... Not that I'm a huge cheater or anything.  :evil:

--- End quote ---

Seems to me a very useful thread:

Vanilla game bugs:
Spoiler: show
- Shadows in battle are rendered wrong and their opacity doesn't faint out to the edges
- this also effects the way the other effects in battle are rendered (which is also the reason some textured are transparent - like the eyes of some bosses)
- the light is wrong rendered on the field scene models (probably turned along the x axis)
- the stereo sound seems only to have 3 channels (left - middle - right) - needs confirmation
- Leviathan's wave splash sound is missing
- field models have a mouth which isn't present in the psx (as Dan said with a correct fix this might be not an unimprovement)
  -> Barrets chibi model has missing faces on the ears
  -> Cid's chibbi model has a missing face on his jaw
  -> Vincents Turk model is mixed with different colored parts
- Something is wrong with the layers of the last field map
- The objects on the world map aren't in line with the world mesh and go down earlier when moving away from them
- the *Shine* shader is different then on PSX
- NPC's have no own blink texture for the closed eyes and use the one from Cloud's instead
- the Submarine minigame isn't the same (Dan has fixed it)
- the famous w-item bug

- Yuffie is shielding her with the wrong arm when she is running
- the fat crew member in the highwind use an animation from has his feet wrong aligned (because it's the animation of Cid) - new animation needed
- similar problem with Johnny but he use Barrets rumbling animation - new animation needed

Probably more but Dan has fixed many which I didn't know that they exist.

Some of those are already on the bug thread too :) The shine effect is due to KAWAI operation being broken.  It affects more than the shine.

The discard menu can use the page up and down function if the jump at 6F51F5 is removed.  But I'll need to see if that affects anything else.  To be more specific, a byte being set to 1 enables the function if not nopping the jump.  That can be set at 70D7DE. So to be safe, I'll use that. It's probably an oversight that they didn't set it to 1 (or in more basic terms, they didn't enable the flag for the discard menu).


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